Deliveroo’s 100 favorite meals to be delivered in 2021

In this still somewhat special end of the year, the Deliveroo platform has just drawn up the 2021 ranking of the 100 most popular dishes to be delivered in the world, in which 13 French have just placed. The Top 30 of French dishes also revealed by the aggregator also allows you to immerse yourself in a nice tour to discover the food trends that have marked the year.

The DELIVEROO 100 – 2021 ranking celebrates a new big winner among the most popular dishes in delivery on the platform, which is now present in 11 markets around the world: the poke bowl. In fact, this Hawaiian-inspired dish has simply become the trendiest product in 6 followed countries around the planet and would alone account for 40% of the dishes appearing in the world’s top 100. Did you say essential? In France, if poke carves out a nice place in the Top 30, it is surprisingly the “world champions” egg mayonnaise from the Bouillon Service restaurant in Paris that wins the award. They even rank 5And all over the world, so a real buzz! They precede the Mezzencore Chicken Pita Chawarma and the Penne Gratin at the Livio of the Livio Piu restaurant in Paris.

The poke bowl, big winner of the year 2021!

Of all the countries surveyed by the platform, the poke bowl is simply the most consumed dish at lunchtime. The hamburger, which was the most popular dish last year, still remains very popular with 18 occurrences in the top 100. Comfort dishes, such as hamburgers but also burritos and kebabs, occupy a third of the places in the Deliveroo 100, with the favorites like Grease Monkey’s Greasy Burger in Canberra, Aberdeen’s famous FreshMex Burrito or, in France, Mont Berliner’s Klassiker in Lyon. Among the trendiest lunch dishes are the Broodje Zeedijk (smoked chicken and bacon sandwich) by Slagerij Vet in Amsterdam, the Mediterranean salad from VIOS by Blu Kouzina in Singapore and the smoked chicken bread with spices from My Tannour in Brussels . Local specialties are also in demand, as evidenced by the management of Bouillon Service. Another phenomenon observed is the appearance of some items taken from shopping lists, such as Picard’s Mac & Cheese with ham in France, as more and more grocery stores and distributors have joined Deliveroo this year. Examples include the surprising performance of Waitrose’s lawyers in London or a package of Giant’s bananas in Singapore.

The ‘world champion’ mayonnaise eggs from the Bouillon Service restaurant are acclaimed in France

In this world top 100 we find 13 French dishes. And Paris is not the only city honored as the cities of Bordeaux, Lille, Toulouse, Lyon and Marseille are also represented. Alongside burgers, kebabs are also taking a big step forward in France with revisited and more qualitative versions. In addition to the chawarma version of Mezzencore, the Berlin version met with some success with Sürpriz’s Doner in Paris (8And of Top France) or the Klassiker of Mont Kerliner in Lyon (10And), today respectively in 8th and 10th place in the standings.

Below you will find the Deliveroo World Top 10 and the Top 30 France – 2021

The top 10 in the world

  1. Salmon Poké di Pokèria of NIMA, Florence
  2. Rice noodle meal from TamJai Yunnan Mixian, Hong Kong
  3. Build your own Poke Bowl at Honi Poke, London
  4. Double Cheeseburger ™ meal at McDonald’s, Hong Kong
  5. Mayonnaise eggs from Bouillon Service, Paris
  6. Five Guys Cheeseburger, London
  7. Grease Monkey greasy burger, Canberra
  8. Build your own Poke Bowl from Ohana Poké Sushi, Den Haag
  9. Burrito bowl by Guzman Y Gomez, Singapore
  10. Bowl of sweet chicken from Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Gent

The Top 30 of France Deliveroo 2021

  1. World Champion Egg Mayonnaise from Bouillon Service, Paris
  2. Chicken Pita Shawarma, Mezzencore, Paris
  3. Penne au gratin alla Livio, Livio Piu, Paris
  4. The beast of Kokomo, Bordeaux
  5. Braised menu, Le Brasato, Lille
  6. Classic cheeseburger, Dumbo, Paris
  7. Poke bowl, Poke Lab, Toulouse
  8. Formula Doner kebab, Surpriz Berliner Kebab, Paris
  9. Korean menu of fried chicken with honey and garlic from K-Town Street Food, Paris
  10. Klassiker, Mont Berliner, Lyon
  11. Natin, Little Cambodia, Paris
  12. Margherita PDO Triplet, Paris
  13. Plate 12 pieces, House of Ravioli, Marseille
  14. Mamé to compose, Mamé kitchen, Paris
  15. GLD Burger, G La Dalle, Paris
  16. Fried chicken burger, Street Bangkok Fry & Beer, Paris
  17. Cheeseburger, Le Ruisseau, Paris
  18. Menu 1 Burger, 1 side dish, 1 drink, Greg & Jerry’s, Grenoble
  19. Poké to compose, MyPoke, Strasbourg
  20. Naan cheese, Shalimar, Nantes
  21. Nems beef and chicken bo-bun, Saigon Bolkiri, Paris
  22. Tailor made salad, Le Moulin Lumière, Lyon
  23. Rougail Sausages, Wayo-Wayo, Bordeaux
  24. Bo bun Beef & Nems, Ôbobun, Grenoble
  25. Poké to compose, ONI’Poke, Lyon
  26. Double Tacos, New School Tacos, Marseille
  27. Mac and cheese with ham (400 gr), Picard, Lille
  28. Cheeseburger, Five Guys, Paris
  29. Big Bacon barbecue menu, Grand Slam, Montpellier
  30. Burritos, Chipotle, Paris

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