Music from the Fondation Abbé Pierre 2022 ad

Like every year, the Abbé Pierre Foundation unveils its new awareness campaign on the reality of precariousness and social exclusion. The music in the ad is the titled Barbara track “Tell me, when will you come back?”.

The 2022 Abbé Pierre Foundation advertisement

The advertising of Fondation Abbé Pierre “To get off the road is to find life again” shows mood in an ordinary family. The boy is constantly in conflict with his stepfather who never stops scolding him. He accuses her of doing nothing, not getting involved in family life, being glued to her phone screen all the time… All these unfortunate remarks we hear so often. One evening, the young man breaks down and almost comes to blows with his stepfather. The latter kicks him out of the family home. This is the beginning of the descent into hell for the young man. He finds himself without a roof over his head, without work and without prospects.

Forced to spend the nights on the streets, the young man faces the harsh reality experienced by thousands of homeless people. Harassment, violence, coldness, indifference punctuate his daily life, while depression gradually begins to take hold. Luckily, one evening, a volunteer from the Abbé Pierre Foundation comes to her rescue. The latter offers him a simple coffee before her, before establishing a relationship of trust with him. He talks to her, listens to her and ends up getting her a job. The young man gradually finds and begins to pull his head out of the water. He gets involved in his work and can finally find a place to live and rebuild.

What is the music of the Fondation Abbé Pierre 2022 advertisement?

The winter campaigns of the Abbé Pierre Foundation are always an opportunity to rediscover sometimes forgotten passages of French song. Let us recall, for example, the 2020 campaign where the music of the commercial was a title by Francis Cabrel authorized “Men like it.” For this new 2022 campaign, the Abbé Pierre Foundation has chosen a title from Barbara. This is the piece “Tell me, when will you come back?”. The song is a declaration of love that the singer addressed to her lover at the time, Hubert Ballay. This is one of the many songs she dedicated to him, as well as the letters she sent him to hurry him back to France to find her. The title was released in 1962.

Barbara from his real name Monique Andree Serf is a singer, actress, author and composer and performer of French nationality. She wrote many poems and contributed greatly to French song, many of which have become classics. Barbara she considered a career in music at an early age, as early as the age of 16. She wanted to be a pianist, but several hand surgeries for a cyst dashed her dreams. She will finally take singing lessons before entering the Paris Conservatoire.

For 40 years Barbara will be a real success. Adored by thousands of hardcore fans, she will perform on various stages around the world. The artist will also collaborate with many artists and become a reference in French song. She died at the age of 67, after several health problems caused by her excesses.

Fondation Abbé Pierre, getting off the road means finding life again

The announcement of the Abbé Pierre Foundation is entitled “To get off the road is to find life again”. It was designed by the Fred & Farid agency. It highlights the daily life of volunteers who go to meet people who live in precarious conditions and who do not ask for help. These people who have been forgotten and who form an integral part of the landscape are thus invisible to most. These people behind which a story is hidden, often very painful.

The Abbé Pierre Foundation makes it a point of honor to remind us how important it is to look around and pay attention to those who need it and who don’t necessarily come to meet us. We remember awareness campaign released last year that reminded us that there was life after the road.

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