Transfer market: Cristiano Ronaldo challenges Messi and PSG, should Qatar take advantage of it?

Passionate about sports, cinema and television (on and off the screen) since childhood, Bernard has been a journalist for 10 Sport since 2018. More skilled with the keyboard in his hand than with the ball, he has decided to mainly cover a very loved, criticized and hated both (football) and a sport that is not (wrestling).

After revealing his four truths about his situation at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo looks set to leave the English club during the winter transfer window. A departure expected for several months by the Portuguese, who took advantage of his interview with journalist Piers Morgan to send an unexpected message to Lionel Messi and PSG… What to offer a window of opportunity for Qataris?

Cristiano Ronaldo had indicated that he would speak out to express his truths about his situation, and he has kept his word. And how. In an interview with the reporter Piers morgan and broadcast throughout the week on British television, the striker by Manchester United he evaded no arguments and didn’t mince words when deciding on his club. Everyone has been there, from the owners to the players, passing through the management and the coach Eric ten witch. ” I felt cheated. Maybe I shouldn’t say it, but I don’t careShe said Christian Ronaldo On TV talk. Erik ten Hag? I have no respect for him, because he shows no respect for me. If you don’t respect me, I won’t respect you. »

“Messi? He is an exceptional person who has done great things for football.”

But Christian Ronaldo he also spoke highly of some people. This is especially true for Lionel Messi, his eternal rival whom he has been opposing for fifteen years. “VShe is an extraordinary player. Magical. We have shared the stage for 16 years. Imagine… 16 years old! So I have a very good relationship with him. I have a great relationship with him. I’m not his friend in the sense that he is someone who comes to my house and talks to me on the phone, but he is like a teammate.secured the five-time Ballon d’Or on the former star of the heartbeat frequency Barcelonanow at PSG. He’s a guy I respect a lot, the way he always talks about me… Even his wife or my wife, my girlfriend always have respect and they’re from Argentina. He’s very good. He is an exceptional person who has done great things for football. Would I like to have dinner with Messi? Yes why not. »

Cristiano Ronaldo does not close the door to PSG

An amazing release from Christian Ronaldoeager for records and struggling with Lionel Messi for the title of best player in history. Number 7 of Manchester Unitedaware of the end of his adventure between the red devilshe also took the opportunity to slip an unexpected foot call to the PSG. “ Anything is possible in football. Why not ? “, he replied to Pier Morgan when the latter mentioned a scenario where Kylian Mbappe would leave to make way for the Portuguese on the side of the Parc des Princes. ” I do not know. Obviously they would sell a lot of jerseys “, valued CR7. It is not the first time that the latter has mentioned a transfer to the Rossoneri PSG.

In his book “Christian“, published by Editions flammarythe former head of foreign football in France Football Thierry Merchant reveals a conversation with the Portuguese dating back to 2019 during which Ronaldothen player of the Juventus, he seriously fancied himself in Paris. ” I knew Ronaldo loved the capital. And that he sometimes went there on his days off, incognito. Above all, I was sure that he dreamed of being summoned there again, to receive a sixth Ballon d’Or. His answer sounded like a promise, but not in the way I expected: ”The door is open”. It was said. […] He insisted: “Only with the Portuguese from the Paris region, the club could fill the stadium. I can see myself well at the Parc des Princes, in front of fifty thousand Portuguese. That would be great.” It was no longer a pipe dream but a service offering. If Nasser al-Khelaïfi had been in the room that night, he would have only had a piece of paper to hand to make him a PSG striker. It was too easy, almost unreal. For five minutes CR7 boasted to me about the Parisian club’s charm as probably none of its managers would have been able to do. “, tells Thierry Merchant.

From the broadcast of the interview with Piers morganseveral clubs have been mentioned among the possible destinations for the former du True Madrid 37 years old, and in particular the PSG, while the principal interested party could terminate his lease this winter. For its part, the Parisian team is looking for a striker, but the file Christian Ronaldo I wouldn’t pack my bags Louis Fields. It must be said that this track seems improbable at first sight, both from a sporting point of view and when Christopher Galtier sometimes walking on eggshells with his trio of star strikers consisting of Kylian Mbappe, Neymar And Lionel Messibut also economically, with a MNM extension already blowing up the payroll. Furthermore, doubts remain about the actual level of Christian Ronaldo today, he who has scored just 3 goals in 16 appearances this season with Manchester United. To the point that his place in the national team is questioned by many Portuguese a few days before the start of the World Cup. But Qatar have shown that nothing is impossible since their takeover of the Parisian outfit in 2011.

So in your opinion the PSG it should sit on Cristiano Ronaldo ? To your votes

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