Radio ratings: France Inter in the lead ahead of RTL, RMC and France Culture on the rise, Europe 1 still at its lowest

Less than 40 million French he listened to the radio every day at the beginning of the school year. Médiamétrie publishes the ratings for the radio season on Thursday 17 November, thus covering the period September/October 2022 as part of the EAR (Radio Audience Study, ex-126,000). With 39.3 million people related to the radio medium, this is one of the lowest averages for a back-to-school in 20 years. The chronicles at the beginning of the 2022/2023 season were marked by the death of the Queen of England, by the continuation of the war in Ukraine with the partial mobilization of Russian reservists or, nationwide, by substance shortages or by the murder of young Lola in Paris.

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In detail, generalist broadcasters still dominate with an average of 17.75 million fanswhich represents a drop of 714,000 pairs of ears over a year. Lurking music radios are listened to by 17.54 million people average on this wave (-771,000)followed by locals stating 9.16 million listeners (-510,000) and from the thematic stations that, with 7.81 million fanslimit the case with only 195,000 listeners lost compared to September/October 2021.

France Inter undisputed leader ahead of RTL

France Inter maintain their leading position and achieve one of their best comebacks with 6.79 million French who listen to it every day. This represents 260,000 listeners gained in one year, the highest increase of all stations combined. The radio now led by Adèle Van Reeth is also the market share leader, an indicator that is particularly appreciated by commercial radios. With Market share of 13.5% (+0.9 points in one year), the public station with the red logo dominates another station with the red logo, this time private: RTL. If the media of the group M6 loses 361,000 followers in one yearhe consoles himself with a rising market share: +0.6 points, or 12.9% of the PDA. The third step of the podium is still occupied by franceinfo:, who made a good comeback with 4.79 million listenersthis is a drop of only 115,000 pairs of ears and a market share that remains stable.

The most listened to music radio in France with 4.38 million peopleNRJ slightly increased market share: +0.2 points equal to 6.4% of the audience. First change compared to the start of the 2021 school year: Skyrock overtakes France Bleu in fifth position and shines for stability with only 3,000 rap enthusiasts who have preferred to set sail towards other horizons.

Also note the good comeback of RMC, now 6th radio station in France, with 3.19 million listeners on a daily basis, which represents an increase of 141,000 people in one year. And it is France Bleu that has the worst comeback a net loss of 564,000 listeners and a drop in market share of 1.1 points.

Worst historical comeback for Europe 1

A station still at the center of attention, Europa 1 is once again at its all-time low and is preparing, unless it rises again during the next wave of ratings scheduled for January 2023, to symbolically under 2 million followers. Apart from a large daily segment dedicated to sport every evening, the resort of the Lagardère group has nevertheless opted for stability this season.

Conversely, fit, France Culture increased by 141,000 listeners and has the luxury of passing Chérie FM and Virgin Radio. This last station, also part of the Lagardère group, is having a bad comeback, like its older sister, with 229,000 fans lost in one year.

Source: EAR (Radio Audience Study) Médiamétrie September-October 2022. Average audience of a quarter of an hour. Monday to Friday. The comparisons made are on one year (September-October 2021 vs. September-October 2022) and on one wave (May-June 2022 vs. September-October 2022).

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