Toulouse. Two figures from the Stade Toulousain will serve you dishes in future gourmet rooms

Sofiane Guitoune, David Bras, Gillian Galan and Martin Mabille. (©DR)

The inauguration will take place in September 2023 Gourmet rooms at the Cartoucherie, in Toulouse. It will also be the start of the Rugby World Cup in France. An ideal calendar and a perfect break for Sofiane Guitoune And Gillian Galan, which will be the focus of an association with Iberian flavors.

A trio…

Shopkeeper and co-founder of BBT Brasseur Toulousain in Cornebarrieu, Martin Mabille befriended a resident of this same town west of the Pink City. And not just anyone: Sofiane Guitoune, the center of the Stade Toulousain. “He is a friend, we have been dealing with beer for 4-5 years. We thought that one day we might think of something. He likes everything related to gastronomy and he told me that he would like to convert to that a bit. »

Same story for another name of the oval, Gillian Galan. The number 8 ended his career in 2020, having spent ten seasons with Rouge et Noir. “He is a very good friend of Sofiane, and one day, talking around a table, Gillian told me that he too would like to retrain in this environment.»

The trio are ready to join forces to apply for a booth in the future Gourmet rooms of stationery stores. The path to the goal area is then all traced.

…became a quartet

The space of Iberian flavors is explained by ” Spanish originsby Martin Mabille. “Initially, I applied for this booth for that. I go to Spain very often and when I saw the possibility of making Iberian specialties, I liked it.

The link with Sofiane Guitoune is also enriched by the experience of the latter, “who is associated in a pizzeria in Cornebarrieu”. The trio, who already look good, are also going become a quartet...

“At the same time, we met David Bras, who is a restaurateur from Toulouse and who had also applied for this stand. When I saw his application, we had already been shortlisted. So I told him he would be disappointed as the position was already taken, but seeing his strengths – he’s a cortador, a ham cutter – we thought we’d make him go down in history, and do it together. So fire!”

Martin MabilleCo-founder BBT Toulouse

The highlight of the Pintxos

This stand will occupy one of the 34 Halles Gourmandes locations. It will be located next to the bar, which is itself located in the center of the enclosure. And there’s a star to be announced on the menu: “ the big one will be the pintxos“, presents Martin Marbille. These pintxos, directly from the Basque Country, are pieces of bread on which food is placed, all held by a wooden pickaxe. “There will be Spanish quality sliced ​​ham with Spanish dishes for lunch, croquettes, of the patatas bravas, and potentially Paella”, adds the co-founder of BBT.

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The stand will take place on the left side of the Halle Gourmande;
The stand will take place on the left side of the Halle Gourmande; (©QM / News Toulouse)

A prestigious service

The tasks have already been assigned. “I, I’ll be on administrative part, since I will be constantly in Les Halles”, reveals Martin Mabille. “David, this will be the Terminus in terms of face to face, on the stand. Sofiane and Gillian will bring their network to sourcing and their presence when they have free time to serve and smile at our customers! They will be regularly on site. »

And the Rugby World Cup in France will be an excellent springboard. ” Here we go go all out during the competition,” the co-founder of BBT already smiles. As for the name, “the Pintxos” holds, for the moment, the cord. ” But we’re still working on it… » Kick off in September 2023.

The Gourmet Rooms of the Cartoucherie
Opening in September 2023, 7 days a week
10am-11pm on weekdays
10am-12pm on weekends

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