The 50 years of commitment of Claude, Bernard, Christian and Marcel resonate with the Municipal Music of Orléans

The trumpets of fame, what does Georges Brassens sing? Very little for them. These musicians have quite the discretion of those who work in the shadowswithout making any noise, except when they play their instruments.

This Friday, November 11, however, the light dazzled Claude Barberon (trombone), Bernard Faizeau (cavalry trumpet), Cristiano Cabotino (trumpet and trumpet) e Marcel Labarre (trumpet, trumpet and cavalry trumpet).

As a prelude to the concert held by the Municipal Music of Orléans (MMO), at the theater, the elected representatives of Orléans gave the four friends the Commune medal for the commitment of over fifty years within the musical education.

Over fifty years of loyalty

Over half a century, veterans have seen their association evolve and have always remained loyal to it. Everyone praises the “good atmosphere” that reigns there, but also the “presence” and the “quality of the music” delivered by members of the MMO.

They tell about their emotion and their pride in receiving this official decoration. “I am happy to see Recognition of the city“, says Bernard Faizeau. A sentiment shared by his friend, Marcel Labarre:

“Even though our association has no legal connection with the city hall, we believe we have a responsibility to represent Orléans, especially when we perform abroad. This is also why we wear costumes with its colors.”

“The duty of memory guides us”

The four companions joined the Municipal Music during or immediately after their military service, like others of the time. “He helped…”, they underline. By joining the MMO, they also want to keep the memory alive. Also, with the drums, they participated the memorial ceremony of the armistice of 11 November 1918, this Friday morning. “The duty of memory guides us”, assures Marcel Labarre.

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He and his friends regret that the younger generations are moving away: “They are unmotivated, they no longer want to participate in fashion shows”. The four men notice “the decline of marching bands with a military connotation”.

This observation does not prevent them from imagining blowing into their instruments, within the MMO, for many years to come. As Marcel Labarre explains, with a smile on his lips: “Music is Cherry on the cake of the life we ​​eat with joy ”.

The MMO musicians held their traditional November 11 concert this Friday. Photo Anne-Laure Le Jan

What is it ? The Municipal Music of Orléans (MMO), an association made up of amateur musicians, performs in concert in Orléans and its metropolitan area, and participates in the official ceremonies of the city or even in the Fêtes de Jeanne-d’Arc. His concerts are free.
Where to listen to the musicians? Sunday 22 January 2023, 4 pm, Salle Pellicer, concert as part of the Telethon; Sunday 5 March, at 4 pm, Salle de l’Institut, concert with the Or Notes Brass Quintet, as part of the Brassissim’o festival; Sunday 16 April, at 4 pm, at the theater, psychedelic concert; Saturday 6 May, at 4 pm, at the Gérard-Philippe theater, official concert of the Fêtes de Jeanne-d’Arc.
How to contact the association? Municipal Music of Orleans, 2, rue des Anglaises, in Orleans;;; @MusiqueMunicipaleOrleans on Facebook.

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Anne-Laure Le Jan

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