The 10 best Mark Wahlberg movies, according to Letterboxd

Mark Wahlberg recently returned to the action blockbuster with the hit Uncharted, but his career spans a much wider range of genres. Wahlberg is a veteran actor at this point and has developed a truly niche skill set that he brings into each of his projects. These are among the best of him.

Based on Letterboxd’s average ratings, these productions (which focus on fictional narratives rather than documentaries) demonstrate Wahlberg’s ability to move so well, tell an action-focused story or, at the very least, play the role beautifully. support.

10/10 Sole Survivor (2013)

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Mark Wahlberg has entered the military genre many times and always gives a moving performance with enormous respect for the military. Lone Survivor is partly based on real situations, which inspired this moving and very serious story.

The narrative centers on four Navy SEALs embarking on a secret mission against the Taliban, their skirmish quickly takes a turn after being ambushed. Wahlberg puts some of his best work on screen here as the unit tries to survive against impossible odds.

9/10 Deep Water Horizon (2016)

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Mark Wahlberg is often drawn to real-life stories, so he bases his performance on a sense of reality. Some of Wahlberg’s best work followed this trend and it continues to be the case with Deepwater Horizon, another authentic, tense and compelling piece.

A drilling platform exploded in 2010, creating a dire situation that saw the sea flooded with pollution and dangerous oil. It’s an event that took place on the world stage and this film tries to convey the events of that day and the fallout, in great detail, following Wahlberg as one of the rig workers.

8/10 The night belongs to us (2007)

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Mark Wahlberg is able to jump from one genre to another in his best films, We Own The Night becoming a perfect example of what he can do in the realm of crime thrillers. Wahlberg plays a NYPD captain who gets involved in a mob attack.

The following is a conflict between Wahlberg’s Joe and his brother Bobby, played by Joaquin Phoenix, as the latter refuses to cooperate to bring justice to the members of the mafia. He speaks of a divided and reunited family; a strong emotional core for a film dripping with high-impact action sequences.

7/10 Patriots Day (2016)

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Mark Wahlberg on the day of patriots

Wahlberg has often walked into films that would be considered patriotic, whether they portray law enforcement (as is the case here) or the military. Patriots Day is another example and is considered one of Mark Wahlberg’s finest releases, with complex topics dealt with with great foresight.

Again, this is based on a true story; the tale of the manhunt after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Mark Wahlberg plays Sergeant Tommy Saunders, who leads the search for the terrorist, with his respect for the reality of the plot driving much of his reading of the room .

6/10 Three Kings (1999)

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Mark Wahlberg is back in the army with Three Kings, where he is joined by other fantastic artists such as George Clooney and Ice Cube. The image is once again based on reality, with the story set during the final acts of the Gulf War.

The three leaders, with Wahlberg as one of the military, attempt to pursue hidden treasure as the instability of war envelops their movements. They embark on a secret quest to find this life-changing financial asset, with their skills becoming extremely useful in their hunt. The unexpected narrative direction makes him a strong contender in Wahlberg’s filmography.

5/10 Instant family (2018)

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Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg in Instant Family

Instant Family is a slightly more recent entry in Mark Wahlberg’s oeuvre and shows a slightly different side to his performance, with the often gritty and serious actor relying on his comedic charisma and timing to star in this direct comedy.

Focusing on a couple who want to create an immediate family, Wahlberg and his partner Rose Byrne decide to take the path of fostering and immediately adopt three children. It’s a life-changing moment, with the film demonstrating how rewarding, beautiful and difficult it can be to form a tight-knit unity.

4/10 The basketball diaries (1995)

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While many of Mark Wahlberg’s best films have starred him as the protagonist, The Basketball Diaries actually features Leonardo DiCaprio as the protagonist, with another real-world story heavily influencing the release. DiCaprio plays artist Jim Carroll, a legendary writer, musician and poet.

The film examines his drug addiction, which derailed his career and deeply affected his mental health. Wahlberg plays his friend Mickey, who is definitely a group influence on Jim. It’s one of Wahlberg’s starring roles, perfectly playing the supporting role as a deeply troubled young man looking for an escape.

3/10 The Fighter (2010)

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Michael Wahlberg also produced this film, demonstrating how important the project was to him. There are many sports-based boxing films out there, but The Fighter is one that is often overlooked, despite being set in a true story and the incredible performance of the lead role of him.

Wahlberg plays Micky Ward, a real-world boxer looking for success and glory. The film traces Ward’s rise to the world light welterweight title, led by his brother facing his own demons, played by Christian Bale. It’s a drama about brotherhood and it’s inspiring but rooted in its path to victory.

2/10 Boogie Nights (1997)

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Boogie Nights is a cult classic, with a fantastic cast that includes Wahlberg alongside Don Cheadle, Julianne Moore, John C. Reilly and Heather Graham. Set in the late 1970s, adult director Jack Horner attempts to take his art to a new level.

He hires a rising star in Eddie Adams, played by Wahlberg, the film that follows his sudden success and all that comes from life in the adult industry. It’s a comedy with an edge, with an award-winning legacy that has shown what Wahlberg is capable of.

1/10 The Dead (2006)

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The Departed is an epic film from the mind of Martin Scorsese, with whom Wahlberg has formed a good working relationship. The project is a crime thriller with an incredible cast, which includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Vera Farmiga.

As law enforcement tries to take down the Irish mafia, Wahlberg plays Sergeant Major Sean Dignam, a character with loads of action as he juggles information, keeping the identities of criminals, undercover agents secret, and finally has an intriguing arc. vindictive to explore.

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