The cultural choices of the “Point”: fiery or poisoned slowdowns behind closed doors?

Get your fill of dark humor with The White Lotus

Lhe season 1 of this American series brought us tears of laughter. The concept ? A handful of characters stay at a chic 5-star chain, The White Lotus, in the tropics in season one, Sicily in this new opus. Alternately capricious, sneaky, undisciplined and moving, they drive the club staff crazy, indulge in more or less confidential turpitudes and wash their dirty laundry in public… up to the point of crime: every season of these They were ten trashy and ultra-contemporary version opens with the discovery of a body, before rewinding the catastrophic holiday. The final season of this poisoned huis clos brings together new characters: two pairs of friends to whom everything opposes, on one side the needy startuppers, on the other the luxury revelers; three generations of men from the same family afflicted by different types of existential crises… Bonus: we rejoice with Tanya, cult character of the first season, a neurotic father’s daughter, now joined by a fickle husband and a jaded assistant… Who will kill who? Tasty suspense!

the white lotus, Star OCS.

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Stay a while with Gad Elmaleh

“Aren’t you sick, at least? worried, she asks her mother to Gad, who can no longer hide from her that she is completing her catechumenate, that is, her slow journey towards the Christian faith. For his return to cinema, Gad Elmaleh didn’t choose the easy path, placing himself in front of and behind the camera to tell first-hand his love for the Virgin Mary and the many obstacles for a Jew to approach this possible conversion with serenity. . The land is mined, no idolatry in the Torah. His new movie stay a while, kind of joyful docufiction, it has the feel of a confession, not a crisis of faith. History ? That of Gad who, after three years of American dream and a history of plagiarism, arrives in Paris to see his parents and his friends (Roschdy Zem), whom he invites to take part in this film of which he hides the real subject. Don’t panic with the actor, who continues his research in the company of wonderfully natural and intelligent non-actors: Father Barthélémy, Sister Catherine, Brother Jean from Sénanque Abbey, the writer and rabbi Delphine Horvilleur, the comedian Mehdi Djaadi, a Muslim converted to Christianity and declared himself an apostate. On such a dangerous topic as the mystery of faith, the pilgrim Gad was able to find the right tone and words, citing famous converts such as Bergson, the philosopher Simone Weil and Cardinal Lustiger as examples. Quite a miracle!

stay a whileindoors.

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See Odessa shine

At a time when it is in darkness, Odessa, “the most European of Ukrainians” said Pushkin, will let its poetry, its music, its photography, its cinema and its literature shine, for 6And edition of the festival Un weekend à l’est, in Paris, from 23 to 28 November. Launched in 2016 in Paris by Vera Michalski and Brigitte Bouchard, this festival honors a Central or Eastern European city every year through multiple events, meetings, exhibitions and performances in the bookshops, cinemas, theaters and churches of the Latin Quarter. Odessa will be celebrated under the patronage of the poet Ilya Kaminsky, with whom the writer Andrei Kurkov (Foreign Doctors Award for Gray bees) will open the festivities. All proceeds will be donated to an association that helps children in Ukraine.

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Let yourself be amazed at Villa Medici

A woman with her eyes closed on a rattan armchair, as if caught in the half-opening of a door, in front of a window open to the sea. The snow that invades with incredible poetry a New York street scene (photo) that we could call Japanese… Do you know Saul Leiter , architect of the shot, obsessed with the mise en abyme? This is one of the most salient talents of the exhibition dedicated by Villa Medici to the Florence and Damien Bachelot collection, under the guidance of Sam Stourdzé, director of the famous French institution in Rome. A collection of almost 1,000 photos built on the search for rare or vintage prints by Cartier-Bresson, Brassaï, Sabine Weiss or Willy Ronis, but also by Luigi Ghirri, Dave Heath, Helen Levitt or Robert Frank, and which traces the history of the photo of ‘beginning of the twentiethAnd century to today with the large graphic (cinematographic) formats of Stéphane Couturier. One hundred and fifty of these images are available to curious eyes until January in this extraordinary place, definitely in full artistic ferment.

” Collection. 150 photographs from the Bachelot collection”, Académie de France à Rome-villa Médicis. Until 15 January.

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Set the dance floor on fire with Juliette Armanet

For her second album, Juliette Armanet (whose first opus, Fiancée, was crowned “album revelation of the year” at the Victoires de la Musique in 2018) plunged her pen into her wishes, accompanied by SebastiAn, Marlon B, Yuksek and Victor Le Masne, to compose a carnal disco record, for laughs , dance , cry, dizzy under the splinters of a disco ball. “I like to dance all night to“ Manureva ”, so I like to make people dance, she admits Point. The album title, burn fire, it’s a haiku that represents something very real to me. This record is about a destructive passion and either the fire burned me, or I burned the fire…” Over fiery slowdowns or catchy disco rhythms, the voice is high, controlled. Live, the result is hot.

Burn fire 2 (Romance). At the Zénith de Paris on 23 and 29 November 2022.

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