All the films scheduled this week in Vichy (Allier)

BE A PROF. Duration 1 hour and 22 minutes All audiences. Session Monday at 6.35pm

THE ALMONDS. Duration 2 h 05. All audiences. Sessions Saturday at 1.30pm, 4.15pm, 7pm Sunday at 10.25am, 1.25pm, 4pm, 9pm Monday at 1.25pm, 4pm, 9pm Tuesday at 1.25pm, 21:00

SQUARE WOMEN. Duration 1 hour and 45 minutes All audiences. Sessions Saturday at 1.25pm, 3.40pm, 5.50pm, 8pm Sunday at 10.35am, 1.30pm, 4pm, 6.30pm Monday at 1.30pm, 4pm, 6.30pm, 9pm :00 Tuesday at 1:30pm, 4:00pm, 6:30pm, 9:00pm

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THE ORIGIN OF EVIL. Duration 2 h 05. All audiences. Screening Saturday at 5.40pm Sunday at 10.30am Monday at 8.30pm Tuesday at 1.30pm

STAY A LITTLE. Duration 1h33 All audiences. Screenings Saturday at 3.35pm, 8pm, 9.45pm Sunday at 1.35pm, 4.05pm, 6.35pm Monday at 4.05pm, 6.35pm Tuesday at 1.35pm, 4.05am

A HEDGEHOG IN THE SNOW. Duration 0 h 39. All audiences. Session Sunday at 11:00

And again in the room:

TIME OF ARMAGEDDON. Duration 1h55 All audiences. Sessions Saturday at 1.35pm, 10.10pm Sunday at 1.25pm, 6.15pm, 9pm Monday at 3.55pm, 6.15pm Tuesday at 3.55pm

BLACK ADAM. Duration 2 h 05. All audiences. Sessions Saturday at 4.15pm, 9.45pm Sunday at 3.55pm, 9pm Monday at 1.25pm, 6.25pm ​​Tuesday at 3.55pm, 9pm

BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER. Duration 2 h 42. All spectators. Saturday at 1.30pm, 5pm, 8.30pm, 9.40pm Sunday at 10.15am, 1.30pm, 5pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm Monday at 1.30pm, 5pm, 8pm: 00 30 (3D). Tuesdays at 1.30pm, 5pm, 8.30pm

COLORS OF FIRE. Duration 2 h 16. All spectators. Saturday at 1.25pm, 4.15pm, 7pm, 9.50pm Sunday at 1.45pm, 5pm, 8.30pm Monday at 1.45pm, 4.30pm, 8.30pm Tuesday at 1.45pm, 5pm :00, 20:30

MASKED. Duration 2 h 14. All spectators. Screenings Saturday at 4.10pm, 9.45pm Sunday at 5.00pm, 8.30pm Monday at 1.15pm, 3.55pm Tuesday at 5.00pm, 8.30pm

NOVEMBER. Duration 1 h 47. All audiences. Session Saturday at 19:00 Sunday at 18:30 Monday at 21:00 Tuesday at 18:30

SAMURAI ACADEMY. Duration 1 h 37. All audiences. Session Saturday at 1.25pm ​​Sunday at 10.35am

SIMONE – THE JOURNEY OF THE CENTURY. Duration 2h 20. All audiences. Screenings Saturday at 1.20pm, 6.55pm Sunday at 10.25am, 1.45pm Monday at 1.15pm, 8.55pm Tuesday at 1.45pm, 6.15pm


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