which films to see this year at the Chéries-Chéris Festival in Paris

MK2 cinemas are hosting the 2022 edition of the Chéries-Chéris festival from November 19 to 29 in Paris. An opportunity to discover some nuggets of contemporary queer cinema… here’s a short selection!

Article by Florian Ques And Tessa Lanney

Mark your calendars! From November 19 to 29, the Chéries-Chéris festival settles in Paris for its 28And editing. It is therefore in the MK2 Beaubourg, Bibliothèque and Quai de Seine that LGBTQI+ cinema is once again honored with a fine selection of works promoting queer stories. To motivate the most forced to stick their nose out to go to the cinema, stubborn· was able to preview a few movies to come up with a small list of recommendations. All you have to do is book your seats!

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stop with your lies by Olivier Peyon

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Especially expected in theaters on February 22, 2023, the adaptation of the bestseller stop with your lies by Philippe Besson is part of the selection. Brought to the screen by Olivier Peyron, the director of Shivering Tokyo, the story centers on Stéphane Belcourt (accurately played by Guillaume de Tonquédec), a writer who returns to his hometown for a literary event. But this return is disturbed by the encounter with a young man, whose familiar face prompts him to revisit his past. The result is a moving drama about the passage of time, regrets and longing, combined with a strong statement about social determinism and the suffocation caused by family pressures.

stop with your liesscreened on Sunday 27 November at 7.35pm at MK2 Quai de Seine, then Tuesday 29 November at 5.10pm at MK2 Beaubourg.

The agitators by Marco Berger

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Prolific like no other, Argentine director Marco Berger will not have languished before revealing The agitators. In this new film, more homoerotic than ever, he takes an interest in a group of friends, all of them first heterosexuals, who all meet in a holiday home for a break “between the balls”. The dubious jokes follow, just like the “fags” that merge at all costs. Cut off from the world, these men of exacerbated virility give free rein to their sometimes dangerous impulses. With a vaguely voyeuristic bias, the director analyzes the narrowness of contemporary masculinity, often anxious, and deconstructs with agility the myth of the curious hetero, so appreciated within the gay community. The end, chilling, remains in the mind.

The agitatorsscreened on Saturday November 19 at 11am and beyond Thursday 24 November at 9.45am at MK2 Beaubourg, and finally on Tuesday 29 November at 8pm at MK2 Quai de Seine.

Camila is coming out tonight by Inés Maria Barrionuevo

dear dear, queer festival, lgbt film festival, dear dear festival, stop your lies, lgbt movie, dear dear
Photo credit: Outplay Films

Indeed, Camila goes out and explores her teenage desires, not caring what people will say. From the height of her 17 years, the young woman who has just landed in Buenos Aires has already forged a solid personality. A convinced feminist, she proudly carries her convictions despite the conservative positions of her high school, not very conducive to the resonance of the students’ voices. Camila is not one to keep quiet and she can count on allies, even in this hostile environment. Several generations intertwine, stories of lives take shape here and there, between insinuations and the unsaid. This feature film, directed by Inés María Barrionuevo, recounts the revolt of a young man who wants to be fluid, free, breaking with a traditionalist Argentina strongly marked by the presence of the Church, in a context where the legalization of abortion is on everyone’s lips .

Camila will be out tonight, screened on Saturday 26 November at 7.50pm and Tuesday 29 November at 10pm at MK2 Beaubourg.

Porn melancholia by Manuel Abramovich

dear dear, queer festival, lgbt film festival, dear dear festival, stop your lies, lgbt movie, dear dear
Photo credit: Epicenter Films

At a time when pornography has expanded into the world of self-entrepreneurship with platforms like OnlyFans, Porn melancholia look at the case of Lalo, a 30-year-old Argentine who decides to use his well-stocked groin to create an olé olé Twitter account. His handjob sessions in front of the camera are successful, he finds himself collaborating with a professional studio on an adult film about the Mexican revolution. But if thousands of strangers adore his sexual displays, Lalo experiences an all-consuming loneliness. Despite its slow pace, Manuel Abramovich’s film focuses on a stigmatized professional environment and paints a poignant portrait of a troubled young homosexual, dehumanized and the victim of an over-exploited sexuality.

porno melancholy, screened on Thursday 24 November at 7.35pm at MK2 Quai de Seine, then on Tuesday 29 November at 3.20pm at MK2 Beaubourg.

Room for rent by Eytan Fox

dear dear, queer festival, lgbt film festival, dear dear festival, stop your lies, lgbt movie, dear dear
Photo credit: Optimal Distribution

A meeting is enough for Michael and Tomer to question their worldview and relationships. The first, a journalist, is passing through Tel Aviv to write an article for the New York Times. The second, an audiovisual student, welcomes him during his stay through Airbnb. Rather than a brake, their age difference will allow them to confront their opinions on many topics, but it will also teach them to open up more. The film turns out to be a beautiful gay comedy-drama about the need for exchanges between generations.

Room for rentscreened on Friday 25 November at 10.20pm at MK2 Quai de Seine, Sunday 27 November at 9am and Tuesday 29 November at 10.15pm at MK2 Beaubourg.

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