Top Statements: Ronaldo saw himself at PSG, Mbapp wanted to stop the Blues, Mourinho smashes his player, Guardiola jealous …

In this week’s Top Statements menu, Ronaldo has seen himself at PSG, Mbapp wanted to stop the Blues, Mourinho smashes one of his players, Guardiola jealous of Hland, the controversial phrase of a World Cup ambassador in Qatar … Discover the shock phrases of the week.

Ronaldo would not have said no to the move to PSG.

Every Saturday Maxifoot invites you to take a tour of the ten statements of the week not to be missed. Serious and at least serious to get to know the short phrases of the players. Check out the ranking of all the statements that made headlines in the press this week.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo- With only Portuguese from the Paris region, the club could fill the stadium. I see myself in the Parc des Princes in front of 50,000 Portuguese. Would be great (Christian Biography, 09/11/2022)

Three years after these observations, the Portuguese champion has not yet evolved with the PSG shirt.

2. Kylian Mbapp – I said to myself, “I can’t play for people who think I’m a monkey. I won’t play.” But after that, I took the time to think (Sports Illustrated, 11/11/2022)

Targeted by racist slurs after the missed penalty against Switzerland (3-3, 4-5 pens) during the last Euro, the PSG striker thought he would no longer play for the French team.

3. Jos Mourinho – I am sorry that the efforts of the team were betrayed by the attitude of a non-professional player (Press conference, 11/10/2022)

The Roma coach targeted right-back Rick Karsdorp, guilty of a fatal loss of the ball to Sassuolo’s valiant goal (1-1). The player is now on the transfer list …

4. Josep Guardiola- In this club, in this team, my ego comes before anyone else, before any player. I don’t like it when Erling Hland scores three goals (…)! I told him, ‘Erling, please stop scoring, otherwise the papers won’t talk about me.’ (Press conference, 05/11/2022)

This is obviously the irony on the part of the Manchester City manager. The Catalan was answering a question about a new criticism from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, according to which his former coach at Bara had not. don’t make it bigger of him.

5. Khalid Salman- Homosexuality here is haram (“forbidden”, ed). I am not a strict Muslim, but why this haram? Because it is a mental deviance (ZDF, 08/11/2022)

World Cup ambassador to Qatar, the former Qatari player made controversial comments within days of the tournament opening …

6. Florentino Prez – He (Karim Benzema) was already a mix between Zidane for his class and Ronaldo for his goals. And over the years it has gotten better. (…) I am proud to have signed him, he is the best player in the world (Golden Boy Ceremony, 11/07/2022)

The words of the president of Real will please the Ballon d’Or 2022.

7. Juninho- Rudi (Garcia) started saying that I was protecting the Brazilians, it was crazy. He talked to Maxence Caqueret saying that I wanted Jean Lucas to play in his place. You have to see the mentality of this coach (RMC, 08/11/2022)

The atmosphere must have been nice in Lyon …

8. Nasser Al-Khelafi – To be honest, I’m sad for them because they’ve proven they don’t understand football or its ecosystem. (L’Equipe, 09/11/2022)

The president of PSG and ECA (the European club association) is still not convinced of the Super League.

9. Samuel Eto’o – I don’t see why we couldn’t win it. I believe that to win the World Cup you don’t need to be monsters or aliens, you need good preparation, a strong mentality and a pinch of madness. (FIFA website, 07/11/2022)

It remains to be seen whether the Indomitable Lions will have all of these ingredients to confirm the Cameroonian Football Association’s president’s hopes.

10. Gerard Piqu – As you get older, you realize that life is about loving, but it is also about knowing how to leave. My love for Bara is so strong that I had to take a break. I am convinced that she will be back (Camp Nou, 05/11/2022)

For his last match at Camp Nou before retirement, the FC Barcelona central defender delivered a moving speech in front of his fans.

It is with this statement that the Top Statements of the week ends. See you next Saturday for a new issue!

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