Harry Potter: 10 most exciting insights from the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase

The news that Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to make such an impact on the wizarding world around them that there are actually multiple endings has fans excited. The Harry Potter open-world game is scheduled for release on February 10, 2023, and with each passing day, there seems to be even more to be excited about. The game may not let players play as Harry or any of the familiar characters from the franchise, but so far that doesn’t seem to matter – Hogwarts Legacy looks spectacular.

Several months away from the game’s official arrival, fans recently got a special treat with the Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Showcase. The 46-minute event offers an in-depth look at the game’s mechanics, as well as specific aspects of the game’s beautiful landscapes.

Detail of Hogwarts

Of all the mysteries in the wizarding world, probably the greatest of all is the school that Harry, Hermione and Ron attend. Hogwarts is a major character in the franchise, and each film gives fans a better than ever insight into the twists and turns of the beloved castle.

With the arrival of Hogwarts Legacy, fans finally have the opportunity to fully explore every corner of Hogwarts. What’s especially exciting about this is that the developers of the upcoming game have really taken the job of designing Hogwarts to heart, with rooms recreated in the game to match the descriptions presented in creator JK Rowling’s books.

character creation

When news broke that an open world game set in the Potterverse was on the way, some fans were a little disappointed to learn that the game wouldn’t take place in Harry’s lifetime. Instead, Hogwarts Legacy sends players back to the 19th century as a fifth year student.

As a new student at Hogwarts, fans can create their own witch or wizard to play as. The character creation options are amazing, with 32 different character presets, 15 face shape options, 20 skin color options, and much more. There are also options for freckles, moles and facial scars, making creating a witch or wizard a very fun and detailed offering.

To be a fifth year

Every Potterhead worth their salt knows that education at Hogwarts begins when the future witch or wizard turns 11. From there, it’s seven years of instruction in potions, defense against the dark arts, herbalism, and more.

It’s very unusual to start a Hogwarts education in the fifth year, but that’s what awaits players of Hogwarts Legacy. As a result, the game provides something called a Magician’s Field Guide. On loan from the Ministry of Magic, this tool helps players complete various challenges and encounters that will help them grow as witches and wizards.

home points

While fans had to wait until the end of the books and movies to find out which Hogwarts house was the winner, the competition between the four houses has always been a point of interest. Exactly how the winner was determined often felt a little too random for some fans, but overall the competition was a lot of fun.

In Hogwarts Legacy, some fans may be disappointed to learn that home points are not a core mechanic of the game. Fortunately, home points are still included in the overall story arc of the game, which means that the concept exists but is not can be controlled. Just knowing it’s great helps keep players more immersed as they focus on many other aspects of the game.

Environmental details

One of the most aesthetic elements of the Harry Potter films is seeing Hogwarts change with the seasons. It is especially a treat for those who enjoy holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. The changes have happened in the books as well, but seeing them on screen has always been a pleasure.

Fortunately, this wonderful detail has been included in Hogwarts Legacy. This can be seen most clearly in the castle’s windows which, as well as allowing in different light during the day, also help define the different seasons. The soft autumn sunlight eventually transforms into a slice of the winter wonderland beyond, through the castle’s tall glass windows.

Spells galore

Of course, one of, if not the most important aspect of being a wizard or witch in the Potterverse is the ability to cast spells. Watching Harry and the others learn different ways to make life easier or ward off evil is great fun and stimulates the imagination.

Players taking on Hogwarts Legacy will be pleased to know that each student has access to 20 different spells. These can be stored in the four different slots of the Magic Diamond which makes up a player’s HUD. This allows them to be easily accessible for the many challenges that await players.

What spells?

The world of Harry Potter has shown fans a wide variety of spells over the years and because of this, exactly what spells are available to Hogwarts Legacy players has been a major question that fans want answered. Though the three unforgivable curses have been addressed in the game, fans are still eager to know more.

The Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Showcase was kind enough to give fans a better understanding of how spells work and even revealed the first officially confirmed spell in the game: Revelio is a core spell in Hogwarts Legacy, allowing players to reveal hidden objects , messages, steps and more. It might not be the most exciting charm, but it definitely has the potential to brighten up a player’s experience.

Hogwarts houses

Finding out which house they would have belonged to if they had enrolled as students at Hogwarts has kept Potterheads connected to the wizarding world for years. Some houses are more popular than others, but each offers its own rich student experience.

In Hogwarts Legacy, a tremendous amount of detail has been put into the four houses of Hogwarts. The gameplay showcase confirmed that each house is represented by a natural element: Gryffindor (fire), Slytherin (water), Ravenclaw (air), and Hufflepuff (earth). These elements are thematically integrated into the game, creating lovely environments.

Familiar places made even better

After years of books and movies set in the wizarding world, fans can quickly recognize many different places in Hogwarts. One of those extremely familiar places is the school’s grand staircase. Enthusiasm for the possibility of exploring it in Hogwarts Legacy is certainly high, and for good reason.

Traveling by broom isn’t the only way for a witch or wizard to get around, and Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to use floo powder to move quickly from place to place. This is provided by multiple Floo Flame locations, one of which is on the Grand Staircase!

Battles in the Hogwarts Legacy

As the story of Harry Potter unfolded, more and more battles occurred between good wizards and witches and the dark magic of Voldemort and his fellow Death Eaters. Watching wizards and witches battle each other was fascinating, especially after watching Harry and his friends become more proficient at magic over the years.

The ability to learn more as a witch or wizard and develop a player’s skills is an important feature of Hogwarts Legacy. The battles revealed in the showcase proved this to be an incredibly smooth aspect of the game, with something to draw players into. One such aspect is the halo that appears over the students’ heads, which acts as a sort of Spidey sense of alertness. incoming endangered players.

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