The 15 best Christmas movies to get you in the holiday spirit

If the first snows help us get into the holiday spirit, classic Christmas movies have a lot to do with it too. We may have seen them dozens of times, but a few timeless Christmas movies are part of the tradition year after year. Here are 10 essential things to see (or review) without moderation!

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1. Mom, I missed my plane (Home Alone) — 1990

Directed by Chris Columbus, ” Mom I missed the plane! » remains one of the most popular Christmas films among audiences today.

The McCallister family decides to spend the Christmas holidays in Paris. Only Kate and Peter McCallister realize on the plane that they are losing their youngest son, 9-year-old Kevin. Desperate at first, Kevin quickly takes matters into his own hands and organizes himself to live better in the absence of his family… until two thieves choose his house to commit their crimes.

2. The Tree Has Balls (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) — 1989

Clark Griswold decides to celebrate Christmas properly: he will cut his tree with his little family, invite his parents, in-laws, aunt and uncle, and has even decided to decorate the whole house with 25,000 light bulbs!

But not everything goes as planned: the light bulbs refuse to turn on, his cousin Eddie arrives unexpectedly from Kansas, and he desperately awaits the Christmas bonus that will finally allow him to pay for the pool he secretly ordered!

3. Toy Race (Jingle all the way) 1996

Howard, a stressed and overwhelmed businessman, forgets this Christmas Eve to buy his neglected son Jamie the coveted child figure, Turbo man, model of a comic book hero.

However, the famous toy, a victim of its success, is out of stock. Not daring to face his family, Howard decides to do everything to get his hands on Turbo man, especially since he had claimed to his wife Liz that he had already bought it. So he travels up and down the city, but in vain.

In his search he meets Myron, a postman in the same situation as him. The two challenge each other with cunning to obtain the coveted object but only collect trouble. Especially with the police, then with Santa’s fake smugglers…

4. Miracle on 34th Street (Miracle on 34th Street) 1994

Doris Walker, an employee of the Macy’s store chain, is desperately looking for someone to play the role of Santa Claus to enliven her store during the holidays. She eventually hires Kris Kringle, a weirdo who claims to be the real Santa.

Faced with the skepticism of her employer, but also of her niece, Susan, Kris decides to go to court to publicly prove her identity.

5. Christmas with the Muppets (The Muppet Christmas Carol) 1992

The usurer Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserly man who is particularly obnoxious to his entourage and employees.

On Christmas Eve, the ghosts of his former partners, Jacob and Robert Marley, appear to him. They announce that three spirits have a mission to make him aware of his cruelty: those of Christmas past, present and future.

6. Dr. Seuss: The Grinch Who Would Ruin Christmas (The Grinch) — 2000

The Grinch is a green hairy bogeyman who has lived for 53 years in a cave on Mount Crumpit with his dog Max. Taken in by two charming old ladies, the Grinch would have liked to have a normal childhood and school, have friends and flirt with the kind Martha watching over him with a tender eye.

But the little Whos treated him so cruelly that they forced him into exile. This is how the Grinch became a grumpy hermit and perverted prankster who hates Christmas and everything that comes with it. Especially the Christmas of the people of Whoville down in the valley.

Their party preparations and melodious singing always annoyed him to the max. He’s allergic to all this joy that emanates from this small town.

7. The Goblin (Elf) — 2003

A child, who inadvertently ends up in Santa’s bag, is taken back to the North Pole where he is raised by the elves. In search of his identity as an adult, he introduces himself to his biological father.

8. In the footsteps of Santa Claus (Il Santa Claus) — 1995

Like a father who has a difficult relationship with a son he sees only occasionally, he will find his love thanks to Santa Claus.

9. Very Bad Santa (Bad Santa) — 2003

Santa is trash. He drinks, smokes, swears, and if he can barely stand all these brats visiting him at the mall, it’s only to empty the store trunk on Christmas Eve. But surprises await…

10. Northern Espresso (The Polar Express) 2004

A boy who begins to doubt the existence of Santa Claus gets on a mysterious train bound for the North Pole.

As the Boréal Express travels deeper into enchanted lands, adventure awaits and young passengers become aware of the extent of their gifts.

11. Four Christmases — 2008

Two lovers, children of divorced parents, are forced to celebrate Christmas in their four stepfamilies, while thinking of escaping to the sun.

12. War of the Toques (The dog that stopped the war) 1984

The War of the Tuques tells the story of an epic battle between two gangs of youths whose stake is a large castle of snow and ice. One of the groups is led by Luc, the undisputed leader until then, and the other is led by Pierre and his inseparable Saint Bernard.

A newcomer to the village, Sophie, will soon join Pierre’s gang. This comedy about friendship, rivalry and solidarity touches young and old with its freshness and authenticity.

A gang of youngsters is organizing a big war game. They end up taking themselves a little too seriously. A comedy on the themes of friendship and solidarity.

13. Jack the Snowman (Jack Frost) 1998

Jack Frost is an almost exemplary family man. Blues singer, unfortunately he can’t devote as much time as he would like to his wife Gaby and son Charlie. Sometime before leaving home on an outside music deal, he gives his son a magical harmonica.

When he returns home after the show, he is caught in a snowstorm that will be fatal. He dies in the car accident. A year later, Charlie sculpts a snowman as a tribute to his father and plays the harmonica.

The miracle happens. He is reincarnated as a snowman and visits his son. Heartwarming, funny, interesting and quirky, I immediately fell in love with this film.

14. The Christmas Chronicles 2018

After accidentally damaging Santa’s sleigh, a brother and sister work alongside him through the night to save the party.

15. December 23 – The Movie — 2022

This movie can’t make it to our holiday classics just yet as it’s only just hitting theaters. We bet, however, that it will soon carve out a place among our classics, which we never get tired of year after year!

On December 23, Christmas Eve, the frenzy of the holiday season is everywhere and takes many… In this ensemble film, we follow a hardened bachelor who wants to find love; a couple worried about seeing their lives change; a singer returning to the stage after a break; a woman who wants to organize a perfect Christmas; a teenager carrying a secret; a man who refuses to let society change; and a boss who has to prove his worth by dealing with personal issues.

Their destinies intertwine casually on this already tumultuous day, crowned by a good snowstorm… And if everyone has a personal vision of a magical Christmas, they will discover that perfect moments can be found in imperfections and contingencies.

Pack yourself a big bowl of popcorn, a good hot chocolate and a sweet blanket to be ready for a day at the movies full of Christmas magic!

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