Cœur d’Hérault: cross training for mental health professionals

This system was created to address common problems.

How does a school doctor work? What is the daily life of a psychiatric nurse? On Tuesday 8 November, a group of mental health professionals met to take stock of the first session of “Cross-training”, organized from 8 September to 8 November, within the Local Council of Mental Health (CLS). Appointments organized in collaboration with the Sydel du Pays Cœur d’Hérault and the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

What is, for you, the interest of these cross-internships?

Jérôme Lerat, psychiatric nurse at the medico-psychological center of Clermont

“I work with a population of young adults, aged 16 and over, and it was interesting for me to see the work done upstream, the problems faced by the school. To observe from another point of view and see the complexity of the situations that a the discussion with the school doctor brought a lot, I was also able to see how evident the lack of means is in this sector”.

Myriam Lalauze, Doctor of National Education in the Clermont-Lodève sector

“The interprofessional exchanges in the field have been very interesting, a training day is not much, but it allows you to get to know the partners better, to network and to make your profession known. We have many common problems, anxiety disorders, the dependencies and the fact that they have met will allow for easier contact in the future. We have to find a network that can facilitate our exchanges and patient orientation”.

Aurélie Hotteau, global health nurse at the Adages Montpellier association

“I work in eight different places between Montpellier, Clermont and Lodève; I collaborate with associations in the field of precariousness. I attended these cross-training courses to meet actors in the field, try to work as a team and find the best way to overcome the lack of resources and access to doctors, psychiatrists, child psychiatrists, the weak point of the entire Heart of Hérault area”.

Katia Roussel, nurse coordinator at the CPMEA (medical-psychological center for children), Gignac

“I welcomed Dr Lalauze during an internship at the CMPEA in Gignac, where I work. We work closely with the doctors of the school who refer patients to us. If we discuss a child’s case, we never have time to talk about our respective professions, our practices. These internships give a complementary perspective and allow us to have a better awareness of each other’s difficulties.”

A diving course

This device, which is aimed at players in the sector, includes three salient moments (preparation, immersion and return) to discuss the missions, the difficulties encountered and the levers to be put in place to manage certain situations.

Five professionals were present for this first appointment: nurses and a school doctor. During a short course, everyone was able to become a host or trainee in turn and immerse themselves in each other’s reality. During a discussion in pairs, each explained their daily work.

The lack of means

“This device contributes to a better understanding of practices, allows for better identification among existing organizations consolidating achievements in the field of mental health,” recalls Alexia Cloup, coordinator of cross-training in the Pays d’Hérault with the support of the health education committee (Codes 34).

Among the issues raised, that of lack of means resurfaces regularly in discussions: “We realize how evident the lack of human resources is and is common to all structures. We strongly lack child psychiatrists and neuropsychiatrists, general practitioners and we must find solutions to make up for these shortages”, regrets one of the nurses. Building on the good response from the interns, the organizers have planned cross-internships for 2023.

New sessions in 2023

After this first session, others should follow in 2023 for professionals in the sector. Several organizations were present this autumn: the Medical-Psychological Center (CMP) of Clermont-l’Hérault (CHU of Montpellier), the Medical-Psychological Center for Children and Adolescents (CMPEA) of Gignac (CHU of Montpellier), the Educational Center and therapeutic pedagogical institute (ITEP) Campestre de Lodève (APSH 34), the medical school of the Heart of the Hérault (National Education), Adagio 34. Others could join them.

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