Blockchain: find the next Mbappé with TalentIDO

The blockchain is full of possibilities whose potential is hardly being explored. When you invite to sport, it sparks like TalentIDO. This unique digital platform is paving the way for a revolution in the sports talent management industry. Indeed, the recruitment and development of sports talent in the Talent IDO way takes place on the Web3. Thus, the platform has the distinction of standing out from the traditional sports talent recruitment process. To do this, TalentIDO offers its users the opportunity to invest in human success within a decentralized ecosystem. From simple fans you become investors in human success in football. Discover with us this innovative platform that places athletes, these modern-day heroes, at the center of its universe.

Recruitment in the world of sport

The conventional method of recruiting sports talent can be very time-consuming and expensive. It requires having the right people in the right place at the right time. It’s a complex process, the culmination of which is finding athletes with something unique and original. Therefore, money and luck must be with you at the risk of losing the rare pearl.

However, it’s not always nearby. Plus, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a globetrotter and travel the planet to find talented teenagers in the field.

As a recruiting pro, get ready to go to the ends of the earth to find the next Kylian Mbappé! After all, would Zinedine Zidane have become the football legend he is today if he hadn’t been spotted by Jean Varraud at the age of 15? Or Ronaldo, noticed even younger by Aurélio Pereira and then by Fergusson? Probably not.

Despite the considerable progress in terms of legislation, the nuggets found by recruiters do not see life in the pink. Athletes, in fact, are not always aware of their potential or are not sufficiently informed to understand exactly what they are engaging in.

Between contracts, lawyers and intermediaries of all kinds, it is not easy for a novice athlete to extricate himself. Then they defer to their agents who, at times, can turn out to be unscrupulous, with questionable ethics and morals.

In reality, the talent recruitment process remains as complex and opaque as ever. Furthermore, the market is fiercely competitive and only seeks top-level players, ignoring talented people. This lack of transparency coupled with this lack of efficiency generally leaves athletes on the sidelines. And it is precisely this that TalentIDO wants to remedy.

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New evolution, new revolution thanks to the blockchain

TalentIDO is like the blockchain: disruptive and innovative. It provides a utilitarian solution to athlete management in the sports arena. While the sports industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, it’s not often the players who take advantage of this windfall. They then find themselves at the mercy of agents and intermediaries.

Also, the main focus of the platform is to help professional gamers. Based on the blockchain, it brings efficiency to the recruitment process and verification of player information. To do this, TalentIDO is based on five fundamental principles:

The ecosystem of the market

To allow direct interactions between all users of the platform, several marketplaces will be available, each dedicated to a sport. Therefore, a market will have its sellers, players and buyers.

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One of TalentIDO’s biggest goals is to empower players and clubs by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries that can make recruiting blurry and murky.

Decentralization and democratization

Thanks to the blockchain, no higher authority manages the ecosystem. Each user participates according to their interest in the recruitment process. All of this democratizes it to a level never achieved before.

Advertising and aggregation

With different marketplaces, advertising becomes easier by creating synergies and cross-promotional opportunities.

The standardization of tokens

The distribution of the tokens and their growing adoption will help create a larger and more engaged community whose members are bonded by the use of the token.

With these tokenized marketplaces, TalentIDO offers an ecosystem where any player’s dream is just a click away with complete transparency. Therefore, hiring and transfers are made online by contacts from all links in the chain. Athletes, agents or other sports professionals will have direct information on clubs, sports academies, available positions, trials around the world. You will discover all the new opportunities in sport with TalentIDO.

Here is an explanatory video of this new type of platform:

TalentIDO, a pragmatic platform

It’s no secret that the sports industry is known for being conservative and rigid. It was without counting on the innovative TalentIDO. The platform relies on its token and sports passport for its operation. In addition, TalentIDO has smart contracts that ensure the compliance of all transactions that will be carried out on its platform.

The TALENT or TAL token

The TAL is the token of the TalentIDO platform. It gives value to the network by providing people with a medium of exchange within its ecosystem, allowing anyone to earn money by investing in it.

Therefore, it is necessary for memberships, the purchase and sale of products and services, the assignment of benefits. In other words, help the community grow.

Tokens offer different features to their holders. For example, they may take the form of rewards for users who participate in platform activity through reviews, recommendations and content contributions.

Additionally, sports clubs and recruiters will need TALs to access marketplaces to use Fieldoo platform services, such as talent acquisition, registration for various opportunities, and network-related fees.

As for Fieldoo, it is an already operational football market. Today it has over 350,000 football players.

Furthermore, the token will be based on the ERC20 standard with a BEP-20 smart contract. 8 billion TAL will be issued. The distribution of these tokens is as follows:

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The sports passport

The real protagonist of the market, however, is the sports passport. These passports are relatively simple smart contracts that don’t require much technical knowledge to create. They can be likened to digital resumes for athletes that can be shared on the platform.

The passport includes all player information in 3 categories:

  • personal data: age, nationality, physical characteristics
  • general information on results: club history, career development (games, number of minutes played, wins, losses
  • video information and social performance factors: video match, performance analysis, presence on social networks. All this makes it possible to determine the economic value for the potential investor.

All this data can be securely stored on blockchains and can only be viewed by people with whom the athlete decides to share their profile (such as recruiters, clubs, associations, etc.). It is a win-win situation where the interests of the players are safeguarded and while the observers are assured that the data is verified.

It’s a resource gainer in recruiting as nugget scouts will no longer have to travel the world to find the next Ronaldo. Instead, they can roam the platform and only move when a player has caught their eye.

Likewise, offers can be made through the platform. All details of the contract will then be laid bare for all parties to see clearly. It also keeps the player in control of the process, allowing him to be fully aware of what he is getting into.

You can sign your contract digitally on TalentIDO if you are satisfied with your offer. At the same time, this will be automatically recorded in the sports passport.

To conclude

Faced with the technological backwardness of the sports industry, TalentIDO is writing a future in which sports management is decentralized. To this end, the platform offers us the perfect match between sports and blockchain. The tokenization of sports opens a new page for this sector and TalentIDO is the torch bearer. Pursuing a mission to empower players, it is revolutionizing talent recruitment by laying a stronger foundation.

Blockchain, especially smart contracts, allows everyone involved to have an equivalent level of information. Therefore, this has the benefit of giving them a clearer insight into the recruitment process. TalentIDO is a win-win solution for all parties: young players are now more likely to be noticed, sports recruiters find it easier to find new talent and clubs can reduce unnecessary costs. Investors also find their accounts with profits made on the platform. So sports enthusiasts or not, don’t miss this opportunity to invest in sport in a different way, join TalentIDO.

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