Christmas gift ideas – The selection of France Bleu Armorique

Since August 29, 2022 in Culture-S, we have been sharing the cultural advice of Breton specialists every day in a good mood.

Video games, books, shows, exhibitions, comics, board games, albums,… Anything goes!

Find here the favorites and gift ideas they have had the pleasure of presenting in Culture-S (non-exhaustive list and embellished over the weeks and programs). For each advice we specify the price, how to find it and on which day to listen to Culture-S’s news in podcasts. Happy searching!


  • jazzmanthe cartoon of Rennes jop.
    a “Groovy ride through the snowy streets of New Story City” as Ben says from the blog The masked otter
    . “A superb graphic novel, at once funny, melancholic and hopeful, set to jazz music.” Available for €23.90 here
    . Culture-s of 16/11/2022
Jazzman, by Rennes author Jop.

Jop Portfolio – all rights reserved

  • In Thomas Pesquet’s suit, we discover in the drawings the daily life of the French favorite astronaut. Great comic by Marion Montaigne recommended by @Bullesdeflo. Available for €24 here
    . Culture-s of 08/31/2022
  • The latest issue of One Piece, volume 100discovered a Mummy in Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine) during the night of One Piece on 13/09. Available for €9.95 here
    . Culture-s of 08/31/2022
  • The long walk of the turkeysa novel by Kathleen Karr to discover in the comics thanks to the illustrations of the French Leonie Bischoff. A story a Tom Sawyer through the eyes of a young American teenager in the 1860s. Advice from Lucie of the Vitré bookstore Bubbles and Youth
    . Available for €18 here
    . Culture-s of 08/11/2022


table games

  • tracks, audio investigation game from 12 years. Available for €35 a Lutin Ludique
    (Dinan). Culture-S of 11/18/2022
  • Reminder robotsa team memory game recommended by the association’s Valérie Bouchet At the Rennes Games
    . Available for €7.90 here
    . Culture-S of 11/14/2022
We tested Memo Robots live in Culture-S
© Radio France

Yann Brialix
  • Sonic Super Teamthe racing board game with all the characters and codes of the video game sonorous
    . Tested and approved live thanks to Cathy Suignard from the shop Lutin Ludique to Dinan. Available for €30 here
    . Culture-S of 08/31/2022
  • Huh?group game from 10 years old (and up to 17 people), the advice of Gregory Bordi (The Frontier Games). Available for €16 here
    . Culture-S of 06/09/2022

Video games

  • strayan adventure game where you play as a stray cat and where “we have a touch to purr” Gauthier tells us. Available for €23.99 on PS4 and PS5 here
    . Culture-S of 08/31/2022
  • You need twoa cooperative game in which separating parents must collaborate to find their daughter. Mandatory communication
    , as a couple! Recommended by Marine Le Cozannet of the association 3 hit combination
    . Available for around €30 on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One. Culture-S of 05/10/2022
  • Virginiaa “movie” game that can be completed in hours according to Pedro from the popcast Pop Cruz
    . Available on PC and Mac for €9.99 here
    as well as on consoles. Culture-S of 09/19/2022


  • A place of its ownthe feminist essay by Virginia Woolf. New translation of “A room of one’s own”. A must-read for open-mindedness according to the singer Marie Kiss La Joue
    . Available for €13 here
    . Culture-S of 17/11/2022
  • The song of the queensa “rural novel” by Sarah Bellrecommended by Alexandra de Librairie Alfabulle
    in Melesse (Ille-et-Vilaine). Available for €18.99 here
    . Culture-S of 17/11/2022
  • Spatial planningis not a geography textbook but a novel by the author Mayenne Aurelien Bellanger. Available for €8.90 here
    . Recommended by Guerric in Culture-S on 16/11/2022
  • The saga Black waterfrom Michael McDowell the creator of cockroach juice And Mr. Jack’s Weird Christmas. Six volumes thatAnaïs Berno
    devoured this summer. The first volume is available for €8.40 here
    . Culture-S le 08/29/2022
The complete Blackwater saga in the magnificent Monsieur Toussaint Louverture editions

Mr. Toussaint Louverture

  • Number twofrom David Foenkinos. The life of the man who did not get the role of Harry Potter in the cinema. Favorite of Justine Sauvage from France Bleu Armorique. Available at €19.50 here
    . Culture-S of 08/31/2022
  • lucythe thriller Bernard Minier recommended by Pierre Garrigues
    from the library The Malouin pen holder
    . Available for €22.90 here
    . Culture-S of 09/05/2022
  • Lonely dovea series of novels by Larry McMurtry in 19th-century Texas, Guerric’s favorite. Volume 1 available for €12 here.
    Culture-S of 06/09/2022


  • Bruce Springsteen release their new album “Only the Strongest Survive”favorite of Richard Dickrecord shop a He is alone
    (Reindeer). Otto, homage to Motown
    , and an always exceptional voice. Available for €19 here
    . Culture-S of 15/11/2022
  • Jumpthe mysterious collective
    Londoner who mixes soul, jazz, hip-hop and even gospel, Matthieu’s favourite. Culture-S of 08/29/2022
  • Lizio and his album Special, between pop, soul and R&B, Salomé’s advice. Culture-S of 08/30/2022
  • She hethe American duo (voice by Zooey Deschanel and arrangements by Mr. Ward) has released a tribute album to Brian Wilson (Beach Boys): “Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson”, favorite of Richard Dickrecord shop a He is alone
    (Reindeer). Available for €15 here
    . Culture-S of 01/09/2022


  • Trailer park guysPedro’s favorite Canadian series from the popcast Pop Cruz
    . 25 minute episodes to watch Netflix
    . Culture-S of 08/29/2022
  • 1883, a series set in the Wild West with the eyes of Elsa Dutton, the protagonist. Series to watch First video
    recommended by specialist Franck on our Culture-S program on 06/09/2022
  • Separation, when the world of work takes away all your personality. American series recommended by HPC extension podcasts Spoilers
    . Available on AppleTV.
    Culture-S of 09/11/2022


  • The Family Show”Female or male
    ” by Marion Rouxin, Friday November 18, 2022 at 8 pm in the Georges Brassens room in Le Rheu (Ille-et-Vilaine). The board of Giuliana Allin
    in Cultura-S du 11/18/2022
  • The show of dance “Nox” from society The Eights
    to The City-Robert
    to pordic (Côtes d’Armor) Friday 25 November. The professional dancer Caroline Le Noane also comes to schools especially for cultural actions

Visits / Heritage / Travel

  • The Travel Library
    , Ariane (Rennes), invites us to cross Europe by train. Italy, Denmark, France… In particular “Northern Europe by Rail: (16 Routes from Scotland to Scandinavia)” recommended by Pascal Guilleux. Available for €24.95 here
    . Culture-s of 15/11/2022
An excerpt from “Italy by train (18 itineraries in 5 and 14 days)” published by Hachette Tourisme

Editions Hachette Tourism


  • Device Orchestra
    , Sofia’s unlikely new find: cult titles played by electrical devices (razors, printers, irons, etc.). Culture-s of 16/11/2022
  • Takeo Ischithe Japanese who sings yoddle and also did “chicken game”
    . This is the madness discovered by Sofia on Youtube. Culture-s of 09/05/2022

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