Football – Coupe de France: end of the great adventure for EBBE beaten by Aubagne (1-4)

In front of 2,000 fans, the Boé-Bon-Encontre agreement was unable to counter the liveliness of Aubagne (1-4). The gear was too high for the Lot-et-Garonnais who cut short their fantastic adventure.

The Coupe de France, eternal dream machine. It stopped this Saturday evening near Cancelles in a winter climate overheated by 2,000 fans, determined to push their “heroes” towards a new venture. This was not enough for the players of the Boé-Bon-Encontre agreement.

Despite a large burst of energy, the EBBE failed to overthrow Aubagne. Three divisions to separate the two formations and as many discarded goals at the planchot at the final whistle (1-4). The march was too high for the locals in front of the Provencals who were determined to get their passports stamped for the future.

However, the premises do not drag on after the inaugural whistle. Barely thirty seconds, Boétienne’s attack attempted a first foray into the opposing penalty area. The combination between Berthelot and Arion is nullified by the defense of Aubagne. But the inhabitants of N2 did not come to Lot-et-Garonne to discover its tourist charm. Grossetie stands out for turning off the first Provençal alarm (2nd). Local defense is made a strong contribution. As on the punishment of Dali-Amor. The EBBE goalkeeper, without panicking, gives air to him (7th). Aubagne continues his forcing. Santana Mendy is maneuvering this time. He deceives the defense and comes face to face with once again awe-inspiring ability to save the people of him (10th). Before the quarter of an hour of play, Aubagne finds the gap. Outside the area, Rivière sends a harmless shot to the ground. The ball gets stuck in the goal of the Grossetie caught out (0-1, 14th).

Hope extinguished by fatal counterattacks

Though tense, Jourdan and Thomas’s men try their luck. At half an hour, the balance of hope. After a free kick, Arion recovers the ball. With a cross shot he catches the Provençal goalkeeper (1-1, 30th). Driven by its audience, the EBBE surpasses the “lemons”. Goncalves sees his free-kick cleared by the block (35th).

Back on the lawn, Aubagne still lets his speed talk. The Boétienne defense is taken by default in its surface. Santana Mendy displaces Grossetie on a penalty (1-2, 48th).

On the Lot-et-Garonne meadow, this poster is tough. Aubagne hinders EBBE, especially in midfield. To free up space. And the counters do not forgive. On Boétian’s corner, ball treated badly. The revival of Provence is regal. Outnumbered (4 to 1), the host attack brings home the point. Piriana is at the conclusion against Grossetie who can do absolutely nothing (1-3, 75th).

Far from giving up, the Boétiens are doing their best to come out on top. In the 78th minute, the forwards bring danger in front of the visiting goalkeeper. The referee forgets to blow a hand, much to the annoyance of the fans.

Thus, Aubagne completes its logical success. In a new counterattack, the EBBE passes again. Soumain is finally served on a plate by Mendy. Grossetie is yet to bow (1-4, 85°).

The final whistle puts an end to this fantastic Boétienne adventure. An historic journey for the boys of Alexis Jourdan and Mickaël Thomas to reach this eighth round of the Coupe de France. They don’t have to be ashamed. In reverse. They must not lower their eyes in the face of this defeat. No regrets about this elimination. N2 members presented a higher register for a Lot-et-Garonne collective that sounded a little more uptight than usual. A little too much pressure, perhaps, on the shoulders to win the enterprise at all costs.

The honor guard reserved by the Aubagnais at the exit of the Lot-et-Garonnais is rather a symbol. That of respect for this magnificent adventure. Some couldn’t hold back tears as they entered the locker room. The end of a dream.


Mt: 1-1.

Public: about 2,000 spectators

Referee: Léo Beulet assisted by Ludovic Genestet and Thomas Rocaboy.

Targets.- For Boé Bon-Encontre: Arion (30); for Aubagne: Rivière (14), Mendy (50), Piriana (75) and Soumain (85).

BOÉ-BON-MEETING: Grossetie, Chaminade, Sarraut (Lamer, 71°), Labiod, Michaud (cap; Labor, 79°), Benlloch, Arion (Michelet, 65°), Favennec, Berthelot (Libeau, 79°), Do Poço (Martinez, 65°), Goncalves .

IN PRISON: Gil, N. Mendy (Ndozangue, 50°), Piriava, Elana, Savane, Doukansy (beret), El Fagyh, Rivière (Soumain 77°), S. Mendy (Cordier, 86°), Dali-Amor (Assouman, 77°), Taphnia.

Yellow paper: Michaud (59th), Chaminade (64th) and Jourdan (82nd) ​​​​for Boé-Bon-Encontre; Doukansy (20th) and Savane (35th) for Aubagne.

Match rating: 13/20

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