Champions League – Big, Lavreysen… all results from Berlin!

After Mallorca last Saturday, it is in Berlin that the stars of the track met this Saturday evening to compete in the second stage of the Champions League (Champions League on the UCI track for its official name). Like last week, four sprint races (speed + keirin men and women) and four endurance races (scratch + elimination men and women) would follow. The winners of this German round are named Katie Archibald (scratch and delete women), Oliver Wood (scratch men), Kelsey Mitchell (feminine keirin), Matthew Richardson (fast men), Dylan Bibic (elimination men), Harrie Lavreysen (masculine keirin) e Matilde Gros (female speed).

Footage – Mathilde Gros performs in the Champions League

Sprint: Mathilde Gros makes up for speed, the duel Harrie Lavreysen-Matthew Richardson continues

Like last Saturday, so it is Matilde Gros which carried the French colors higher. While Tom Derach And Rayan Helal they were eliminated in the first round of sprint and keirin, and so on Marie-Divine Kouamé after the first round in keirin and the semifinal in sprint, the individual sprint world champion once again stood out in her favorite event, thus canceling the disappointment that had manifested itself a few minutes earlier in keirin (eliminated in the first round). Having easily beaten the Dutch Laurine van Riessen in the final she obtained another prestigious victory, which allowed her to climb to third place in the general classification (46 pts), only ahead of the Colombian Martha Baiona (49 points) and the Canadian Kelsey Mitchell (48 points).

As for the men’s events, we again saw a huge duel between Harrie Lavreysen And Matthew Richardson. Beaten once again by the Australian in the sprint final – it had already happened last week in Mallorca – the Dutchman took his revenge by winning the keirin ahead of his great rival. This victory allows the Batavian to keep the lead in the general classification, but there are only two points of difference between the two Cadores in the sprint. German Stefan Botticher he is third, but already 16 units behind Lavreysen.

Endurance: Jennifer Valente under threat from Katie Archibald, Mathias Guillemette takes control

Winner of two races in the Endurance League, Katie Archibald it was a great success in terms of points, his 40 points scored this Saturday night allowed him to climb up to second place in the general classification, still dominated by the American Jennifer Valente, second in scratch and elimination in Berlin. After overtaking their opponents, the two women are only separated by 6 points. Among men, there is a new leader in the person of Matthias Guillemette. Sixth in the scratch and third in elimination, the Canadian capitalized on an average performance of Mark Stewart (9 and 8) to seize power at the expense of the British. Guillemette (55 points) is respectively 5 and 7 points clear Stewart and the Swiss Claudius Imhof.

All the results of the 2nd stage of the UCI Track Champions League

Keirin women

First round (the first two of each series go to the final)

Series 1

1. Marta Bayona (COL) 2. Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) 3. Steffie van der Peet (NED) 4. Lea Sophie Friedrich (GER)

5. Marie-Divine Kouame (FRA) 6. Orla Walsh (IRL)

Series 2

1. Olena Starikova (UK) 2. Laurine van Riessen (NED) 3. Mathilde Gros (FRA) 4. Helena Casas Roigé (ESP)

5. Emma Finucane (GBR) 6. Pauline Sophie Grabosch (GER)

Series 3

1. Shanne Braspenincx (NED) 2. Hetty van de Wouw (NED) 3. Luz Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez (MEX)

4. Miriam Vece (ITA) 5. Urszula Los (POL)

The final

1. Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) 2. Martha Bayona (COL) 3. Shanne Braspennicx (NED)

4. Laurine van Riessen (NED) 5. Hetty van de Wouw (NED) 6. Olena Starikova (UKR)

Keirin men

First round (the first two of each series go to the final)

Series 1

1. Stefan Botticher (GER) 2. Mateusz Rudyk (POL) 3. Thomas Cornish (AUS) 4. Rayan Helal (FRA)

5. Hamish Turnbull (GBR) 6. Shinji Nakano (JAP)

Series 2

1. Matthew Richardson (Australia) 2. Kevin Quintero (COL) 3. Jeffrey Hoogland (NED) 4. Mikhail Yakovlev (ISR)

5. Sergey Ponomarov (KAZ) 6. Jair Tjon in FA (SUR)

Series 3

1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED) 2. Esow Esow (IND) 3. Santiago Ramirez (COL) 4. Jai Angsuthasawit (THA)

5. Mohd Azizulhasni Bin Awang (MAS) 6. Tom Derache (FRA)

The final

1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED) 2. Matthew Richardson (AUS) 3. Stefan Bötticher (GER) 4. Esow Esow (IND)

5. Mateusz Rudyk (POL) 6. Kevin Quintero (COL)

Speed ​​Women

First round (the first of each series goes to the semifinals)

Series 1 : 1. Matilde Gros (FRA) 2. Helena Casas Roige (ESP)

Series 2:1. Marie-Divine Kouamé (FRA) 2. Luz Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez (MEX) 3. Hetty van de Wouw

Series 3 : 1. Ursula Los (POL) 2. Orla Walsh (IRL)

Series 4 : 1. Marta Bayona (COL) 2. Steffie van der Peet (NED) 3. Miriam Vece (ITA)

Series 5 : 1. Laurine van Riessen (NED) 2. Pauline Sophie Grabosch (GER) 3. Olena Starikova (UKR)

Series 6 : 1. Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) 2. Shanne Braspennincx (NED) 3. Emma Finucane (GBR)

Semifinals (the first of each series goes to the final)

Series 1 : 1. Matilde Gros (FRA) 2. Urszula Los (POL) 3. Kelsey Mitchell (CAN)

Series 2 : 1. Laurine van Riessen (NED) 2. Marie-Divine Kouame (FRA) 3. Martha Bayona (COL)

The final

Matilde Gros (FRA) defeated Laurine van Riessen (NED)

The final


Fast men

First round (the first of each series goes to the semifinals)

Series 1 : 1. Kevin Quintero (COL) 2. Mateusz Rudyk (POL) 3. Jair Tjon in FA (SUR)

Series 2 : 1. Santiago Ramirez (COL) 2. Hamish Turnbull (GBR) 3. Jeffrey Hoogland (NED)

Series 3 : 1. Mikhail Yakovlev (ISR) 2. Esow Esow (IND) 3. Mohd Azizulhasni Bin Awang (MAS)

Series 4 : 1. Stefan Botticher (GER) 2. Rayan Helal (FRA) 3. Thomas Cornish (AUS)

Series 5 : 1. Matthew Richardson (Australia) 2. Jai Angsuthasawit (THA) 3. Sergey Ponomarov (KAZ)

Series 6 : 1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED) 2. Shinji Nakano (JAP) 3. Tom Derache (FRA)

Semifinals (the first of each series goes to the final)

Series 1:1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED) 2. Kevin Quintero (COL) 3. Mikhail Yakovlev (ISR)

Series 2:1. Matthew Richardson (Australia) 2. Stefan Botticher (GER) 3. Santiago Ramirez (COL)

The final

Matthew Richardson (Australia) defeated Harrie Lavreysen (NED)

Scratch women

1. Katie Archibald (GBR) 2. Jennifer Valente (USA) 3. Chloe Moran (AUS) 4. Anita Yvonne Stenberg (NOR)

5. Maggie Coles-Lyster (CAN) 6. Michaela Drummond (NZL) 7. Emily Kay (IRL) 8. Lea Lin Teutenberg (GER)

9. Sophie Lewis (GBR) 10. Michelle Andres (SUI) 11. Sarah Van Dam (CAN) 12. Lily Williams (USA)

13. Rachele Barbieri (ITA) 14. Tsuyaka Uchino (JAP) 15. Silvia Zanardi (ITA) 16. Tania Calvo Barbero (ESP)

17. Laura Kenny (GBR) 18. Emma Cumming (NZL)

Scratch card men

1. Oliver Wood (GBR) 2. Claudio Imhof (SUI) 3. Matteo Donega (ITA) 4. Moritz Malcharek (GER) 5. Roy Eefting (NED)

6. Mathias Guillemette (CAN) 7. Matthijs Büchli (NED) 8. Gavin Hoover (USA) 9. Mark Stewart (GBR)

10. Michele Scartezzini (ITA) 11. Sebastian Mora (ESP) 12. William Perrett (GBR) 13. Gustav Johansson (SWE)

14. Erik Martorell (ESP) 15. Grant Koontz (USA) 16. Dylan Bibic (CAN) 17. Rotem Tene (ISR) 18. Filip Prokopyszyn (POL)

Elimination of women

1. Katie Archibald (GBR) 2. Jennifer Valente (USA) 3. Lily Williams (USA) 4. Rachele Barbieri (ITA)

5. Sarah Van Dam (CAN) 6. Michaela Drummond (NZL) 7. Michelle Andres (SUI) 8. Maggie Coles-Lyster (CAN)

9. Silvia Zanardi (ITA) 10. Chloe Moran (AUS) 11. Lea Lin Teutenberg (GER) 12. Sophie Lewis (GBR) 13. Emily Kay (IRL)

14. Tania Calvo Barbero (ESP) 15. Anita Yvonne Stenberg (NOR) 16. Emma Cumming (NZL) 17. Tsuyaka Uchino (JAP)

18. Laura Kenny (GBR)

Male Elimination

1. Dylan Bibic (Canada) 2. William Perrett (GBR) 3. Mathias Guillemette (CAN) 4. Claudio Imhof (SUI)

5. Sebastian Mora (ESP) 6. Michele Scartezzini (ITA) 7. Matthijs Büchli (NED) 8. Mark Stewart (GBR)

9. Moritz Malcharek (GER) 10. Oliver Wood (GBR) 11. Gustav Johansson (SWE) 12. Roy Eefting (NED)

13. Erik Martorell (ESP) 14. Matteo Donega (ITA) 15. Grant Koontz (USA) 16. Rotem Tene (ISR)

17. Filip Prokopyszyn (POL) 18. Gavin Hoover (USA)

The general classifications by League (after two stages out of five)

Women’s Sprint League standings

1. Martha Bayona (COL) 49 points

2. Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) 48 points

3. Mathilde Gros (FRA) 46 points

4. Shanne Braspennincx (NED) 45 points

5. Laurine van Riessen (NED) 40 points

6. Olena Starikova (UKR) 36 points

7. Luz Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez (MEX) 35 pts

8. Hetty van de Wouw (NED) 33 points

9. Steffie van der Peet (NED) 30 points

10. Urszula Los (POL) 27 pt

Men’s sprint championship standings

1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED) 74 points

2. Matthew Richardson (AUS) 72 points

3. Stefan Bötticher (GER) 58 points

4. Santiago Ramirez (COL) 39 points

5. Kevin Quintero (COL) 39 points

6. Mateusz Rudyk (POL) 35 points

7. Mikhail Yakovlev (ISR) 33 points

8. Esow Esow (IND) 27 points

9. Thomas Cornish (AUS) 23 points

10. Mohd Azizulhasni Bin Awang (MAS) 20 points

Women’s endurance championship standings

1. Jennifer Valente (USA) 66 points

2. Katie Archibald (GBR) 60 points

3. Lily Williams (USA) 43 points

4. Sarah Van Dam (CAN) 40 points

5. Anita Yvonne Stenberg (NOR) 38 points

6. Maggie Coles-Lyster (CAN) 34 points

7. Rachele Barbieri (ITA) 32 pts

8. Michaela Drummond (NZL) 31 points

9. Chloe Moran (AUS) 30 points

10. Sophie Lewis (GBR) 28 points

Men’s endurance championship standings

1. Mathias Guillemette (CAN) 55 pts

2. Mark Stewart (GBR) 50 points

3. Claudio Imhof (SUI) 48 pts

4. Sebastian Mora (ESP) 44 points

5. William Perrett (GBR) 42 points

6. Moritz Malcharek (GER) 39 points

7. Michele Scartezzini (ITA) 38 points

8. Oliver Wood (GBR) 36 points

9. Matthijs Büchli (NED) 32pt

10. Gavin Hoover (USA) 26 points

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