Turkish soap operas … a transcontinental culture (interview)

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Paraguay’s Minister of Tourism Sofia Montiel de Avara:
-We have concluded a cooperation agreement in the field of tourism between Türkiye and Paraguay
-Turkish telenovelas have an important place in Paraguay and the region
-The Turkish language is more important today than before

Many Paraguayans wish to come to Türkiye to learn the language, and this after the widespread dissemination of its culture through soap operas broadcast on numerous local television channels, said Paraguay’s Minister of Tourism, Sofia Montiel de Avara.
This is what emerges from an interview given by the minister to the Anadolu Agency at the headquarters of his country’s embassy in Ankara, at the end of a five-day visit to Türkiye, during which he signed an agreement of cooperation between the two countries.
De Avara expressed her “great joy for having visited Türkiye”, noting that she had come to “examine and discuss a series of initiatives between the two countries”.
“I first went to Istanbul, then I visited the tourist region of Cappadocia in the Nevşehir province, in the center of the country”, she added, indicating that she had held, together with the honorary consul of Paraguay in Istanbul, Cengiz Doji, a series of meetings .

Turkish soap operas

The minister indicated that “Turkish soap operas have an important place in Paraguay and the region”.
He underlined “the constant interest reserved for Türkiye, thanks to his soap operas broadcast on television channels”, noting that many of his fellow citizens wish to go to Türkiye.
The minister stressed “the need to set up an” office for the promotion of Turkish tourism in Paraguay, due to the growing interest in Türkiye “, noting that it will be” an important initiative for the development of tourism between the two countries ” .
De Avara added that “Paraguayans now know Türkiye thanks to his soap operas and the promotion of his tourism and that they admire the region of Cappadocia which attracts many visitors eager to fly in hot air balloons, famous in the region”.
He also “invited Turkish soap opera and feature film producers to come to Paraguay to learn more about the country and film there”.
The Minister also recalled “bilateral cooperation in the field of education”, underlining “the imperative that there is to hasten the signing of agreements for the exchange of skills and knowledge between the two countries”.

– Agreement in the tourism sector

De Avara says he has signed a cooperation agreement in the field of tourism between Türkiye and his country, stressing that “this will help to multiply and promote the various activities between the two countries and to exchange skills”.
He stressed the importance of the agreement from the point of view of his government, “which will help raise bilateral relations to a better level through the exchange of skills”.
De Avara said he met his Turkish counterpart, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, with whom he hosted a press conference in the capital Ankara.

– The impact of the Turkish language

Referring to the interest in learning the Turkish language in Paraguay, the Minister indicated that “in his country a session of teaching the Turkish language has been started and that currently it is aimed at 120 people, while the requests and practices presented for participate have reached 1,500 “.
“Interest in the Turkish language reflects the high level it has, unlike in previous eras,” he said.
De Avara indicated that “the number of Paraguayan students in Türkiye as part of the scholarships awarded is reduced”, noting that his country is working to increase the number of these students day by day. “
“The multiplication of visits between officials of the two countries will be likely to raise awareness of the importance of increasing the number of students in each of the two countries”, he added, stating that “Paraguay’s universities are opening their doors to Turkish students”.
The minister also spoke of “culinary art and Turkish cuisine”, underlining that “the dishes and various dishes offered in the various regions of Türkiye, in particular the kebab, arouse a certain enthusiasm and interest”.
“In addition, Türkiye’s ancient cathedrals and churches are a tourist attraction factor,” he said.
The Minister concluded his interview by indicating that “anyone who visits Türkiye, even for a short time, wishes to return a second time”, stating that “he will visit Türkiye later”.

* Translated from Arabic by Hatem Kattou

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