Soccer – French Cup. US Alençon women looking for an exploit

The US players will face Orleans in the first round of the Coupe de France. Like last year, but this time in front of their audience. ©L’Orne Hebdo

After the victory against Rouen Plateau Est (4-1) ensuring the presence, for the second consecutive year, at the first federal round of the French Cupthe women’s locker room American Alençon, unanimously, wanted “a big draw at home. »

A drawing of half a fig and half a grape

A will granted by the innocent hands of the coach of the French team, Corinne Deacon, and even if the expected opponent shoots at the highest level, it is not necessarily the one expected.

“When we saw the draw we all had the same reaction: mixed,” he confides Justine Lieron, green full back. “We wanted a D2 at home, it’s done. All except Orleans which is not necessarily a good memory. But it’s exciting nonetheless. ”

A sentiment shared by her teammate and guardian of the woods, Cassandra Leroy.

“I’m sorry because the magic of the Cup is also meeting teams we don’t play with. And of the 15 qualifiers, the crash rate on Orleans was low. But hey, it’s still big at home. »

Kassandra Leroy, United States Alencon goaltender

Continuous training

The disappointment subsided and with hindsight, the two prefectural judges that this confrontation will be interesting and for several reasons.

If the first qualifier could have been a surprise, this is just the one confirmation of the evolution of the team for many months.

“This qualification is a continuation of last season where we had a good championship finish and a good run in the Normandy Cup (finalist). This shows that we have made progress and continue to do so. »

US Alencon defender Justine Lieron

And, addressing that opposition with the hope of hooking it would validate one of the goals of the current exercise and demonstrate that a a new level has been reached.

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“It’s really a test match for us, says the player with gloved hands. We will know now if we will be able to keep a great team. »

The opportunity to shine and make people forget

Invited to the big table last season, the Alençonnaises had gasped and missed the match against the Orléanaises.

A serious and heavy defeat – the Prefecture has conceded as many goals as there are players on the field of a football team – which the two friends do not intend to repeat.

“It remains a beautiful memory despite everything for all of us. We gained experience even though there were no photos on the ground. Now, Sunday, it won’t be the same game, the same team. We are destined to show another face. Also, it will be at home in front of our family, loved ones, friends. So there’s an additional source of motivation. »

Justine Lieron and Kassandra Leroy

In Loiret, far from everyone, Manon Ryba’s companions had taken a pill that was still undigested today. “There will definitely be a little revenge, especially for me, personally. Took so much, it hurts and I don’t want that to happen again. We have to do better, it’s mandatory ”, shares the Alencon goalkeeper.

An enterprise in sight

Driven by the feat of their male colleagues, winners of Le Havre (Ligue 2), they too do not want to be outdone and live a magical moment. Especially since if applied, concentrated and determined, the feat is possible, despite its appearance.

And they don’t leave defeatists: “We’re already in it. There is a minimal chance of winning this game. But it’s up to us to take it. We will do our best to achieve this. »

And if, by wonder, the planets were aligned, the American Alençon could, next Monday, count its two flagship teams in attendance for the 32nd Coupe de France Final. Unpublished.

US Alençon – US Orléans, Sunday 20 November at 2.30pm, Jacques-Fould stadium.

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