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Lovers of video games, manga and pop culture in the broadest sense, take note of the dates of 3 and 4 December for the unmissable event that is Geek Days! Also this year the program promises to be rich: “Meet your streamers, your YouTubers, your favorite actors and come and try all the animations: escape games, virtual reality, video game tournaments, cosplay contests, board games, stage animations…

This year Geek Days are divided into 4 universes

4 zones, 4 distinct universes… This is how this 100% pop culture show will be organized. The imaginary world it will focus on the great licenses that you know well as well as on the culture of the imagination. “In this areayou will immerse yourself in the imaginary universe of great cinematographic references, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and many others. You will have the opportunity to visit spaces dedicated to Star Wars, Marvel or even Transformers. There will also be stands for the sale of board games and you can participate in role-playing games and board games. You will be able to meet famous actors and voice actors who have worked for important films and series“.

the Creative corner it will be the meeting place for geeks and the most creative among you. “The Creative Corner is the corner that brings together all the creative and nonconformist minds of the show: paintings, figurines, photos… Come and take advantage of their artistic gaze and stroll through all these stands and, at the same time, buy the works that interest you.

The Virtual zone it will be the meeting point for gamers and e-sports enthusiasts. “The Virtual Zone is a gamer’s paradise: take part in cult video game tournaments, such as FIFA, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and many more. Get to know your favorite youtubers and streamers in a different context, compete with them on video games, arcade terminals or get your goodies signed. You can also experiment with virtual reality or go back to your childhood with retro gaming. If you dream of becoming a 3D animator, graphic designer or even a video game creator, the leading 3D animation schools will be there!

Heart of Asia it will be the temple of Asian culture in all its diversity. “come and find out Asian culture through manga, anime but also Japanese groceries, katanas, Korean swords. You can also immerse yourself in the famous Japanese video game and manga licenses, from Pokemon to Dragon Ball Z via Demon Slayer… Take part in the adventure of the cosplay contest by parading on stage in your best costume and share your passion with the audience.”

Every corner will have its share exhibitors and enthusiasts just waiting to meet you!

Geek Days is also a crazy schedule

For once, if there’s one thing we can’t deny, it’s that these 2 days will be full of fun! The schedule is dense. We send you here a summary of everything planned to make the event memorable:

  • L’game lair : “Immerse yourself in the famous medieval role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons or in the planetary universe of Star Wars! You will be able to meet other players for a unique and rewarding experience. Choose the game you want from a multitude of choices!
  • The association Octagon game It will be there! We will be there an arena that can host players in 1vs1 or 2vs2 !
  • Med Arcade, the first video game recycler They will be present:At Massive Entertainment Delightful Arcade, our motto is: “A video game NEVER goes in the trash!” During Lille Geek Days, come and help save the world by donating your defective or obsolete equipment to the first recycling center in the universe dedicated exclusively to video games!
  • Tavern and Dungeon :pparticipate in board games, trading card games and role-playing games on the theme of heroism and fantasy.
  • A space dedicated to JVM events and their entertainment 100% music games.. On the programme: Just Dance, DDR, Taïko No Tatsujin, Guitar Hero and Beat Saber.
  • Thanks to Orderretro, you can play recent games on old consoles or retro games on next-gen! “You will have the opportunity to play your favorite games like Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, Shift levers, Sonic Mania Plus, Way of anger 4, power glove and many others.” You will also have the opportunity try different consoles, recent and more vintage !
  • The traditional cosplay contest organized by Cospop!
  • The cursed tavern : “Discover the legend of Eustache Busket, said the Black Monk, who returned from Hell on his pirate ship to sail to Geek Days!
  • An area Retrogaming : “Brought to you by Reset XP in partnership with the French Red Cross and Geek Days. The Reset XP area of ​​the Geek Days wears the colors of the French Red Cross to combine fun and solidarity around retrogaming: selection of games on the theme of health and personal rescue, portable console bars, quizzes on the history of video games, first generation, high score challenges or speedruns, prizes, etc.
  • An area Luigi LEGO with many beautiful buildings
  • A space dedicated to Star Wars : “The 59th legion (Star Wars costume legion) invites you to dive into the Star Wars universe through objects, decorations but also the presence of characters straight out of the saga!

Meet celebrity guests during Geek Days

In addition to corners, entertainment, games and competitions, Geek Days also has some nice surprises planned with illustrious guests! You may meet:

  • David Krugervoice actor. He is the French voice of Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pratt, Ed Helms, Michael Shannon and even Shemar Moore. She has also voiced several video game characters, such as Darius and Nocturne in League of LegendsDettlaff inside The sorcereror Major John 117 in halo.
  • The streamers Dobby and Valouzz they are arriving present your own food project Giftuzz. But also benzaia And Bob Lennon.
  • Players Nicolas Gabion, Bo Gaultier de Kermoal.
  • The dubbing actress Nathalie Homs. It is the French voice of Zyra in League of Legends, the Evil Queen in Once Upon a Time or even Manu in Titeuf.

Enough of having a busy weekend and not knowing where to start, so EVERYTHING makes you want! A catering area will also be there because with all this outpouring, we suspect you’ll have some emptiness.

3 and 4 December 2022
from 10:00 to 19:00 continuous hours
Lille Grand Palais
1 Boulevard of the United Cities, Lille
ticket office

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