La Récréation Milano: how a French woman is revolutionizing children’s fashion in Italy

At the service of the circular economy, Chloé Berthoule, a French expatriate in Milan, has just launched La Récréatin Milano, a French-Italian brand that warns of the need to change the way we consume. Meeting with a formidable ambassador of recycling.

La Récréation Milano, a new Franco-Italian brand for children and mothers has just been launched in Milan. His concept is that of the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras “Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. A wonderful ambassador of upcycling, Chloé Berthoule has worked throughout her career in fashion. Trademarks of fast fashion in luxury prêt-à-porter, she was involved in scenography Retail his specialty and the observation that he no longer wanted to participate in the great waste. By launching La Récréation Milano, he brings the colors of France to Italy and, through graceful creations, warns of the need to change our way of consuming.
Chloé designs its collections based on its fabric finds. Each piece is unique and handmade in his Milanese workshop.

The idea really took off in 2020 and the various imprisonments gave him time to develop the project. Hunting his fabrics Won, in second-hand cooperatives and other destocking activities, the designer gives life to pieces of fabric destined to gather dust. We are therefore witnessing the reappearance in the course of her creations of obsolete patterns that she updates with original creations (at the moment it is the tank tops for children or for mothers that bring patchwork blankets back to life). “I’m always looking for new fabrics, so if you have any unused blankets or good quality fabrics lying around, I’m all ears!”he exclaims.

The enthusiasm of its customers can only be seen: “Initially, the sales started thanks to my friends and family. But word of mouth has worked so well that I now have orders from London and Berlin as well. It’s amazing to see that upcycling is gaining momentum and that many of us realize that overconsumption is toxic.”he explains with contagious enthusiasm.

If the offer on the site is in Italian, La Récréation Milano currently attracts mainly French customers thanks to its je ne sais quoi which reminds us of the comfortable clothes of our childhood. The mother-son duo pieces are timeless and if the prints don’t follow the trend books of the magazines, vintage is definitely in vogue.

Today you are anchored in your family and professionally as a business leader in Italy. How did your country life start ten years ago?

After meeting Paolo, my husband, in Paris, I learned Italian and got a job in my sector. After nearly 20 years in fashion, first in fast fashion then in a luxury house, I wanted to convey my vision. Especially since the idea of ​​launching my brand had been germinating for some time.
For the child it seemed obvious to use the technique ofrecycling because from a technical point of view, transforming blankets or adult clothes into smaller clothes is very simple. And from a responsible point of view, the products are made only with dead stock or some pre-loved product It’s a real springboard for my creativity! And as each product is redone in Italy, I am responsible and local in my production. Without being extreme, I like to get to the bottom of the concept, to be able to tell a true and clean story in every sense of the word.

La Récréation Milano following a logic ofrecycling and circular economy, what is the creation and production process?
Crafting goes a long way in sourcing materials. Fabrics or blankets inspire me and I decide from this material and patterns whether I’m going to make a jacket, vest, pants or skirt. As I create patterns as I go, there’s no boy or girl color, it’s a freedom I love. After defining the models based on the fabrics, I cut according to my paper pattern then I take it to the laboratory for the sewing and finishing part.

This concept ofrecycling already exists in other countries, how do you think the reception of Italians towards your offer?

I feel it is still a niche concept in Italy. But like many European countries, Italy is in the midst of a consumer transition and fashion will have to follow.
The Italian sartorial tradition is starting its transition towards a more responsible fashion and I find it very encouraging that the change is happening from the bottom up. Some Italian brands ofrecycling for emerging adults, such as Tiger Lily Where is it butt shirt. I encourage you to discover them.

Can we entrust you with fabrics, blankets, patchwork or anything else to have personalized garments?

Of course ! Everything that can be rehabilitated, reused and transformed is a small gesture for the
planet and I would like to develop the concept of customization.
The 3 Rs – Recycle/reuse/reuse – the banner of the Zero Waste movement can be declined whatever the sector but the fashion one even more than the others. For me it’s the future…

What are your plans to develop La Récréation?

In the near future, I hope for a massive membership for therecycling.
On the La Récréation Milano website it is possible to order the models that I create and I would like to develop a second-hand section very soon. When the kids grow up and the garment can be reused, I want to offer my customers the option of reselling it at a lower cost to the buyer. In exchange, the seller will get a voucher for other products on the site. And so the cycle is closed.

Next appointment La Récréation Milano: Cocktail and private sale 30 November from 6 pm at the Galleria Arte in Salotto, Via Milazzo, 6

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