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The top two teams from each group qualified for Phase 2

Group A: Norway, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland

Group B: Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Serbia

Group C: France, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Romania

Group D: Poland, Montenegro, Germany, Spain

LIVE follow-up HERE

The ranking of the best scorers HERE

Group standings / Phase 1 HERE


Friday 4th November

Norway-Croatia: 32-23

Hungary-Switzerland: 33-27

Denmark vs Slovenia: 26-27

Sweden vs Serbia: 27-21

Saturday 5th November

Netherlands vs Romania: 29-28

Poland vs Germany: 23-25

France vs North Macedonia: 24-14, stats HERE

Oliver Krumbholz:

It’s a good start, we had to win, we do it with ten goals. It’s a bit of a tense game, we were a bit disturbed by all the temporary injuries. I rotated, there were some very interesting things in the second half, where we managed to stay solid.

In defense we had two good goalkeepers, we were very solid and made very few individual mistakes. It bodes well for the future, even if we have been tinkering a bit in placed attack.

We have to free ourselves, we can do better in shooting, in passing. There has been too much hesitation, but it is never easy to enter a competition. We knew how to be efficient in climbing balls, in practice we dominated in our strong sectors.

But we know that against Romania and the Netherlands we will have to be better than those in attack, but we will align all our forces in these two games. “

Montenegro-Spain: 30-23

Sunday 6 November

Slovenia vs Sweden: 22-33

Croatia vs Hungary: 21-18

Switzerland-Norway: 21-38

Serbia-Denmark: 21-34

Monday 7th November

North Macedonia vs Netherlands: 15-30

Germany-Montenegro: 25-29

Spain vs Poland: 20-16

Romania vs France: 19-29, match statistics HERE

After a rather complicated start to the match, the Habs managed to turn off the great Cristina Neagu, only 5 goals, to gradually make a difference over the course of the match.

After this win, the Blues are guaranteed to pass this first round.

Oliver Krumbholz:

“We had a great game, we choked them by going faster than them. We played the same game as Macedonia but against a team of different caliber. It is really a great game, we managed to keep the gap throughout the game.

It is not necessarily obvious, there is often a bit of relaxation, but here we are solid. The girls prepared the game very, very well, they worked a lot. We were more relaxed than in the first match, we had more confidence in our ability to get around the opponent.

Everyone has done their part with their qualities, without trying to do too much or do things they master less well. We start round two with two points, and it’s good for morale. Now we have to prepare as seriously as possible for the match against the Netherlands. “

Tuesday 8th November

Slovenia-Serbia: 27-24

Croatia vs Switzerland: 26-26

Norway-Hungary: 32-22

Denmark vs Sweden: 24-22

Wednesday 9 November

Poland-Montenegro: 23-26

North Macedonia vs Romania: 23-31

Germany-Spain: 21-23

France vs Netherlands: 26-24, match statistics HERE

Diabolically tight match between two great teams. Overall, the Olympic champions of the Tricolore have dominated their rivals but will never have been able to overtake them.

One thing is certain, the Bleues will attack the main group with lots of points and, as always, lots of ambitions.

Oliver Krumbholz:

“I’m super happy, it was very difficult, as we expected. We played a solid game, even if we lacked a bit of clarity, especially on our situations of numerical superiority.

We were less good than usual on all terrains, they were more, they put us under pressure. That’s why the girls are so tired that they exhausted us. We have seen good things in attack, even if we miss shooting success against an excellent goalkeeper.

There is reason to be satisfied, plus we start with four points. We pulled a lot on the bodies of some, knowing that behind, we had three days of rest. We will use them well to prepare for Sunday’s match. “


The classification of the rounds of phase 2 HERE

(The top two teams of each group in the semifinals)

Thursday 10th November

Croatia vs. Slovenia : 18-26

Hungary vs. Denmark : 27-29

Friday 11th November

Netherlands vs. Germany : 28-36

Romania against Spain: 28-27

Saturday 12th November

Croatia vs Denmark

Norway vs Sweden

Sunday 13 November

Netherlands vs Spain


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