Frans Bonhomme, the ETI with 100,000 construction clients, is present in Spain and on the Internet

French leader in the distribution of products and materials for public works companies, and in particular those specialized in laying underground PVC pipes (sanitary, roads, construction, etc.) but also so-called “dry” networks (electricity, telecommunications) , the Frans Bonhomme group continues its rapid development on the other side of the Pyrenees.

The French sample (40,000 references, 300 suppliers, 100,000 customers, 380 point of sale agencies, 2,500 employees and 900 million euros in turnover in 2019) will open 25 new points of sale in Spain by 2026, including four this year. In fact, at the end of October, the group had inaugurated approximately 12,000 m2 of commercial space in the cities of Malaga (2,900 m2, Vigo, Leon and Granada, for a total investment of almost 1 million euro).

Arrived in Spain with the acquisition in 2004 of the company SOT (Barcelona region), Frans Bonhomme will therefore be able to count, with its 28 current Spanish points of sale and the 25 new points of sale announced, on around fifty agencies in the country within four years . Frans Bonhomme, who wants to consolidate his leading position in his business sector in Spain, is counting on a doubling by 2026, both in the workforce (180 in 2022) and in local turnover (70 million euros in 2022) .

Founded in Tours in 1935 by a Belgian merchant of building materials who was the first to distribute PVC pipes in France in the immediate post-war period, Frans Bonhomme operates in total in eight segments.

In the public works sector, the group deals with the management of rainwater and waste water networks, the supply of drinking water, fiber optic networks, and lastly urban planning and road systems. Frans Bonhomme is also involved in building and urban development for foundations and structural works, non-collective sanitation, drainage and supply.

Hardly affected by the health crisis of 2020 and 2021, the French ETI, which had a turnover of 900 million euros in 2019, had to be recapitalised up to 60 million euros by its main shareholder, the British investment fund Hayfin Capital Management, which became the majority shareholder two years ago.

E-commerce already accounts for 25% of total activity

The transformation of its business model, with the continuous development of e-commerce, is the group’s other key growth area in the next two years. Launched in 2018, this strategy has required an investment of approximately 10 million euros over the past four years.

Now, digital channels account for 25% of overall business activity. Frans Bonhomme’s goal is to reach 45% in 2024, with a redeployment of its sales force, around 600 employees, towards finding and retaining new customers.

Frans Bonhomme’s “phygital” policy (sales in physical outlets and on the Internet) is accompanied by regular adjustments to its network of outlets. ” We constantly try to position ourselves in the right places and in direct contact with the reality of our customers’ commercial flows.explains CEO Pierre Fleck. This agility leads us to move our premises on a regular basis, with an average of 10-20 moves per year. »

At the same time, Frans Bonhomme is pursuing a program to modernize its sales sites and the headquarters of its five regional departments in France. Both flagships and showcases of the group in France, they will all in principle be brought up to high standards of environmental quality (HQE) by 2025. The headquarters of the department of Île-de-France and Nord, with based in Taverny in the Val-d’Oise, it has already undergone a complete refurbishment in 2020. The group will start work on the national headquarters in Touraine next month with delivery scheduled for April 2023. The buildings for the western departments in Rennes, from the Rhône-Alpes in Lyon, and from the south to Toulouse, it will also benefit from a total modernization within three years.