French Cup. Like SM Caen plays an important role in the development of Vire

Dorian Charlier is one of the best players in the National 3. He trained at the Stade Malherbe and found his place at Vire. ©Aline Châtel

Louis Deschateaux, Kény Bertheaume, Stanley Boucaud, Luca Boudonnet, Thomas Chesnel, Dorian Charlier, Florian Lefèvre and Louis Pillitieri. The list of AF Virois players trained at Stade Malherbe Caen, or at least passed through the big regional club, is long. Two weeks before the eighth round of the Coupe de France, against the club that saw them grow, five of them were holders of the National 3.

Would Vire be in the running for the climb to the National 2 without the immense contribution made by the former players of the weed training center? We have the right to doubt it. Since rising to the fifth national level, the AFV relies heavily on the powerful neighbor. “For me, it is clearly an opportunity to have one of the best training centers in France by our side, acknowledges Christophe Lécuyer. We have to offer a real alternative to the kids who didn’t succeed in their dream at the Stade Malherbe. »

A club to relaunch

For President Virois, it is “win-win”. Every year Malherbe parts ways with several players who have reached the end of their course without being able to get the long-awaited contract. Often these guys aim for something other than the Bocage.

I tell them: “I really hope you find a project that is more in line with your ambitions. But if this crazy project that makes you dream isn’t there, we are here”.

Christophe Lecuyer
Thomas Chesnel has taken his place in central defense at Stade Malherbe in N3.
Thomas Chesnel learned his skills at Stade Malherbe all the way up to the reserve team. ©Aline Châtel

When the doors to the upper tiers close, the Viroise alternative has plenty of credit. “I know, without any pretension, that we are one of the clubs around Caen that can allow boys who have not been held to be reborn. »

On the president’s radar

Vire can seduce by its relative geographical proximity, the quality of its infrastructure, its level of play, an effective word of mouth… and a president who wets the shirt. Christophe Lécuyer knows Stade Malherbe very well. Few players escape his radar.

For 12 years I have commented on matches at home and away from the Stadium. This creates bonding and trust. I have friends among the club’s players. Maybe this helps [à recruter]but I have no ulterior motives.

Christophe Lecuyer

On the other hand, the benevolence and honesty of the president are appreciated when he approaches the new generations. “Beyond the sporting framework, they need people’s trust, they need a favorable context. We have created this favorable context for their development. After that, they’re the ones who have the keys. »

Stanley Boucaud
Stanley Boucaud initiated the movement of former malherbists who went to relaunch Vire. ©Aline Châtel

They maintain visibility

In Vire the visibility is interesting for those who aspire to climb. “A player who looks good in Vire, it shows. I am the first to sell my players,” says Christophe Lécuyer. As the club “makes sure that [les joueurs] keep the idea of ​​achieving their dream in the back of their mind,” the motivation remains present.

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They come to us for a year, or even more if they wish. If they find a higher project, I’ll be happy. They will have helped us and we will have allowed them to show off.

Christophe Lecuyer

The AFV sees only benefit in the contribution of these elements, which very often are deposited for longer than initially imagined. Stanley Boucaud, the first in line, arrived five years ago. The integration of him is a model of its kind. “We pay close attention to the state of mind of the young people we hire, especially when they leave a training centre. They must be aware that the context is not the same. But we have no education problems with the boys. Sportingly, we save time with the tactical culture they have acquired in the centre. They are disciplined, they know what rigor is. »

A common ambition

Christophe Lécuyer “doesn’t have failure in mind”, to the point that sometimes it is the players themselves who ask him to come or return. “It’s a certain pride,” he admits. A pride that owes nothing to chance. “We fill in all the boxes. Among them is the human and there is the athlete. Because Vire and Malherbe’s ex have a common ambition: to go higher.

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