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What are the latest versions of VOD? The answer in our weekly summary.

President Ducobu!

Available on VOD on November 13, 2022

A new school year begins for Ducobu! An exceptional election will be held at the Saint Potache school to elect the student president. It is the beginning of a rather crazy election campaign in which the two main opponents will embark: Ducobu and Léonie. With the help of his friend Kitrish and his many gadgets, Ducobu cheats like never before and wins the election. Amusement park in the courtyard, back from siesta, elimination of vegetables in the canteen … for Latouche that’s enough!


Available on VOD on November 13, 2022

Jerome is a compulsive liar. His family and his friends can no longer take his daily lies. They go out of their way to change his attitude. Not listening to what is reproached him, Jérôme sinks deeper and deeper into lies until the day when a divine curse hits him: all his lies come to life. Then a real nightmare begins for him.

Emilia the Criminal

Available on VOD on November 14, 2022

Luckily half-up and debt-crunched, Emily is reduced to joining a network of credit card scammers and gradually immerses herself in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles, not without consequences.


Available on VOD on November 14, 2022

Cecilia and Emma had sworn to remain friends for life, but Alex cruelly ousted the former. Twelve years after their breakup, Cecilia, who has become a successful influencer, meets Emma who invites her to her bachelor party. She too finds the one who tormented her.


Available on VOD on November 15, 2022

After a car breakdown, Glen spends a strange night with a married couple, which sets off a series of events that alter their lives and that of several strangers.

Decision to leave

Available on VOD on November 16, 2022

Hae-Joon, a seasoned detective, investigates the suspicious death of a man on top of a mountain. Soon, he begins to suspect Sore, the deceased’s wife, while he is troubled by his attraction to her.

Rescue at the top

Available on VOD on November 16, 2022

A father and son attempt to save a small town and its newly built tunnel from natural disasters.

Rifkin Festival

Available on VOD on November 16, 2022

An American couple goes to the San Sebastian Film Festival and falls in love with the event, Spain and the magic that comes from movies. The wife is having an affair with a brilliant French director while the husband falls in love with a beautiful Spaniard.


Available on VOD on November 16, 2022

The girl is sleepless. Her mother is an artist. The dog’s name is Marcel. The little girl loves her mother passionately, but her mother loves Marcel more than anything else. Will an unexpected event allow these chains of love to reconnect?

To kill the beast

Available on VOD on November 17, 2022

On the border between Argentina and Brazil, Emilia, 17, fervently searches for her missing brother. Her journey takes her to her aunt’s hotel in the heart of the tropical jungle, haunted by a monstrous beast who, according to local myths and beliefs, is the protean embodiment of a diabolical spirit. Between reality and myth, guilt and the awakening of her sexuality, Emilia will have to deal with her past.


Available on VOD on November 17, 2022

Learning that she only has a few weeks left to live, Sarah decides to be cloned to spare her loved ones the pain of her loss. But two years later, she is in remission, with a replica of her stealing her life and she does not intend to give it back. Since the law does not allow the coexistence of the original and the copy, she Sarah begins training for the day of the deadly duel, determined to achieve victory …

The silent forest

Available on VOD on November 17, 2022

A brilliant geologist, Anna travels all year through the forests of Germany to analyze the soil. During a search, she makes a disturbing discovery in connection with the death of her father, who mysteriously disappeared eight years before her. Convinced that she could be buried nearby, she Anna she undertakes, against the advice of the local authorities, a methodical investigation. And she plunges into the heart of the secrets of a region marked by a terrifying past, which the inhabitants want to forget at all costs.

Plan A

Available on VOD on November 17, 2022


The clothing

Available on VOD on November 18, 2022

Leonard, an English tailor, designs suits in the famous Savile Row area of ​​London. But after a personal tragedy, he moved to Chicago, where he ran a small shop in a poor neighborhood. Unfortunately in this city, only the gangsters can afford the expensive and sophisticated clothes he designs.

Thor: Love and thunder

Available on VOD on November 18, 2022

While Thor is immersed in introspection and seeking serenity, his retreat is interrupted by a galactic killer known as Gorr, who has made his mission the extermination of all gods. To cope with this threat, Thor enlists the help of Valkyrie, Korg, and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, who, to his surprise, inexplicably wields her powerful hammer, Mjolnir. Together, they embark on a dangerous cosmic adventure to understand Gorr’s motives for revenge and stop him before it’s too late.

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