Damien Sanchez signs the new Pizza of the Great Chefs of La Boite à Pizza

From November 2, 2022, and for 2 months, the essentials Pizza of the great chefs da La Boite à Pizza returns with a new recipe imagined by the starred chef Damiano Sanchez of the restaurant skab Nimes. A look back at this historic operation, imagined almost 20 years ago and which today is an integral part of the identity of The pizza box.


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Passion for the good product and for the taste

The generosity of the product, the rigorous and qualitative choice of the ingredients, the creative gluttony are the keywords of The pizza box since its creation. They continue to inspire the women and men who have joined the brand ever since and who share this same passion on a daily basis, in their stores and with customers loyal to these values. This passion for the good product and for the taste is perfectly illustrated by the operation The pizza of the great chefsstarted in the early 2000s. Combining fast food and gastronomy was, at the time, a totally innovative approach.

Since its creation by Franz Lallement At the end of the 80s, La Boite à Pizza intended to distinguish itself in the pizzeria market with this qualitative approach. The very concept of sign is based on gourmet pizza and the collaboration with big names in gastronomy was ultimately just a logical step in the development of the concept. In the 2000s, the network started calling MOF (Best Workers of France) to make his own gourmet pizza recipes. If the latter contribute to the creation of the recipes, this collaboration is not necessarily proposed by the sign.

It was only since 2010 that The Pizza of the Great Chefs it becomes the annual meeting that we know. “It was not easy to convince them big names in gastronomy to make pizza. If they have agreed to sign it is because we have guaranteed ours knowledge for the mastery of the recipe »commented Franz Lallement in an interview conducted in 2012*.

A succession of great names in French gastronomy

In 2010 and 2011, five great chefs, Christopher Portello, Cedric Beccade, Jean-André Charial, Nicholas Stamm And Mauro Colagreco who have collaborated with La Boite à Pizza to create pizza recipes that reflect their identity. This operation, which combines quality and taste with the marketing power of the big names in French gastronomy, is the culmination of almost 25 years of development of the La Boite à Pizza concept.

The success is such that the brand decides to make it an annual event with the participation of:

  • Thierry Verrat And Michelle Saran in 2012
  • Richard Toix And Yannick Delpech in 2013
  • Philip Labbe, Edward Loubert And Yann Tanneau in 2014
  • Ghislaino Arab And Yoni Saada in 2015
  • Jacques Fabsat in 2016
  • Jacques and Laurent Pourcel in 2017
  • Brice Ducos And Lionel Giraud in 2018
  • Mathieu DeLauzun in 2019
  • Frank Putelat in 2020
  • Daniel Lutrando in 2021

For 2022 it’s up to the starred chef Damiano Sanchez of the Skab restaurant in Nîmes, which has come up with a completely new recipe, inspired by the Nîmes region. With a base of cream and cod brandade, this pizza is enhanced by goat cheese, crunchy pine nuts, fresh basil and Taggiasca olives with, for the final touch, a drizzle of olive oil.

An operation that directly benefits franchisees

This collaboration with renowned chefs brings an undeniable originality to the brand and enhances its quality gastronomic know-how in public opinion. This approach directly benefits the affiliates of the network, who can thus distinguish themselves from the competition with original recipes signed by the biggest names in the French gastronomic scene.

The operation is also widely broadcast through a substantial communication plan including displays, POS, digital campaigns, flyer distribution, etc. The brand is also planning a national event offering the beautiful book “La Pizza des Grands Chefs” for any order, including a Pizza des Grands Chefs.

Do you want to know more about La Boite à Pizza, the advantages and specifics of its concept and the support offer of the network for opening a pizzeria? Meet the presentation sheet of the franchise La Boite à Pizza ⇩

*Read the interview by Frantz Lallement: “La Boîte à Pizza has always tried to distinguish itself through taste”Frantz Lallement (founder)

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