Mathilde Gros in Berlin new success

Mathilde Gros triumphs in Berlin (photo Alex Whitehead/

Artesian born Mathilde Gros wins the 2nd round of the Champions League on the track in Berlin with speed. This is the 2nd consecutive success for the 2022 World Champion on this international circuit that brings together the best cyclists in the world. Roubaisien Tom Derache instead was eliminated from the start as in keirin in a context that was still too difficult for him.

Nothing stopped Mathilde Gros from her recent victory at the last World Cup held on the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines track. The Northerner was impressive in strength and confidence. The northerner skipped the tournament quickly, winning hands down the two qualifying series held with three riders. And even more the final against the unexpected Dutch Laurine Van Riessen.

” I can not believe“, declares Mathilde after her unchallenged success. “It was a difficult race, with very strong girls. Thanks a lot to the public. The support here has been amazing. And I’m really excited to be racing in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Worlds was a month ago and all my friends and family will be there. I hope many people come to see this UCI Champions League. »

After Mallorca last week, Mathilde Gros won clearly in Berlin and consolidated her first place in the discipline in this 2nd UCI Track Champions League.

Mathilde Gros dominated the Dutch Laurine van Riessen in the final (photo Alex Whitehead/

On the other hand, the Frenchwoman fails again in the keirin tournament, the final of which still refuses the resident of the “Army of Champions”, only third in her series. But Mathilde Gros still scored some points in Berlin which allowed her to finish in 3rd place in the combined standings of the two events.

The other French are in trouble

The other French world champion (in the 500m), Marie-Divine Kouamé it didn’t do better in the test but at least got through one lap during the speed.

No exploits even for the French sprinters Rayan Helal e Tom Derach. Both fell to giants Bötticher and Lavreysen in the playoffs. Go Sport Roubaix Lille Métropole’s Lille resident finishes 3rd in his series, away from supersonic Harrie Lavreysenand Japanese Shinzi Nakano.

Still a surprise at the end. As in Mallorca, the Dutch ogre bows to the Australian Matthew Richardsonthe fit man of the moment.

Same bitter remark about keirin for the Blues. Tom Derach he finishes 6th and last in his series won by Lavreysen himself. The young Nordic continues to learn against the best sprinters in the world. In the overall Champions League sprint standings, Derache is currently 15th (out of 18) with 13 points. Right in front of his compatriot Rayan Helal.

Tom Derache couldn’t do anything against Harrie Lavreysen in his series (photo Alex Broadway/

The rebound will hopefully be at home next week at the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines velodrome, where World Cup fever may not have fully subsided yet. In fact, the national velodrome hosts the 3rd round of the Champions League on the track.

This second phase of the Champions League has been a real success in Berlin. This time it was the British and Canadian riders who won. The rematch is therefore next Saturday, November 25, at the national velodrome of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

In full the victorious final of Mathilde Gros

Results of the 2nd stage of the Champions League

Women’s sprint final

1. Matilde Gros (France)
2. Laurine van Riessen (Netherlands)
3. Urszula Los (Poland)

Men’s sprint final

1. Matthew Richardson (Australia)
2. Harrie Lavreysen (Netherlands)
3.Kevin Quintero (Colombia)

Keirin women

  1. Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)
  2. Marta Bayona (Colombia)
  3. Shane Braspenninckx (Netherlands)

Keirin men

1. Harrie Lavreysen (Netherlands)
2.Matthew Richardson (Australia)
3. Stefan Botticher (Germany)

Elimination of women

1. Katie Archibald (Great Britain)
2. Jennifer Valente (USA)
3. Lily Williams (USA)

Male Elimination

1. Dylan Bibic (Canada)
2. William Perrett (Great Britain)
3. Mathias Guillemette (Canada)

Scratch women

1. Katie Archibald (Great Britain)
2. Jennifer Valente (USA)
3. Chloë Moran (Australia)

Scratch card men

1. Oliver Wood (Great Britain)
2. Claudio Imhof (Switzerland)
3. Matteo Donega (Italy)

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