10 movies that could have been shorter than an hour, according to Reddit

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was released this week and runs for two hours and 41 minutes. This makes the sequel one of the longest-running films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, and while it may take 161 minutes as there is a lot of ground to cover, it might seem a little too long.

Tons of movies could save a few minutes, especially since movies seem to stretch. But the Redditors have named some movies that could benefit from a shorter full hour. Between a 150-minute high comedy, a 3.5-hour monster movie, and a three-hour western set mostly in a room, self-indulgence got the best of these movies.

Blonde (2022)

Haijak thinks that Blonde would have benefited from being an hour shorter, as Redditor comments: “In the end, I literally thought that instead of 3 hours, it could have been 100 minutes and it would have been just as effective. Blond lasts two hours and 46 minutes, and an unholy amount is extremely exploitative and unnecessary.

It’s almost as if the film indulges in all the toxicity of the film industry that Monroe has struggled with all his life. The film could have lasted 1h46 and the message would have been conveyed much better. Not only that, but it certainly would have received a much better reception from critics and Netflix subscribers, as Blonde currently sits at 42% on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.5 on IMDb.

Eternal (2021)

Darklord_Bravo points to the 2021 superhero movie, suggesting: “Eternals could easily have been an hour shorter and would have been much better. Eternals set a precedent, as it was the first ever film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe rated” Rotten ” on Rotten Tomatoes, but cutting an hour from the duration may not have made it “Fresh”.

Reducing the duration wouldn’t change the way characters were eliminated, which was a big criticism of the film. Not only that, but many would argue that the runtime was necessary, as the film has around 12 main characters and making the film 100 minutes would have made things more confusing. The duration of the film was not the problem with Eternals; that was the script.

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

A lot of negativity is thrown about the Transformers franchise, and much of it is understandable, as most reviewers think they’re bloated CGI parties full of raw jokes. But Kapkomsky thinks that with a more flawless publisher, Transformers: Age of Extinction could have been awesome. The Redditor notes: “Honestly, it’s a pretty good and fun movie, but it was too long. One less hour of landscape shots and pure car commercials would have been perfect.”

The user makes an important point, because there is so much product positioning in the Transformers movie that cutting just those takes would have made the movie much shorter. Cutting out an hour would make the 2014 film one hour and 45 minutes long, creating a really fun popcorn movie.

The Batman (2022)

This user thinks The Batman, which is one of the longest-running superhero movies of all time, is an hour too many. The Redditor postulates: “The film seemed to end when Falcone was murdered. Then, BAM, another hour ago. This moment seemed like the perfect climax for the film.”

The Batman runs just under three hours, and in an hour and 55 minutes the film probably could have had the same impact. However, part of the film’s appeal is the dark aesthetic and immersive aesthetic of this new take on Gotham as the Caped Crusader roams, and the film definitely needs a longer run to achieve that. But he gets a superhero movie by numbers in the final act with a huge action sequence, and it doesn’t match anything that came before.

The Lone Ranger (2013)

JonnyS212 points to the 2013 western remake, The Lone Ranger, as the film that would greatly improve with an hour of cut. However, the film has a large following of fans, as Quentin Tarantino has sung the praises of The Lone Ranger on several occasions, often noting specifically the final action sequence with the epic setting of the train.

Sadly, the central act leading up to the sequence is such a job, and if Movie 2.5 had lasted 90 minutes, it would have received a much better reception and more than Tarantino would have had on their 2013 favorites list.

There is no time to die (2021)

Coolman_Rosso argues that the two hours and 43 minutes of No Time to Die should have been a full hour less. The Redditor notes, “Rami Malek reaches his goal of him midway through the movie, then somehow decides to kill a bunch of people just because the movie isn’t finished yet.” “

In all fairness, the film had a lot to wrap up with, as it was the epic conclusion to the five-film James Bond series directed by Daniel Craig. And in addition to wrapping up the many story arcs, whether it’s Bond’s relationship with Blofeld or his life with Madeleine, the film adds other story arcs that need to be completed by the end of the film. There is hardly any room to breathe because the film is so overloaded. But the Redditor is not wrong when it comes to the unclear motives of the villain in the second half.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

This user thinks Blade Runner 2049 could have been much lighter if it had been an hour less. The Redditor explains, “I can’t be the only one to die for this to end. Not only was it long, but the pace of the molasses didn’t do him any favors either. Blade Runner 2049 was completely bombed at the box office and, although that is due to many factors, as if it were the sequel to a film that also bombed 40 years ago, this is also due to its too long duration.

The sci-fi sequel runs for two hours and 43 minutes and, as Redditor points out, moves at a snail’s pace. And the hero of the original movie, Deckard, doesn’t even get introduced for about 100 minutes. While the film is fantastic, as it runs 163 minutes, the random footage focusing on glowing embers and clouds could have easily been cut out.

King Kong (2005)

At three hours and 21 minutes, Roook36 thinks Peter Jackson’s King Kong is an hour too long. The Redditor postulates: “You take a lot of that island trip and island stuff. Eliminate the kid who can’t read because he disappears after the second act and is irrelevant to the whole movie.”

However, if all footage set on Skull Island were removed, it would almost be a shot-by-shot remake of the original 1933 film and won’t stand out except for the updated visual effects. The scenes on the island are captivating and add an intriguing survival element to the story. However, the scenes showing Carl Denham trying to produce his film are unnecessary and cutting them could have shortened the duration considerably.

The Hateful Eight (2015)

If intermission is included, The Hateful Eight lasts nearly 190 minutes, which Beatupford finds completely unnecessary. The Redditor complains that most of Tarantino’s recent films are too bloated and claim that “The hyenas is a masterpiece and lasted less than 100 minutes. Man knows how to do it.”

Even if The Hateful Eight were shorter than an hour, it would still be over two hours and many scenes would not be missing if cut. The central act has many scenes that unnecessarily lengthen the film, such as the song Daisy sings and the Tarantino sequence literally has a voiceover that sums up everything that has ever happened.

Inherent Vice (2014)

For much of his career, it seemed that famed screenwriter and director Paul Thomas Anderson didn’t know how to make a film that wasn’t too long. Boogie Nights lasts 155 minutes, Magnolia lasts 188 minutes, There Will Be Blood lasts 158 minutes, and The Master lasts 150 minutes. But Dudetheman444 thinks that of all the films by the visionary director, Inherent Vice should be shortened by one hour.

At 148 minutes, Inherent Vice is leaner when it comes to Anderson’s filmography, but much of that time is still spent admiring the 1970s sets and costumes rather than delving into the storytelling. Influenced by films like The Big Lebowski, the 2014 release is a hilarious detective comedy, but could have been told in 100 minutes.

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