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A hundred people, mostly professionals and also some citizens and elected officials attended the health workshops linked to the national citizens’ initiative in the halls of the Le Havre town hall on Thursday 17 November 2022. Prevention, access to treatment and program attractiveness.

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About ten tables, volunteers from the health professions, ordinary citizens or elected representatives of the arrondissement of Le Havre (up to Fécamp and Lillebonne/Bolbec) had forty minutes available for the three topics organized by the regional health agency within the of the National Refoundation Council. Return of the workshops on December 8 at the regional level and on the 15th in France.

Video: The goals of the health workshop and the wishes of the speakers

How to better prevent

“Everything is played at school, we need to invest in school health care
“says one of the speakers on prevention in everyday life. During the discussions, Jean-Luc Dumesnil, general practitioner in Le Havre, president of Amuh (Medical Association for Emergencies in Le Havre), and deputy director of Samu in Le Havre, states that ”
we don’t have time to do prevention

Several keywords allowed the workshops to work on one of the themes
Several keywords allowed the workshops to work around one of the themes: Patricia Lionnet/Paris-Normandie

Among the other ideas of the synthesis: training professionals and also teachers, creating a new subject in school curricula, freeing up school time… There is also a question of ”
strengthen communication and campaigns in pharmacies and waiting rooms. Or to fight addiction to screens and overload with harmful products, develop physical activity without competition…

How to overcome medical deserts

For the theme of better access to a general practitioner, Thierry Delastre, general practitioner in Gravenchon and one of the speakers of the Le Havre synthesis, evokes ”
settlement quotas for all health workers, a settlement ceiling according to the agreement, a distribution of doctors in parallel with the demographics of the sector, that elected officials position themselves according to the needs of the territory…
» Still on the subject of medical demography, it is suggested that «
increase places in the 2nd year of medicine. We would like to appeal to young retirees and balance mixed wage and liberal business and develop medical centres.


Consult after hours

Thierry Delastre spoke at the time of the work around the table of ”
territorial health projects supported by public funds.
“To unlock emergencies”,
many offer consultations with general practitioners in the hospital, at staggered times, and to perpetuate the service of access to treatment. In Le Havre it is already a priority.
“To free up medical time, it would be necessary”
reduce administrative tasks and increase specially trained medical assistants.

How to make yourself want to heal

For this theme relating to the local attractiveness levers for the health professions, the health professionals present often have hard teeth. ”
Settling down in a medical desert is like saving those who can!
asks a young doctor. A nurse whispers:
At 40 you are exhausted.
“Among the proposals put forward:”
assistance with employment and family accommodation, encouraging vocations from middle school, improving the reception of trainees although this is very true in Le Havre.
Or even improve the reception of young professionals through accommodation.
On the communication side, the rapporteur of the round tables mentions ”
enhancement of the image of the territory with targeted communication at the end of the internship.

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