France – Kylian Mbappé, a malaise that worries France and PSG

Pretty good against Austria, Kylian Mbappé disappeared from the radar in Denmark. And questions begin to arise about the chaotic performance of the Blues star and PSG for a few games. As if there was discomfort.

7 goals in Ligue 1 and 2 in the Champions League. Kylian Mbappé’s stats for Paris Saint-Germain are clearly good, although at this stage of the season the striker still has 0 assists. But it’s obvious, and it’s not to insult him, there is a strange feeling that hovers around the performances of the number 7 of the French champions, and not just because he has forgotten several times to serve teammates better than him to score, like it was the case of Neymar against Juventus or Hakimi against Haifa. If no one doubts the qualities of Kylian Mbappé, voices rise to ask if the 23-year-old player is not lost by not focusing only on football and thinking only of his personal career. In the aftermath of the Blues’ defeat in Denmark, for which he is not the only one responsible, the Mbappé case is still at the center of concern.

Kylian Mbappé, ups and downs with PSG and France

On a purely sporting level, the copy made by the Italian striker earned him a 4 in the columns of L’Equipe. ” Mbappé without influence. Too many missed opportunities for the French striker “, Notes the sports newspaper, while in Le Parisien, Kylian Mbappé also inherits a 4 and the Ile-de-France media also underline the fact that the French player” did not set the viewfinder “. Purely sporting criticism, and that must be put into perspective given that a few days ago the 2018 world champion had made a good copy of it, with an exceptional goal against Austria. But other consultants are less tender with Kylian Mbappé and they say clearly what they have in their hearts in this somewhat delicate period for the one who extended up to 2025 with PSG at the very beginning of the summer after a very long (too much?) suspense.

Through social networks, Walid Acherchour in particular emptied his purse after the French defeat, he who had not been reassured by the tricolor services last June. ” Mbappé’s match is zero and is becoming more and more exasperating, the extension has gone to his head. What stops this race to individualism, to the “me me” by constantly asking for things, like all great players, must happen naturally. He did the same thing to the Euro wanting to take everything, he committed suicide and this caused problems. Repeated with PSG bis from the beginning of the season. If you are still begging it is because he is hiding something, give what you have for the team, think about the team and you will have the light. Last year you proved to be one of the best players in the world, continue in this momentum and everything will happen naturally I have the impression that he always needs to prove himself, to compete with his teammates .. to prove yes but I know how to do it too. I know how to create in the heart of the game, I can dribble, I can take free kicks and corner kicks, then I take penalties well. Don’t lose yourself my friend, keep your carelessness and what your strength does .. no great player asks for his place or leadership “, Confided the consultant of RMC, who summarizes the opinion of many Internet users.

It is true that in recent weeks the name of Mbappé has been found in several stories: the magician of Paul Pogba, the image rights in the French team, his relationship with Neymar, the Diallo-Hamraoui affair. Here, too, Kylian Mbappé has to manage all this, which is not easy for such a young player. Two months after the World Cup in Qatar, the striker still has time to fix his head, because his talent has not disappeared all at once, and if so, then we can be sure that social networks will turn around and scream. genius. Meanwhile Didier Deschamps has already stepped forward to defend his star: ” Kylian did a lot of good things, he even chained, twice 90 minutes in three days … He can’t do everything either, he doesn’t worry me, he also needs others.

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