Kylian Mbappé invites 27 children and out-of-school carers to the Parc des Princes

They lived a daydream. 27 children and out-of-school companions from Altorf (Bas-Rhin) attended the PSG match this Sunday 13 November at the Parc des Princes, invited by Kylian Mbappé himself. They even met their idol. Story of a magical weekend.

For the 27 lucky ones who made the trip, Paris is truly magical. The children of the Pomme de pic after-school in Altorf and their guides are still teary-eyed four days after their incredible journey.

Gathered in their mess hall this Thursday November 17, they are inexhaustible on the subject. Nolan is enthusiastic about it, he tells us about the weekend from the menu. Because not only did PSG star Kylian Mbappé invite them to the Parc des Princes match against Auxerre, but he also offered them two days in Paris with hotel, private bus, visit to the Eiffel Tower and the botanical garden.

“When we got to the hotel, I said to myself, Oh, Kylian Mbappé is really kind to offer us a hotel like this, it’s not a joke”the little boy smiled. Overjoyed by their visit, the children are still eagerly awaiting the game at the Parc des Princes.

When they finally walk through the doors, “I saw the grass glisten and I thought it has nothing to do with the lawn of the Altorf stadium”struggling to reach Axel. “The atmosphere was great adds Dimitri, every time they scored (PSG won 5-0, ed), there was loud music and the fans with their songs and big drums, it was crazy!”

Lina plays basketball but also likes soccer. “I cried when I saw the meadow. The Parc des Princes is not like the SIG, in the end you have more voice and more ears”.

What they don’t know right now is that a big surprise awaits them at the end of the match. “I only found out at the last moment explains Pauline, entertainer and extracurricular chaperone. jI was negotiating with the staff so that the PSG forward would greet us and it could be done. For them of course it’s magic, there are really no words, I was just afraid one would faint.”he adds with a beaming smile.

The stewards then collect the group once the match is over, take it through the backstage to the box of the champion. Whoever ends up arriving all smiles. “Was the trip good? Did you like the Eiffel Tower?”, he asks in front of astonished boys, on the verge of tears.

Matthew confirms. “Suddenly it was there, I clutched my cap, I couldn’t say a word, I was in shock but at least I can tell my kids and grandkids!” Lina, she cried again. Happiness, of course.

Some were able to make checks, selfies, all were able to make the gifts they had brought back, Alsatian specialties, it goes without saying. And you will also receive: bags, key rings, an autographed comic strip. Enough to fuel extracurricular conversations for long weeks.

An incredible adventure that started as a joke. Last year, amused to see all these children wearing Kylian Mbappé’s shirt, Pauline had the idea with other animators to write a letter to the Parisian player. Without expecting anything in particular except an answer.

Which is late in arriving but which ends up arriving in the form of a phone call. “At first, I thought it was a joke to acknowledge the dynamic young woman with her hair pulled back in a bushy ponytail. And then I understood.”

To understand how lucky this little piece of Alsace was. This is confirmed by the world champion’s assistant who organized everything. “He told us there was a 3-5 year delay in responses, that there were tons of envelopes full of unopened letters. So we were very lucky that our letter was opened and it rained. seems to have touched them”.Pauline explains again.

But once the proposal was made, everything went very quickly. “I also warmly thank the Opal 67 on which our extracurricular depends, because they trusted us in no time, the children are their responsibility, it’s nothing.” “In fact, I had a bit of a tense weekendconfirms Pierre Boesch, the director, but for these children it’s a nice parenthesis, we couldn’t refuse them”.

Like an early Christmas present. Now it’s time for the FIFA World Cup. And case of calendar, the Strasbourg Racing club moves to the Parc des Princes for the resumption of the championship on December 28, the hearts of these little fans risk oscillating between two loves.

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