After Inside Man on Netflix, the three unmissable movies or series

Series Inside the man is a hit on Netflix, the opportunity to recommend three must-see movies or series if you liked it.


Since its release in late October, Steven Moffat’s new thriller series, Inside the man, occupies the top 10 of Netflix France, as well as the first places in the North American ranking. While the streaming platform doesn’t usually disclose its listening data (or only in a very occasional and ultra opaque way), this placement is. a good indicator of the success of the serieswho should definitely be entitled to a season 2.

But before finding David Tennan, Stanley Tucci and Lyndsey Marshal in a new batch, Ecran Large recommends you three similar entertainments (movies or series) that you will most likely enjoy if you liked it Inside the man.

Not to be confused with 2006’s Inside Man with Denzel Washington


Exit: 1991 – Duration: 1h58

The Silence of the Lambs: photo, Anthony HopkinsQHave you ever had a craving at night?

What is it about : Clarice Sterling is a young FBI recruit tasked with interrogating former psychiatrist and cannibal Hannibal Lecter to help him obtain infirmity and a psychological portrait of Buffalo Bill, a serial killer who is raging at the same time.

because you will love : Because the plot ofInside the man it borrows enormously from much more unhealthy people The silence of the lambs, the Oscar-winning masterpiece directed by Jonathan Demme. The film thus installs between the characters of Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins a dynamic similar (but infinitely superior) to that of Stanley Tucci and Lyndsey Marshal. Beyond the virtuosity of the staging and the performances of the cast, the writing turns to psychological experimentation, the two characters maintain twisted relationships between charm, manipulation and disgust until they sink into a perverse game. .

The characterization of Hannibal Lecter is also of incomparable mastery. The character is the most subtle incarnation of evil, the latter being capable of committing the worst atrocities (randomly killing and eating people) while reciting Shakespeare with impeccable verve. Like Darth Vader, this character appears for less than twenty minutes in all, but has immediately supplanted the version of Brian Cox in Michael Mann’s Sixth Sense to establish himself in popular culture (this, moreover, is inseparable from his interpreter). Stanley Tucci might be great in Inside Man, but he’ll have a hard time matching his firstborn.


Release: 2010-2017 – Duration: 14 episodes of 90 minutes, available on Amazon Prime Video

Sherlock: photoIn the multiverse of genius

What it is: The adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective, but in a modern context. Always supported by the faithful Watson, Sherlock Holmes takes on the most famous cases of him and his archenemy, Moriarty.

Why you will like it: Because sherlock it’s simply The best series by Steven Moffatthe creator ofInside the man. If the writer has always been a fan of stories with clever drawers and twists, he couldn’t help but get the best out of Conan Doyle’s stories, which he also enjoys reinventing through clever upheavals.

In addition to playing with its contemporary context, where the internet and other mobile phones are essential in the duo’s investigations, sherlock it is also a series that marvelously films the intelligence of its protagonist. Long before everyone wrote messages on the screen or materialized thoughts in the background, Steven Moffat made it a primary style effect. And finally, sherlock obviously has a clean cast, which confirmed the talent of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.


Exit: 1954 – Duration: 1h45

The crime was almost perfect: photosTouched by Grace

What it is: Fearing that his wife will leave him and leave him penniless, Tony Wendice plans his murder while securing a concrete alibi. But obviously not everything goes as expected …

Why you will like it: “We are all killers, you just have to find the right person.” If this replica is one of the pillars of Inside the manit goes without sayingsuch an idea is clearly taken from Alfred Hitchcock’s cinemawho has spent his career painting the worst that a human being can be.

With The crime was almost perfectthe director not only faces a horror that shows the tip of the nose in the most normative everyday life, but evokes in an empty way our fascination with this violence. After all, Hitchcock enjoyed shooting the movie in stereoscopic 3D and pulled one of his most famous shots out of the instrument: Grace Kelly’s outstretched hand for the camera being strangled. He asks the viewer for help, but the latter can only remain behind the comfort of the screen, helpless. Masterpiece.

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