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CONAKRY – Surrounded by the executives of her Cabinet, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation presented this Saturday, November 12, 2022, the results of her Department after one year of management.

He was on the sidelines of a press lunch organized for this purpose by the ministry led by Dr. Diaka Sidibé, who had at his side the Minister of Urban Planning, Housing and Territorial Development, Colonel Ibrahima Sory Bangoura.

With a budget of 4% of the 12% allocated to the Guinean education sector, that is 1,048 billion Guinean francs, the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation has recorded results. Among them, he listed among others:

The holding of the Higher Education Consultation Days, the revaluation of student maintenance grants, the launch of the program reform project; the Creation of the Status of Student-Entrepreneur, the Financing of the training of trainers (459 teacher-researchers), the Framework of the internship and work-study policy; Implementation of ENT in public IES, Rehabilitation and expansion of the University of Labé, Acquisition of IES / IRS / UGLCS laboratory / workshop equipment; Rehabilitation of the amphitheater and a school building, Rehabilitation and extension of the Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry (400-seat amphitheaters, 4 laboratories, etc.).

To these activities must be added the Organization of the 6th edition of the university games of Guinea; Development of the Manual of Administrative and Financial Procedures for Institutions, Updating of the regulatory texts governing Higher Education, Training of the gender branches of public IES and IRS, Publication of 25 buses for students, Reduction of the plethora of students, suppression of paid training, the Relaunch and the Creation of the Price of Excellence, Research and Innovation.

This summary of the activities is the result of the day and night work of all the managers of the department, without exception. I would like here to greet the dedication of my team and congratulate the dynamic within the department that allows us to achieve the objectives assigned to us by the highest authorities of the Republic. said Doctor Diaka Sidibé.

Despite this assessment, which he described as enthusiastic, the Minister and his team still had constraints in carrying out certain activities. In particular, these are: lack of mastery of administrative, financial and pedagogical procedures; the delay in setting up administrative boards in higher education institutions; the inadequacy of the Initial Finance Law 2022 with the department’s roadmap; the low level of remuneration in the sector, which makes the teaching profession unattractive, according to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Looking ahead, Dr Diaka Sidibé and her team want to make higher education attractive and attractive. In what to do? First, by making the teaching profession much more attractive by promoting teacher-researchers.

We have already taken a step in speaking of the training of trainers, but we want to go a little further so that teachers can be updated. Furthermore, as part of the revaluation of the scholarship, which the Head of State has kindly granted to Guinean students, we want to launch very soon, from Monday 14 November, the biometrics of students so that we can know from Conakry to Nzérékoré, how many students are in higher education institutions so that they can dematerialize the payment system for student scholarships.

There have been activities that we have not been able to carry out but which we have relaunched for our 2023 action plan. These activities represent the prospects for us within the department, namely, establishment of boards of directors which we have not been able to do because we first had to revise all the texts creating higher education. This work has been done, we will now set up the government and executive bodies in higher education institutions said Minister Dr. Diaka Sidibé.

To achieve these prospects, the ministry is counting on the adoption of the 2023 amending budget law which it provides 1.102 billion Guinean francs for the department.

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