Herault. The Dynveo laboratory supported by the National Research Institute

Thomas André, founder and director of the Hérault Dynveo laboratory, supported by the National Research Agency (©dr)

Created in 2010 by Thomas Andre and based in Teyran, Dynaveo is a laboratory specialized in the development of natural food supplements. The Hérault company is even seen as a pioneer with a production without excipients or additives controversial. “Our products are between the purest on the market, guaranteed without any excipients or additives e certified organic by Bureau Veritas”, recalls the young manager to illustrate the company’s approach and philosophy.

€500,000 awarded by the ANR

Last June, Dynveo carried out a fundraiser of 5 million euros and announces another good news: the granting of loans of €500,000 fromNational Research Agency (ANR) “imagine, in Occitanianew processes for the production of active ingredients more environmentally friendly “, explains Thomas André.

“The National Research Agency only supports projects with high added value that really advance science”

Thomas Andre Founder and CEO of Dynveo

“Apart from the financial aspect, obtaining a contribution from the ANR constitutes a real recognition and underlines the quality as well as the social interest of the research project carried out by Dynveo”, underlines the director of the nutraceutical laboratory: “The active ingredients and processes we work on can find applications in cosmetics or food”.

No assets made in Asia

This year, the ANR has selected 1,779 projects to finance 159 of them: “The Agency only supports projects with high added value that really make science progress”, recalls Thomas André who has chosen not to use some products, in particular manufactured goods in Asia “due to the harmfulness of chemical manufacturing processes that do not conform to our ethics and specifications”.

The natural food supplements from the Dynveo laboratory are certified organic by Bureau Veritas (Quality France)
The natural food supplements from the Dynveo laboratory are certified organic by Bureau Veritas (Quality France) (©dr)

Dynveo, in its R&D approach, collaborates with other research actors such as TWB (Toulouse White Biotechnology), an infrastructure of excellence in industrial biotechnologies piloted by INRAE ​​​​​​under the triple INRAE/INSA/CNRS supervision: “The collection funds and this partnership with TWB will enable us to achieve industrial-scale production of biobased active ingredients by 2026. Several patents are pending,” says Thomas André.

“By 2025 the laboratory will create 100 jobs”

Thanks to this grant, Dynveo will be able to strengthen its commitment to the development of innovative alternative methods that are more respectful of health and the environment: “The goal is to be able to produce active ingredients of biological origin in Occitania to limit the use of imports, particular to promote national sovereignty in the field of food supplements”, promises the leader of the Hérault.

A production multiplied by three

This “long-term supported” research project has already received support from the Occitanie Region. Started 2 years ago, it should be completed by the end of 2025. Thomas André believes that Dynveo faces several challenges, including increasing production volume “which should double in 3 years while maintaining the same level of requirements in the development of our food supplements”. By 2025, the laboratory will create a hundred jobs.

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Bromelain and Huang Qin

The Hérault laboratory, for example, offers bromelain, an enzyme that promotes digestion, the purest in the sector: “It is extracted from the pineapple stem and packaged in 100% certified hypoallergenic and highly technical vegetable capsules. bromelain from stomach acids during digestion for optimal efficiency. This is the first time in France for this type of product”, confirms Challenges. Dynveo also launched a new product this summer, the Lake Baikal Skullcap, also called Huang Qin in traditional Chinese medicine and whose dried root has been used for more than a millennium.


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