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Monday, November 14, 2022

Basketball – 2023 World Cup QualifiersFrance – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Monday, November 14, 2022


9’23 ” – 17-13: He was punishing three points to end the Bosnian famine.


8’17 ” – 17-10: Begarin’s stolen ball is behind that point! +7 for the Azzurri and Bosnia timeout.


8 ‘- 15-10: Makoundo again! Beautiful entrance of the old Choletais.


7 ‘- 11-10: Makoundo against! Behind, he gets to record two new points, after Begarin’s to bring France three points ahead.


6’19 ” – 9-8: Mulic commits a foul on Begarin who had just scored. Behind, his shot missed.


6 ‘- 7-8: Lazic gives his team the advantage after a failed attempt by the French.


5’13 ” – 7-6: Two out of three successful attempts for Gegic who brings Bosnia back to unity. Behind Wembanyama he tried his luck again on three points. Without success.


5’13 ” – 7-4: Three attempts on the free-throw line for Bosnia, with Gegic being fouled on a three-point shot.


4′-7-2: A three point and a floater, Victor Wembanyama got into the game well.


3’15 ” – 2-2: Two out of three for Wembanyama.


3’05 ” – 0-2: Two shots for Wembanyama, the victim of a small push on a three-point shot.


2’11 ” – 0-2: After a loss of the French ball, the Azzurri regain possession thanks to a stolen ball. The Bosnians then concede two fouls, one after the other.


1’05 ” – 0-2: Kamenjas opens the scoring to the Bosnians after an offensive rebound from Vrabac. Behind, the Blues are clumsy, and Albicy concedes a first defensive foul.


0’32 ” – 0-0: First shot attempted by Wembanyama. Wrong but the Blues keep possession thanks to an opponent’s foul.


⏱ 1 ‘, 0-0: GO!

The middle ground is won by Wembanyama. First tricolor possession.


The five largest Bosnians

Amar Gegic

Kenan Kamenjas

Aleksandar Lazic

Adin Vrabac

Haris Delacic


The five major of the Blues


Hymns echo in the hall

The Bosnian anthem is played first. La Marseillaise will follow.


Put in the protocol

The players enter the arena. After Bosnia, the Blues enter the platform of the Palais des Sports in Pau.


The latest clashes

The last match between the two teams did not go to the Blues’ advantage, as Bosnia had won 96-90 in late August during the first match between the two teams for the World Cup qualifiers. The other two previous games had been largely dominated by the French, 102-52 in 2018 and 84-65 in 2017.


The arrival of the players in Pau


Simple challenge: victory and qualification

The Azzurri have a very simple goal for tonight: a victory, and that is to qualify for the 2023 World Cup. They will be played in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines.


On Friday the Blues dominated Lithuania

This Friday, 11 November, Vincent Collet’s Blues performed a superb operation in view of qualifying for the 2023 World Cup. Away to Lithuania, France, led by 20 points from Wembanyama, win (65-90) and take the lead of the group.

Petras Malukas / AFP


Good evening everyone and welcome to ouest-france.fr to follow live the qualifying match for the 2023 World Cup between France and Bosnia. The start of the match is scheduled for 20:30.

The French basketball team took a big step towards the 2023 World Cup after its big win in Lithuania (90-65) on Friday for the great selection debut of the prodigy Victor Wembanyama, who responded present and flaunts his entire palette technique.

The 18-year-old winger and 2.21 tall, big favorite to be # 1 in the next NBA draft in June, has scored 20 points and has already made a splash (6/13 shooting, 9 rebounds in 24 minutes).

Thanks to this success, the Blues took the lead of group K in front of their evening guest, before returning to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday.

A revenge to be taken

They will punch the ticket if tonight they take revenge on Bosnia-Herzegovina, the team that beat them at the end of August just before the Euro. If successful, they will fly to Southeast Asia next year, where the World Cup will take place from 25 August to 10 September (Philippines, Indonesia and Japan).

Note that the five players who celebrated their first selection for France on Friday also scored their first points: Victor Wembanyama (20) then, Ismaël Kamagaté (6), Yoan Makoundou (5), Damien Inglis (15) and Juhann Begarin (2), who was added to the list 33 seconds from the final siren.

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