Caignac: This health consultant uses plants to treat everyday ailments

Hélène Revest formed in October as a plant health consultant. Through Le Colibri Herboriste, she offers various herbal teas and syrups to relieve everyday ailments. (© Angélique Passebosc – Voice of Midi Lauragais)

Thyme, elderberry, bramble, hawthorn, rosemary … It is in his rather dark workshop located in the basement of his house, in Caignac, thatElena Revest loves to combine all these plants – and many more – to create herbal teassimple or complex, syrups, hydroalcoholic extracts, flower elixir and other decoctions.

Types of grandmother’s remedies that the health consultant, installed since October Caignac, imagine to relieve ailments. “Recipes of witches”, as he likes to call them, which he markets under his own brand, The herbalist hummingbird.

But beware, these are not magical solutions. Then I’m not a doctor. My work comes only as a complement, to relieve, soothe.

Elena RevestHerbal consultant, head of Colibri Herboriste

Each plant has its own virtues

In the absence of being able to be qualified asherbalistHélène Revest is what is called a “Plant health consultant”. She goes to meet her customers, at their home to better study their environment, and exchanges with them for about an hour in order toidentify the cause of their ailments or problems.

I deal with the why, the root causes, rather than the symptoms. I adapt to every person and therefore I offer customized products, also according to habits and tastes. That’s why I have very few stocks, I make to measure.

At its disposal: 148 plants with different virtues and active ingredients that it uses alone, in the so-called simple herbal teas, or which it associates according to their synergy in the so-called complex herbal teas. “I play a lot with their signature. For example, I use brambles – which help with rebuilding – a repair damaged tissuehawthorn – which is related to broken hearts – to cure anxiety, verbena to relax and unwind… ”, he lists.

On its own, bay leaf sauce is used against swelling, while eucalyptus acts on the airways. The self-entrepreneur will thus be able to cure everyday ailments, chronic diseases, allergies …

I also pay attention to where the plants grow. The nettles that are found near a stream, I will use them to treat water retention problems, in particular. Nettles that grow further away, in a dry environment, will be used for something else.

Elena Revest

His journey

If she says she has always been attracted to plants, it was only in 2020 that Hélène Revest began to study them more closely. You by enrolling in Inderplam, a herbalist school located in Montpellier. There she underwent a three-year training on the different systems (respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, etc.) of the human body. “We can see how each plant works, specifies the self-employed entrepreneur and the mother. This is also coupled with Chinese medicine. Then, it is the experience that speaks because if there is knowledge that is transmitted, it is the experiences that make it work. ”
From this passion for plants, the Caignacaise has gradually made it its profession. “Officially, I’ve only been self-employed since October,” he says. Until then, Hélène Revest held a management position in a large company. “But I was no longer in tune with my values. My body then started letting go, until I burned out in 2021. “It’s partly thanks to the plants that it will be cured.” I think that experience triggered something, “he says. resigned to devote herself to a completely different activity: health consultant through plants. “Helping others speaks to me because that’s what I’ve always tried to do as a coach. “

Choose local, without distorting

All these plants she uses, Hélène Revest collects them herself, “according to [ses] needs “, in the forests of Ariège, Aude or Haute-Garonne.” I make it a point of honor use only locally found plants, he points out. I also walked a lot to identify the places where they grew up. “

So much so that he has compiled a list of the sites he has already surveyed and the plants he has found there. “This will help me get the organic label because everything has to be validated. “Above all, assures the resident of Caignac “Preserve and protect its resource” :

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It takes me a lot back and forth, but I don’t want to distort the areas I’m using. On some plants, therefore, I only collect very little of it so that it can regenerate.

What about the herbs and herbs that he wouldn’t find in the area? “I want to stay very local, so I think differently. I look based on the active ingredients and the synergies of those I have available to compensate. ”

Nature trips, tips and recipes

With Le Colibri Herboriste, Hélène Revest does not stop at the simple development of herbal teas and syrups. “I’m trying to broaden my scope a little bit more,” she says. It offers so “Botanical excursions”, distills some tips and shares recipes on its website and Facebook page.

All this for “restore the taste of cooking, transform what is grown”. “The idea is to take control of our health, says the practitioner. I would also like to eventually organize workshops to teach people how to work plants. “

But above all we must know how to recognize them, these famous benefactor plants. For this the Caignacaise offers mainly walks field of birds from Labyrinthsbut also a Ramée laketo Turnsheet.

The goal is to discover the plants during the walk, to show what they are used for and how to transform them. People seem to like it. Then it is always surprising to see their reaction to all these explanations.

This concept, Hélène Revest would like to develop it even more organizing these same outings together with workshops so that each participant can work with the plants encountered on site. “It would be nice to be welcomed in a specific place, depending on where you are. I want it to be something friendly, where everyone can interact. ”

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