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No studio seems to be making movie trailers quite like A24. When it comes to blockbuster movies, movie trailers are often a fun way to inspire the talk of people who were already planning to see the movie no matter what. But for independent films, the stakes are much higher, bordering on life and death. A good trailer that grabs people’s attention can be the difference between a low-budget original film thriving successfully or getting lost in the pop culture landscape. When these trailers don’t work, it’s overwhelming. When the stars align, however, and a great standalone trailer emerges, suddenly a previously unknown film is on everyone’s radar. In two and a half minutes, a film went from wildcard to unmissable event. Such is the power of a good trailer.

Some of the most popular A24 movies, such as Ex car And Everything everywhere all at once, have undoubtedly been supported in their theatrical releases by the excellent trailers that the A24 marketing team has come up with for them. This studio’s best trailers somehow create small, concise samples of unique films that should be impossible to describe in one sentence. A24’s seven best theatrical trailers are a testament to that prowess and how adept the studio’s marketing department has been at promoting a wide variety of films over the years. Good trailers are an integral part of an indie film’s success, and A24’s best trailers show why that importance is well placed.

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The Lighthouse (2019)

Madness awaits those trapped in the titular position of Lighthouse. This is evident from the film’s trailer, which makes no secret of how lopsided the final cut of this film is. Robert Egger the movie would. Thankfully, the feature’s more wonderful unique visual qualities are also clear, such as the monochromatic color scheme, period-appropriate dialogue, or retro proportions. The Lighthouse The teaser introduced the very concept of this film to the general public, and fortunately, the marketing team of A24 did not create this introduction by lying to people about the look and feel of this film.

Equally impressive is the quality Lighthouse captures the mood of the final film without going into the dreaded spoilers. After watching this teaser, it doesn’t feel like you’ve seen the entirety of it Lighthousebut you have a good idea of ​​what it prepares to offer. To top it all off, the second half of the trailer is set to a lively seafaring joke that instantly set this teaser apart from the musical sensibilities of all other trailers of 2019. Marketing departments often use trailers to excuse or downplay the idiosyncratic aspects of bizarre movies. For Lighthouseits captivating trailer reveled in all the offbeat qualities that would make this feature film a classic.

The Witch (2015)

The Witch was a breakthrough title for A24 on several levels, including establishing the studio’s ability to produce profitable independent horror films. This extended to the project’s marketing campaign, which also set a precedent for the A24 marketing team in knowing how to create a haunting and unforgettable horror movie trailer.

What’s particularly eye-catching about the main trailer of The Witch it’s its ability to initially give moments room to breathe. The quick cuts of regular trailers are eschewed in favor of similar scenes Anya Taylor Joy play an unhappy game of peek-a-boo with a child without interruption. The eerie atmosphere of The Witch was strongly communicated with this decision, ditto the assembly that closes the trailer. This chain of clips, made up of a mix of children’s songs and bone-chilling string music, is extremely unnerving in the way the collision of inexplicable images and complex sounds make you feel like you’re witnessing real madness. It was an incredibly chilling capsule for a trailer that was A24’s first, but far from the last, iconic horror movie trailer.

The Shining Ring (2013)

There is no indication how The glittering ring was one of the first A24 titles better than that studio’s logo looked in the Sparkling ring Trailer. Appearing near the beginning of this promo, A24 features yellow scrawled text, a radically different font from its regular logo. A24 trailers often offer unique variations on the A24 logo, but it usually involves arranging sheep, peaches, googly eyes, or countless other objects to mimic the recognizable character and shape of the A24 logo. The glittering ringconversely, it was one of A24’s first titles, the studio having so little prestige among viewers that maintaining consistency with its logo was an afterthought.

Beyond the simple distinctive interpretation of the A24 logo, this Sparkling ring teaser is still a remarkable work. Dialogue is eschewed in favor of quick glimpses of debauchery and excess wealth as the music of the soundtrack swings by. You immediately understand the general mood of the final film without spoiling anything important. Going from the shiny party footage to the more intimate and grungy footage from a camcorder or home video is also a good idea. It subtly suggests the dissonance between the pleasure of flying and the consequences of this behavior. While its logo might look a bit distorted here, the Sparkling ring The trailer helped establish A24’s gift for creating captivating trailers.

The Slaying of a Sacred Deer (2017)

2017 Yorgos Lanthimos movie The killing of a sacred deer it’s a strange beast of a movie that often makes you laugh at dark gags before recoiling in horror within the span of a single minute. So it’s only fitting that it gets an equally unique teaser. This marketing track draws much of its signature power from its accompanying song, a low-voice cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Burn.” Initially sung a capella, the increasingly haunting instrumental accompaniment begins to creep into the trailer as the visuals and dialogue become more and more intense.

Meanwhile, surprising snippets of dialogue from the film, such as Colin Farrell nonchalantly explaining how a doctor can never kill a patient, further ensure that this trailer won’t be leaving your head anytime soon. Close things with a bang by Barry Keoghan smile, before the song returns to the a capella delivery for the reveal of the title, ensures that the unorthodox and baffling atmosphere of the sacred deer the teaser is consistent from start to finish. Just like the movie it promotes, this one Killing of a sacred deer The trailer won’t be for everyone, but for the people it resonates with, it’s utterly unforgettable.

Lady Bird (2017)

In the pantheon of A24 cinematic trailers, of course, the ladybug the trailer isn’t as groundbreaking as its siblings. Although its structure is not new, this central element of the ladybug marketing campaign is still an amazing job, even from a tonal point of view. The ladybug The trailer moves gracefully from comedic coming-of-age antics, such as a teenager abandoning a car to avoid further conversations with her mother, to a melancholy montage hinged on the struggles of growing up. She seems all coherent yet she is still able to capture so many of the complex emotions that define adolescence.

In retrospect, it’s also impressive how this trailer manages to give viewers a lot of, but not overwhelmingly spoil, all the joys of the various supporting performances within Lady Bird. The tastes of Timothee Chalamet, Stephen McKinley HendersonAnd Tracy Letts everyone can show up and deliver a memorable line or two, which helps showcase the wonderful performances audiences get from these performers in the final product. From Lady Bird The trailer can highlight so many great actors without looking crowded or blurry. Such an amazing feat seems utterly effortless in the hands of such a well-designed and mobile trailer.

Hereditary (2018)

Curiously, nothing says the effectiveness of Hereditary trailer more than the trailer of another film. When the first trailer of Cemetery for pets abandoned a few months later Hereditary theatrical debut, it was surprising how much it resembled the Hereditary trailer. An addiction to stringed instruments, the camera constantly lingering on the disturbing behavior of the children, a specific noise repeated over and over again, everything seemed tailor-made to capture this Stephen King the fit reminds people Hereditary. Why shouldn’t this trailer try to channel the magic of Hereditary? This Ari Aster The trailer of the film was truly one of the ages in terms of giving such unshakeable goosebumps.

What’s especially impressive about this creep is the growing sense of madness in the trailer. What starts out just sad with a funeral gradually turns into truly surreal vistas as a closing montage presents Nat Wolf banging my head against a desk, Tony Colletta yelling “I’m your mother!”, and a character walks around while on fire. Everything is perfectly paced for this trailer to go out with a truly unnerving bang. Also, one of the opening shots of the trailer, which leads to a variation of the A24 logo buried underground, hides a spoiler for one of the main characters in plain sight without anyone who has seen the film not realizing it. No wonder other movies have tried to emulate it, the Hereditary The trailer is an impressive and terrifying undertaking from start to finish.

Uncut Gems (2019)

The Uncut gems The trailer is not only the best trailer produced by A24, it is also one of the greatest trailers created in the 2010s. Miraculously, the anxious and intense atmosphere woven by the directors Josh And Benny Safdi is perfectly preserved in this trailer. A significantly shorter runtime than the feature it promotes hasn’t diluted this trailer’s ability to deliver as much as each of Howie’s (Adam Sandler) desperate actions instill in the viewer a sense of inspectable dread. Is fantastic.

It’s also impressive how each line chosen for the trailer is so distinctive and quotable – exactly the kind of result you want for your marketing materials. Everything from “I disagree!” to “I heard you redid the whole pool!” are exactly the kind of lines you want to throw among your friends, making sure the Uncut gems The trailer will stay in your brain for a long time. Add in a great song whose most poignant moments really make you feel like you’re watching the world itself unfold in real time and the Uncut gems the trailer is guaranteed to leave your toes curled up with anxiety. A perfect taste of what the finished film has to offer.

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