Harassment: Walincourt college students shoot a clip with music from Indochina

This is the continuation of a project started last year. After recording the audio for the song “College Boy” in May, the college kids perused the footage. Filming took place on Monday 14 November.

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It’s this hold, we keep it! Perched on a desk, to show the choreography to the students, Justine Petit, math teacher and amateur dancer, is proud of his students. In front of her, dressed in black, about thirty university students copy her movements, to the music of Indochina, college boyfacing the camera Christophe Geveniève, director.

The voices ? It is them and those of their comrades. The project for this clip started last year. Seventy fourth grade recorded the audio, with their music teacher, Linda Wiart, in May. “
The song is about rape, sexual harassment
Describes Shana, a third grade student.

The artistic gesture at the service of a cause

The logical continuation is the shooting of the images, this Monday, November 14th. The idea, for Carine Bodin, a physical and sports education teacher involved in the fight against harassment, was to offer a job ” artistic “:” When we talk about harassment, we often have very harsh images. There we wanted to see how beauty, the artistic gesture, can raise awareness of a cause, such as school bullying. The choreography was inspired by Sadeck Waf’s presentation video for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Among the adolescents, four adults from the institute are also involved, teachers and carers of students with disabilities. Kilyan, fourth, says: ” I wanted to participate because harassment can be serious, it can lead to suicide. Shana agrees: ” It is something that is close to my heart because I have lived (of harassment) smaller. Now I prefer to be careful and help people. We are among classmates, we help each other for an important cause, I find it cute.

The support of Nicola Sirkis

The objective has therefore already been partially achieved: Mobilize our students, continue to raise awareness and say
pa any form of harassment sums up Carine Bodin. Whose will is also to talk about this scourge outside the walls of the establishment.

As early as 2020, Walincourt College shot a short film with Maxime Dubuisson to combat harassment. Award-winning, he caught the attention of Nicola Sirkis. The singer from Indochinawhich in 2019 sponsored the anti-harassment campaign led by The voice of the north, renewed his college support by letting him use his song. Of which we can’t wait to see the Walincourt version.

3020, a national, anonymous and free listening number, intended for victims of bullying at school, those around them and teachers.

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