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Tuesday 15 November 2022

“BLOOD for BLOOD CAMPUS” organized the Campus de Vanteaux on November 15th and 16th on the occasion of the “RARE BLOOD Awareness Week”. This event is organized in collaboration with the University of Limoges, the University Hospital of Limoges and Lions Clubs. The goal: to mobilize 400 donors as the year-end celebrations approach, a period in which mobilization is traditionally weaker.



The municipal library of Neuvic offers a free screening of the documentary: SKATEBOARD. meeting at the municipal cinema “Le Paradisio” at 18:00

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Next meeting at the Tulle Preferences bookshop on Wednesday, November 16 at 7:00 pm with the author Sébastien Vidal.

Preference poster

Preferences library

Thursday 17 November 2022

To the St Junien tannery
: spiritstheatrical performance of the POLKa company written and directed by Anna Nozière, scheduled for Thursday 17 November 2022 at 8:30 pm at the Mégisserie de Saint-Junien. spirits it’s a rare sight, a declaration of love to the people we love. It is a game that leads us to watch, learn, touch and laugh at our links between the dead and the living. All the stories evoked in this comedy appeal to a shared experience of all: our relationship with grieving and the loss of our loved ones. With three times nothing, Anna Nozière stages performances that act on the spectators like daydreams.


Megaserie St Junien

At the Union Theater in Limoges THE TRAY The evening shot of a gourmet restaurant becomes the playground for exploring a theater in the present.

The tray

The Union Theater

The tray

The Union Theater

The tray

The Union Theater

Friday 18 November 2022

The “JAZZ CLUB 19100” presents its next concert which will take place “in cabaret format” at 20:45 Espace CHADOURNE Route de LISSAC / COUZE – west area With WAL ‘CAKE BAND Quintet
(swing) (voice, piano, saxophone, double bass, drums) Born from the meeting of jazz, song and dance enthusiasts, it is quite natural that this line-up has accepted to resume the jazz standards of the ’30s,’ 40s. If the “Cake Walk” is no longer relevant, its greedy spirit knows how to bring lovers of swing and lindy hop together on the slopes … in a warm and festive spirit! _The musicians: Chloé Tridot (vocals), Stéphane Monpeyssin (piano), Annette POULARD (tenor sax / clarinet), Laurent Ovieve (double bass), Pierre Cauty (drums). _Reservations: e-mail:
Phone. 0687345426 or 0658428536 Prices: € 11 members, € 13 groups, € 5 students and € 15 others

The Municipal Cultural Commission of Jourgnac in collaboration with the association Les Amis de Louise organizes a theater-singing show on Friday 18 November at 8.30 pm in the Salle Polyvalente. COMMUNEUX COMMUNARDES tells the story of the 1871 Paris Commune in four acts. Title: Communeux Communardes Paris 1871 Genre: Song Theater Location: 87800 JOURGNAC Salle Polyvalente, Place Thérèse Menot Date, time: Friday 18 November at 20:30 Duration: 1 hour in 4 acts

The Brive Families Association is organizing a SALE OF SKI TOYS from 18 to 23 November at the Salle du Pont du Buy in Brive la Gaillarde (behind the CGR cinema).

Saturday 19th November 2022

The Vélivélo association organizes the traditional “Cyclists Shine” event, the aim of which is to sensitize cyclists to lighting and share the road. The 2022 edition will take place on Saturday 19th November from 6pm at the Champ de Juillet in Limoges.

The cyclists shine

Bike veils

Rilhac Danse organizes its annual dance on Saturday 19 November 2022 at 8:30 pm at Rilhac Rancon’s Espace Mazelle with the “K DANSER” orchestra, 8 musicians and singers on stage including 2 brass.

At the Conservificio di LUBERSAC Saturday November 19th, at 8:30 pm: BALAM _An accordion trip _Balam means “wind” in Korean. It is the uninterrupted breathing, a barrage of haunting and swirling melodies. Waltzes whispered at the tips of their fingers, lyrical flights in full bellows, four chromatic accordions in all their breaths. Balam is a trade wind of compositions, a harmattan of harmonies, a sirocco of chills in unison. And then a lot of love waiting. Inhale, exhale … immerse yourself. Balam was born from a shared desire for adventure and exploration. The desire to embrace a soundscape where contrast acts as a compass. A polyphonic and polyrhythmic journey where the traced lines of the writing and the chiseled arrangements allow themselves the off-road of improvisation, where narrow and intimate atmospheres suddenly open onto wide wild sound spaces, where forests dense with abundant notes are streaked with large minimalist clearings. Musicians: Hervé Capel, Julien Padovani, Thomas Restoin, Tiennet Simonnin.

The Cœur de Madeleine et Chocolat association organizes the 5th edition of EXHIBITION MADELEINE AND CHOCOLATEan event to be held at the Salle des Congrès in SAINT-YRIEIX-THE-WHY Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November.

Madeleine and chocolate fair

Madeleine’s heart

Sunday 20 NOVEMBER 2022

“The UN AIR DE FLEURS association is organizing its gala day on November 20, 2022 from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm at the Trait d’UNION in NANTIAT;
The LE PALACE HOTEL JAZZ GROUPE ensemble will entertain you. Admission 12 euros.
With or without reservation

Jazz group of the Palace hotel

an air of flowers

The Les Pinsons de la Benaize association organizes a LOT on Sunday 20 November 2022 at 2 pm (doors open at 1 pm), a lottery is organized in the multipurpose hall of Mailhac-sur-Benaize : good and many precious prizes, on-site sale of soft drinks and sweets. Mailhac sur Benaize is located in Haute-Vienne (87160), very close to Saint Sulpice les Feuilles and La Souterraine.

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