these promotions allow you to take care of your health without spending a fortune

Withings is ahead of Black Friday and is already showing great promotions on its flagship products dedicated to tracking your health. Here’s our pick of the best deals from these healthy offerings.

Connected watches, scales, thermometers or even blood pressure monitors, Withings has made connected health its specialty to become the reference. The French brand combines elegance, sobriety and advanced features in terms of health monitoring throughout its range.

Withings products are fun and practical on a daily basis to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, weight or even sleep quality.

On the occasion of its Healthy OffersWithings is offering big discounts of up to 30% on its most iconic products:

The ScanWatch connected clock costs 239 euros

The ScanWatch is the flagship of the French brand. Clinically validated, this connected watch is the most advanced in the Withings catalogue. This high-end watch received an 8/10 in our columns.

With a record autonomy of 30 days, it incorporates a whole series of sensors to continuously monitor its main constants such as heart rate or SpO2 (blood oxygenation rate), and to evaluate the sound quality of sleep.

The Withings ScanWatch // Source: Withings.

The ScanWatch goes even further and provides in-depth cardiac and respiratory monitoring. The watch can provide an electrocardiogram (ECG), to detect atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea. These features are rare and usually reserved for more premium smartwatch models.

Athletes are not excluded, the ScanWatch supports more than 30 different physical activities.

During the Healthy Deals, the Withings ScanWatch costs 239 euros instead of 299 euros.

The Body+ scale is 69 euros

The Body+ connected scale is a must in the Withings catalogue. It allows you to follow the evolution of your weight and to have a complete view of your body composition (muscle mass, fat mass, water, bone mass).

The Winthings Body+ scale // Source: Withings.

Using the Health Mate app (available on Android and iOS), Body+ shows you how lifestyle changes affect your body composition. The connected scale provides personalized nutrition and advice to help you reach your weight loss or muscle gain goals.

As a bonus, this connected scale is both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible, allowing it to send data to your smartphone even when it’s across the house.

On the occasion of the Sane Offers, the Body+ benefits from a nice 30% reduction and goes to 69 euros.

The Steel HR Silver watch costs 134 euros

Although Steel HR Silver is a hybrid watch connected with needles, it hides a whole series of sensors under its case to monitor your daily physical activity and your health.

The Withings Steel HR connected watch. // Source: Withings.

Announced with a generous 25-day battery life, it measures your heart rate and counts the number of steps you take each day. Steel HR Silver also evaluates the effectiveness of your training sessions, knowing that it supports more than 30 different sports, including swimming. At night, it also analyzes your sleep quality and can wake you up at the ideal time with the Smart Wake-up function.

For its healthy offerings, Withings is dropping the price of its Steel HR Silver from €199.95 to €134.96.

The thermo thermometer is 75 euros

For this connected thermometer, Withings has chosen to bet on simplicity and precision. The Thermo takes the temperature in just 2 seconds without touching the body, unlike traditional thermometers.

The device incorporates a total of 16 infrared sensors, targeting the temporal artery located at the level of the forehead. This is considered one of the most reliable areas for this type of measurement.

Thermal Withings. // Source: Withings.

To avoid misinterpretations, the temperature is displayed on the thermometer next to a green, orange or red pointer. At a glance, you can see if it’s normal, high, or “severe.”

This thermometer can be linked to 8 different profiles, whose temperature history is available on the Thermo application (for Android and iOS).

During the Sane Offers, the Thermo is offered at 75.96 euros instead of 99.95 euros.

The BPM Connect sphygmomanometer costs 99 euros

If heart rate monitoring has become a must on connected watches, measuring blood pressure (the pressure in the arteries) still essentially involves specific medical devices.

Withings BPM Connect blood pressure monitor. // Source: Withings.

Withings therefore offers BPM Connect, a clinically validated blood pressure monitor. It has the advantage of being particularly compact with its LED screen integrated into the bracelet. Another plus: it’s easy to use. Once slipped around your arm, simply press the button to start the measurement and see if the light displays green, orange or red.

Your data history is always available in the Health Mate app and can easily be shared with your GP when needed.

During the Healthy Deals, Withings lowers the price of its BPM Connect from 129.95 euros to 100.06 euros.

The sleep analyzer costs 119 euros

Do smartwatches bother you when you sleep? The Withings sleep analyzer discreetly analyzes the quality of your sleep using a mat that you place under your mattress. If it knows how to be forgotten, this device is still well equipped.

Withings sleep analyzer. // Source: Withings.

Thanks to a series of sensors, it detects your movements, the rhythm of your breathing and continuously measures your heart rate. It is also able to detect snoring.

Thanks to it, you can know your sleep cycles, the time you fall asleep and get an overall score for the quality of your sleep.

The Sleep Analyzer is available at 119.95 euros instead of 149.95 euros.

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