Noël Le Graët empties the purse

What’s after this announcement

As the Blues put their title on the line in Qatar, from this Sunday, their boss, chef, France’s jefe, Noël Le Graët is making the rounds in the media. Objective: to wash the image of him, the one accused of sexual harassment, and remove the doubts that remain around the French selection. Future of the coach, identity of his potential successor, thorny case Kylian Mbappé, the boss of the FFF has surrendered RMC Sportsthis Wednesday afternoon.

As owner, the Breton spoke about the future of Didier Deschamps. Not the best times, some will say, but the reigning world champion manager has just celebrated his 10 years at the helm of the Blues and the end may not be far away. Just over 6 hours to go? When asked about the goals set for DD and his near future, Le Graët repeated what he thought of Bayonnais. Which he will not necessarily ask to leave in case of early exit. Friendship ?

The possibility of a debacle

“I said that if he gets to the semifinals, the decision is his (to stay in position. If he doesn’t get there, let’s discuss”, recalled NLG. What if she doesn’t reach him? “You never know who the candidates are, his desire, mine… I will never be at odds with him. We have pretty healthy relationships to discuss in the event of a debacle, things obviously wouldn’t be the same. Everyone has their own idea, you have yours, I have mine.He continued.

It’s nothing new, NLG appreciates Didier Deschamps, even if he says he doesn’t want to mix everything, nor to project himself. “I have affection for him outside of sporting respect. Whether I like Deschamps or not, it doesn’t interest you or France. I think it’s the behavior of the team at some point that he will have chosen. Or in a semi-final, a final, a quarter-final where you are eliminated on penalties. Frankly, writing the story first is complicated, writing it later is easy..

Noël Le Graët has not (yet) spoken to Zidane

Turnover due to numerous injuries, rejuvenated squad, inexperienced, Didier Deschamps will have something to say in case of problems. And his boss knows it well. “There are still many new ones, we were talking about midfielders, it’s not so easy to find a coherent team, because we certainly had the best midfielder in the world or almost, with the best attack in the world, or almost. These are players you have to love , integrate, position, motivate. And he knows how to do it”insisted Le Graët.

The highlight was the evocation of Zinedine Zidane, aimed at taking over the leadership of the Blues in the event of Deschamps’ departure after the World Cup. On the air, the president of the FFF said that he had not started anything in this direction. “I saw him at the Ballon d’Or but not to talk about France. That must not be done. We are in a profession where everything is known and therefore you will not be able to go and see someone you really like without upsetting those who are okay.he explained, leaving room for doubt.

“I don’t know if Zidane would like him, I haven’t seen him yet. He’s still someone who has a track record that’s pretty much above the lot. We can’t talk about him until someone is okay. Did he turn down PSG for the Blues? Not I know. You asked me to come, I answer sincerely. I don’t even know if he has been contacted”.he added about the bald Divine, 50, author of feats on the Real Madrid bench and without a club since his departure from the Spanish capital at the end of June 2021.

“No problem with Kylian Mbappé”

Last chapter of Noël Le Graët to Jérôme Rothen’s microphone, his agreement with Kylian Mbappé, who had been very critical of the FFF boss, when the latter believed he had not been a victim of racism after his missed penalty at the Euro . And there was talk of issues of image rights. And again: no problem, everything is fine. “I hear a lot of things everywhere. Yesterday, when I arrived first, who jumped around my neck and kissed me? It’s Mbappé. There have never been any problems, just difficulties with the contracts…”

And to continue. “I don’t like resentful people. Life is too short to worry about having difficult relationships or complicated relationships for nothing. No more business on it. Mbappé is a smiley person, the leader of the youth. Getting in touch and avoiding serious, thorny, painful topics, such will have been the behavior of the octogenarian leader, who prefers the smiling Mbappé to the protestant Mbappé. Be good and shut up!

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