A survival kit to take care of your own mental health and that of others

“I’m 32 and being 20 today is pretty complicated. With this simple observation, announced on Monday the youtuber Cyrus North, ambassador of the Nightline association, which already offers an online listening service 7 days a week for students and by students, open from 21 to 2:30 by phone and chat the launch of a “survival kit”. The latest data on the mental health of students are in fact alarming: 68% say they suffer from at least one depressive symptom, almost double that of the general population. “The economic crisis, Trump, the young vests, the attacks, the covid, the war in Ukraine, all against the backdrop of the climate emergency, it is difficult to project oneself. When I was 20 it was much easier than today, ”insists the young videographer.

“Tell us how are you, really? “

The goal of the site developed by Nightline is simple: to provide resources to talk about your mental health. “When you have a big migraine, you have reflexes: rest, calm down, etc. When it comes to mental health, we find ourselves helpless, ”explains Lucile Regourd, campaign manager for Nightline.

Whether you are in trouble, or to help a loved one, the survival kit thus lists the possibilities in two different paths. The first, which is aimed at students who need help or means to get better, allows you to define what you need based on how you feel.

In answering the question “Tell us how you really are”, if we are doing “well”, if “we do not have the words to talk about it” or if things are going perfectly well, each answer guides us to devise a series of resources: activation behavioral, relaxation, mini-dictionary, some tips for dealing with your ailments, etc.

When you are well, being able to help others

“On an individual level, we invite all those who wish to equip themselves to take care of themselves or their loved ones: learn to recognize their emotions, to regulate them, to know what makes us feel good and at least good”, underlines Nathalie Roudaut, general delegate by Nightline. With the aim of having all the resources available throughout the year, even when things are going well.

To help others, the section “how to help a loved one” works according to the same principle: just let yourself be guided through the site and answer a few questions to be able to “identify the warning signs”, “start the discussion”, listen, what do when a friend thinks about suicide, resources, etc. The association, which has set itself the goal of “recreating social bonds, making prevention and offering tools to reverse the trend”, according to Erkan, the president of Nightline, also wants to give another image of mental health.

Equipping loved ones also means destigmatizing because it is not always easy to break down the door of a doctor to be treated. “It is clear that students who come for a university consultation are already somehow elite: they have the knowledge and the courage to do so, but also the ability to manipulate a bizarre concept which is to go and find someone to talk to them. very intimately about his mental health, ”says Christophe Tzourio, director of the health service at the University of Bordeaux, who has been working on student health for more than ten years.

Most of the solutions will come from the students themselves

An initiative that Victoire Dauxerre, ambassador like Cyrus North of the association, would have liked to have at hand. The former Elite agency model and actress suffered from eating disorders. “The problem is that there was no information, help, support and when I fell into this, I was 17, I didn’t express my emotions in words, nor my pain.”

The theme, raised with the covid, “must become insuperable, that we roll up our sleeves and act pragmatically to find solutions”, according to Christophe Tzourio: “Most of the solutions will come from the students themselves, because there will always remain misunderstandings on the part of the higher generations! “

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