Connected health: Withings drops the price of almost all of its products

Withings didn’t wait for Black Friday to start its year-end promotions. On the menu: crossed out prices on its flagship products, such as the ScanWatch connected watch or the Body Cardio scale.

In the small world of connected healthcare, Withings is one of the reference points. The manufacturer has the particularity of offering a large catalog of products, always discreet, elegant and easy to use, without however renouncing the accuracy of the data analysed.

Connected watches, scales, thermometers, sleep analyzer… Many devices that you can connect to your smartphone to study your health data. Almost all of them are on sale during Withings Healthy Deals:

The Withings ScanWatch at -20%

Connected watches are Withings’ flagship products and ScanWatch is its flagship. Don’t let the design of the watch fool you – this is the most advanced model from the manufacturer. In addition to traditional heart rate or SpO2 monitoring, it is also able to provide an electrocardiogram or detect sleep apnea. Two features still rare on connected watches.

Withing Scan Watch

The Withings ScanWatch also benefits from a very generous autonomy. It can run for up to 30 days between charges, depending on usage. A feat made possible by the design of this watch: the small and discreet screen consumes little energy. The whole is protected by a sapphire crystal, a high-end material considered scratchproof. Finally, Withings guarantees water resistance up to 50 meters deep.

Withings ScanWatch currently benefits from a 20% discount on the manufacturer’s official store.

The Body Cardio Scale at -25%

Withings connected scales are not only able to measure your weight. Body Cardio can also analyze body composition such as water content, muscle density, fat and bone mass. It can also measure Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) which determines the health of your arteries. Something to please athletes and those in control of their cardiovascular balance.

The Withings Body Cardio Scale // Source: Withings
The Withings Body Cardio Scale // Source: Withings

All collected data is visible on the small scale screen, as well as on your smartphone thanks to the Health Mate application. A useful data visualization when it comes to monitoring long-term evolution. The Body Cardio scale is able to automatically recognize eight different profiles, so that the whole family can use it to its fullest.

Finally, this connected scale works with a battery with an autonomy of up to 12 months depending on usage.

On the occasion of Withings Healthy Deals, the Body Cardio scale benefits from a 25% discount.

The Withings Body+ scale is also on sale. Main difference: It doesn’t measure the health of your arteries. It’s on sale at -30%.

The Thermometer at -25%

For its connected thermometer, Withings has played the card of simplicity, and that’s good. The Thermo measures body temperature from the temporal artery located in the forehead. Everything happens without direct contact with the skin, and in just two seconds.

The Withings Thermo // Source: Withings
The Withings Thermo // Source: Withings

As with the connected scale, you can assign Thermo results to eight different users. Each of them can then follow the evolution of their temperature from the Health Mate application.

Usually sold at 99 euros, the Withings Thermo is currently on sale at -25%.

The sleep analyzer at -27%

Want to monitor your sleep status, but can’t stand sleeping with a bracelet or watch? Withings has a sleep monitoring mat in its catalog: the Sleep Analyzer, which is simply placed under the mattress.

Equipped with a multitude of sensors, the Withings connected mattress collects all the data necessary to determine the quality of sleep in real time: heart rate, breathing and movement.

The sleep analyzer // Source: Withings
The sleep analyzer // Source: Withings

This data is then analyzed by the Health Mate app to determine a sleep score. In detail, it is possible to know the duration and type of sleep cycles (deep, light, etc.), the heart rate throughout the night, but also the intensity of snoring. Lots of data that allow us to learn more about his state of health.

Withings Sleep Analyzer currently benefits from a 27% discount on the manufacturer’s official website.

The BPM Core blood pressure monitor at -25%

The blood pressure monitor is a must for the general practitioner and now you can do it from home. The BPM Core is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor that slips around the arm and is very easy to activate. It can then measure blood pressure, heart arrhythmia (via an ECG), and detect abnormalities around the heart valves.

Withings BPM Core // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama
Withings BPM Core // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

Data that you can then share directly with your doctor. What to evaluate the evolution of your tension without going to a doctor daily. Everything is also recorded on the mobile application, so that you can view the results of these tests yourself.

For Healthy Deals, Withings drops the price of its BPM Core by 25%.

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