the 5 worst wokist movies of all time

Since you are obsessed with wokism, we will enter the debate and we will not mince words.

From comment to comment, we are hammered home: Lord of the Rings to the most microscopic and insignificant Hollywood production, wokism would be a scourge, which for several years has been decomposing American and sometimes French cultural production. The comments in question weren’t particularly prolific, the movies referred to being random at times, and the word was unknown before Le Figaro be careful to insert it in half of its titles, it took some time to understand what it was.

Now we know. Eager to please the rowdy minority of our readers (well, those who comment on Facebook without clicking on the article, to be exact), we finally face the thorny problem of wokism, which contaminates the popular culture we love, through 5 films. Reporting at the heart of our declining licenses, with the objectivity that characterizes us, of course.

He prefers to cook on the barbecue


Kung Fu Panda: imagechild abuse

Even in an animal-dominated fantasy world, you need to be consistent. Kung Fu Panda it is clearly inspired by the history of China (and we know what we are talking about, because we touch the ball on the subject), and the film would make us believe that there were already woks in the era … It is obvious that the film and its production they have been manipulated, even exploited (we are not afraid of words), by the Tefal lobby, which tries so hard to impose its ideological model that it rewrites history. But we are not deceived.

And it is important to denounce such a dirty approach, since the film is intended for children. It is no coincidence that Po’s identity is revealed in a flashback where, as a child, finds himself with a wok on his head. Our loved ones are in the crosshairs of a culinary progressivism that we hit them with a club, without giving them the choice to form their own opinion. Welcome to Wokistan!


Salty dessert: photoThe wok, the new Marie-Sue in the kitchen

The real problem with woks, beyond their discreet dictatorship, is that they know how to use cinema as an attractive propaganda tool. The most uninhibited proof of this state of affairs is undoubtedly found in sweet salty of that degenerate Ang Lee. We can also see in this film a cultural break confirmed by the introductory scene, where woks impose themselves without embarrassment in the preparation of a party.

Inevitably, at the sight of all the ingredients and the tempting dishes that the director films, it is difficult to resist the call of wokism. Ideology is hammered at us because there is no other alternative. And for good reason: we are shown an experienced cook who handles the wok with great skill, as if the object had always been there. Beyond this stinking revisionism, it is good to note that we do not see another pan in this kitchen, as the character prepares many dishes at the same time. We have nothing against woks, but by dint of seeing too much, it becomes more realisticespecially when positive discrimination is so flagrant.

Even worse, Salty, sweet wants to be even more insidious, demonstrating that the wok can be used both for frying vegetables and for frying meat. The wok is more versatile, non-binary sign who does not say his name. Sorry, but after a while, between pot and pan, you have to choose the sides …

3. GHIBLI study

Poppy Hill: photoHow about pornography while we’re at it?

If wokism has many representatives in the film industry and pans and other pots are largely replaced in the almost general indifference in favor of a standardization of thoughts and kitchens, one of the main culprits for this decline of civilization is none other than Studio Ghibli. . Since its creation, the Japanese studio has tried to indoctrinate young people by imposing on these still malleable brains an increasingly aggressive propaganda under the guise of “traditionalism” and “culinary culture” (beautiful hypocrisy and cultural appropriation in addition, being the Chinese wok ).

So yes, one would think so Howl’s Moving Castle, my neighbor Totoro And Kiki’s delivery service were spared and that the government of “Don’t say Wok“has been applied judiciously to keep children out of this kind of deviant considerations, but the strangely high-sided” pots “and the curved-bottomed” pots “do not deceive anyone about the company’s real intentions. The hill of poppies showing several woks frontally without any warning signs on departure (parents, be extremely vigilant).

Porco Rosso takes a further step in the provocation with its gigantic wok that encourages its use at the expense of other kitchen utensils (understand the normal ones) that would become almost unnatural … It is therefore urgent to wake up and protect the blond heads of this delusional fascist ideology which aims only to convert them against their will. End of the debate.

2. existZ

eXistenZ: Photo Jude Law, Jennifer Jason LeighIf Cronenberg had also given in …

David Cronenberg created a huge masterpiece in 1999 with exists Z. Fully managing to be a video game film being almost an immense adventure that incorporates the codes of JVs, the director’s work immersed viewers in a disturbing mise en abyme, where it is difficult to differentiate the virtual from the real. A game on our own gaze, our apprehension of what we are shown and what we want to see in it breathtaking … and yet damaged by environmental wokism.

Yes, how can we not regret this sequence in an Asian restaurant of course, where a wok still comes to interfere in the story unnecessarily. So yes, we know very well that this article will be censored by right-thinking people, because we cannot say more about woks without upsetting the Nazi 2.0 cuisine, but let’s open our eyes!

The design of this bone weapon may very well have taken place in a French restaurant serving frog legs boiled in a casserole or good old braised chicken in the oven. But no, of course you had to jump yet another wok to cook this crispy stew and throw away our good old Le Creuset pot. A choice by David Cronenberg all the more disappointing as we were not fooled: the presence of this famous restaurant was above all an opportunity to pocket the Chinese audience at the box office. When you are told that wokism and capitalism go hand in hand.


Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi: Photo EwokDerivative and deviant products

We haven’t thought about the degeneration of Wok thought, theorized – do we have to remind you? – in American universities and kitchens, capable of reaching such extremes. Still, he made it, moreover in the saga Star Wars, she who in the past has suffered so much from this culinary radicalism (the dishwasher in the cellar satisfies all odds). After the wok, indoctrinated screenwriters invent the E-wokthe last stage of their crusade against pots, now in danger of extinction, if we are to believe the Cuisinella shelves.

Was our society doing so badly for us to elevate furballs to the rank of heroes who had previously remained in their place, ie in the background? “Of course”Kathleen Kennedy, responsible for the wokization of the saga, the decadence of Hollywood, fuel shortages and climate change would reply. It is thanks to people like you that our beloved films, which until now have never dealt with cooking problems (or if they did, it has been done better), are increasingly afflicted by the dictatorship of the wok. Fortunately, the Internet is filled with fierce resistance fighters, the last bastions against cultural breakdown. All is not lost.

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