The top 10 horror movies when you’re having a bad day, according to Reddit

The top 10 horror movies when you’re having a bad day, according to Reddit

From The Menu to Nanny, there are plenty of new horror movies releasing in November 2022 that are the perfect cure for bad days. Whether it’s gloomy rainy weather, the fact that it’s getting dark earlier, or just a day off, horror fans always want advice for the type of film they’ve chosen. For those who like to be scared, whether it’s a paranormal movie or a slasher movie, a horror movie is always a good idea.

From some cheesy ’90s favorites to atmospheric stories that feel perfectly moody, the Redditors have some great picks for a day when nothing goes right and it’s time to get lost in a scary story.

Idle Hands (1999)

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Redditor AbyssPrism goes for “basically campy, fun popcorn stuff” when looking for a cure for a less-than-great day. The fan suggested Idle Hands, the story of a teenager whose right hand takes on a terrible and dark life.

Anton Tobias is a light-hearted character who doesn’t take life too seriously, which makes him a great protagonist to watch. As Anton tries to stop what seems inevitable, viewers can’t help but laugh at this purely entertaining film.

Child’s Play 2 (1990)

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Redditor PAWWWP recommended Child’s Play 2 and wrote, “I don’t know why, but it drives me. While not as popular as the first film, the Chucky sequel works on rough days as the doll is oddly cheerful and makes fans laugh.

As Andy Barclay, now in foster care, continues to battle Chucky, fans get another look at the beloved Good Guy doll who has an adorable outfit and looks way cuter and more comforting than she actually is.

Happy Death Day (2017)

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Redditor LayneInVain said “Happy Death Day” is a good movie to watch on a less-than-perfect day and is sure to make everyone smile because it’s an entertaining horror comedy. The 2017 film Blumhouse examines how student Tree Gelbman will solve the puzzle of why she keeps being killed by a masked assassin named Babyface.

With lots of jokes and a fast pace, Happy Death Day is a great combination of a real slasher with a funny villain and straight comedy about college life.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

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For Redditor andrewdoesit, Shaun of the Dead is “always a good way to cheer me up.” A beloved horror comedy, the film follows friends Ed and Shaun who find themselves in a zombie apocalypse in London, England.

The film has a very lighthearted tone that anyone looking for something fun and entertaining will enjoy, and the conclusion deserves special mention because it is particularly intelligent. The characters are really captivating here.

The House of the Night (2021)

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The Night House is one of the best horror movies of 2021 and captures the process of coming to terms with the death of a loved one. Redditor ciiuffd suggests watching it on a rough day because “it has such a cathartic ending.”

Beth finds solace in her lake house as she mourns the death of her husband Owen, and when it becomes clear she too has to solve a mystery, she learns something about Owen she never knew she had. The film is slow and creepy.

Crimson Peak (2015)

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Sometimes a funny movie plays well on a bad day and other times horror fans want a certain type of atmosphere. Redditor darkmoonecroone suggested Crimson Peak and wrote that it was a “favorite rainy day”. The fan continued, “There’s nothing like a moody period piece with great cinematography and a slight element of horror. »

Crimson Peak has murders, ghosts and mysterious and sophisticated characters. The gothic atmosphere is one of the reasons why horror fans love this and the old house at the center of the story is one of the most unforgettable as it will get under the skin of the audience.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010)

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While some horror comedies are scary, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil is a joyous ride all the way. Redditor dannyvendetta teased it and wrote that it was about “Two guys who can’t seem to catch a break and are constantly misinterpreted, but finally make it through.” »

While everyone around them thinks the main characters have killed people, the audience knows that Dale and Tucker are innocent and mean no harm. They are really nice and mind their own business, which makes the story of the characters who have to get out of a terrible, confusing and chaotic situation unforgettable.

You’re Next (2011)

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You’re Next is a gripping horror film in many different ways, as it is a smart slasher that changes the typical girly ending narrative. One Redditor called it a “refreshing slasher because the protagonist is extremely smart and dexterous.” The fan wrote: “It always leaves me in a good mood because it breaks so many tropes like that. »

Whether audiences love it for the new take on the masked villains or the storyline between lead couple Erin and Crispin, You’re Next won’t disappoint.

Coralina (2009)

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Coraline is both sweet and creepy, a perfect stop-motion horror movie when a cure-all sounds right. Redditor ZemMattress suggested the film and wrote, “I know it’s a kids movie, but it has the right horror/comfort ratio.”

When Coraline Jones enters a parallel universe, she learns more about herself and her family, and the themes intertwine. The character goes on a sweet journey as she moves with her parents to a new city and begins living in the spooky apartments of the Park Palace.

Scream (1996)

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One Redditor asked “How about a movie that you know will entertain you? when morale is high and he added, “Scream always does it for me. In general, all slashers of the time. The classic story of Sidney Prescott finding out who Ghostface is will always be an ongoing recommendation as he manages to feel lighthearted and fun even though he has many nerve-wracking moments.

Whether horror fans watch Scream for the strong characters or because they love clever dialogue, it’s fair to say that this ’90s slasher gets even funnier the more people watch it because they’re so nostalgic for it. .

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