5 free sites to watch movies and series in streaming (legally)

Watch movies, series and documents on legal and free online streaming platforms.

You don’t need to multiply your subscriptions to services like Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video to stream movies and series. The web is full of solutions to access streaming video content that is offered free and legally. While some are known to all (but not necessarily used for that purpose), others, less popular, deserve to be brought to the attention of the general public for the wealth of content they give access to.

We have reviewed several platforms and only kept the ones that seem to us the most relevant. Here are five free services to watch movies and series in streaming legally by saving someone urgently in your favorites.

How can you talk about free video streaming without mentioning the most popular service of all, YouTube. Google’s video streaming platform doesn’t just host vlogs and podcasts. It hosts many channels dedicated to documentaries, but also to cinema.

Provided you use the right search keywords, you will find content in all languages ​​and of course also in French. Queries “full movie”, “full movie” or simply “full movie” should therefore allow you to come across original productions, sometimes old, and by extension on channels entirely dedicated to their broadcasting.

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Among the French channels you will find what you are looking for with channels such as Ma Chaîne FilMs, Ciné Movies, Boxoffice, CINE PRIME, My Digital Channel, Cinéma Cinémas or the excellent ARTE Cinema channel.

You will also find many thematic channels in English, such as Horror Central, Barbella X: Sci-Fi Movies, Sci-Fi Centra or the channel dedicated to old movies PizzaFlix. YouTube is undoubtedly the largest source of free and legal content.

The French Molotov service is also a great solution for watching movies and series for free. The service is accessible from a web browser and also has a dedicated application available on all platforms. You can enjoy it on a computer as well as a smartphone or connected TV.

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The service, which allows you to easily watch several linear TV channels, to quickly view the programs currently airing on each channel. But contrary to what many might believe, Molotov doesn’t just broadcast linear TV channels. The platform also provides access to numerous on-demand contents, in particular with the dedicated Mango service. You will be able to discover films, series, children’s programs, but also documentaries. Also, Molotov provides access to replay of some channels, some of which are free. This is the case, for example, of the channels of the France Télévisions group.

Launched in France in early 2021, the American platform PlutoTV is quite similar to what Molotov offers. It therefore offers to watch a lot of live broadcast content for free and especially without registration. You can watch from your web browser, your smartphone or your connected TV, movies, series, news, documentaries, cartoons, music videos, sports programs and other entertainment of all kinds.

Pluto TV
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But in addition to the programs that can be seen live, PlutoTV also offers on-demand content. The platform therefore offers a well-stocked catalog of French and international films and series, all genres combined. You will find, among other things, British series produced by the BBC (including Doctor Who), detective series, action films, science fiction, thrillers, animated films and much more.

Lovers of the manga universe will undoubtedly find their happiness with Crunchyroll. This American platform, launched in 2013 in France, allows free streaming of many Japanese animated series and films. The service, accessible directly from your web browser, is also available as a mobile application on iOS and Android.

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Crunchyroll therefore allows you to view a lot of content in its original version, most often with French subtitles. And if, on the other hand, you want to take a break from watching anime, you can also read manga in your browser or play one of the games offered by the platform.

If you are new to Archive.org yet, this platform is a must on your favorites list. This website, also known as the Internet Archive, is a non-profit organization dedicated to archiving the entire web. The service is best known for its Wayback Machine tool, a time machine that can display old versions of web pages or find web pages from sites that no longer exist.

Film Archive.org
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But Archive.org is not limited to web pages. The service is also responsible for archiving books, audio files, games, software and of course videos. A kind of Internet (from the past) in the Internet. By accessing the page dedicated to videos, you will have access to an incalculable number of video contents of all kinds: television archives from many countries, videos from social networks, moviesometimes old, and covers all kinds of topics.

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