Top 5 films of Isabelle Adjani – what a filmography!

In 2022, Isabelle Adjani brought back to life Diane de Poitiers, Countess of Saint-Vallier, Duchess of Valentinois and favorite of Henri II, King of France, in a film of the same name. This film completed the long list of productions in which the French actress has appeared. We offer you our selection of the 5 best films by Isabelle Adjani.

Isabelle Adjani at the Christian Dior Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Show in Paris on September 27, 2022 in Paris, France. Photo: @Stéphane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images
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Isabelle Adjani is one of the most featured French actresses of recent decades. Since 1970, she has starred in major productions such as Killer summer by Jean Becker Masquerade by Nicolas Bedos o Diabolical by Jeremiah S. Chechik.

Brief presentation by Isabelle Adjani

Birth name Isabelle Yasmina Adjani
Genre women
Date of birth June 27, 1955
Birth place 17th district of Paris,France
Age 67 years old
Zodiac sign Cancer
ethnicity caucasian
Nationality French
Mother Augusta Adjani
Pope Mohamed Cherif Adjani
Height in centimeters 164cms
Weight 52kg
Measuresin centimeters 89-61-98
Hair colour Black
eyes colour blue
Brother Eric Hakim Adjani
Sexuality heterosexual
Ex spouses André Dussollier, Francis Huster, Bruno Nuytten, Warren Beatty, Daniel Day-LewisJean-Michel Jarre, Stephane Delajoux,
Sons Barnabé (born April 1979),Gabriel-Kane (born April 9, 1995)
Facebook Isabella Adjani

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Isabelle Adjani landed her first movie role when she was just 14 years old. She thus embodied the character of Rose in Little Bougnat, shot during the school holidays. Two years later, Isabelle Adjani played Faustina and the beautiful summer alongside other young actors who became equally famous, notably Muriel Catala, Francis Huster, Jacques Spiesser, Jacques Weber and Isabelle Huppert. We then saw her in huge productions, feature films, short films and TV series of which we compile our Top 5.

All Fire, All Fire (1982)

All fire all flames is one of Jean-Paul Rappeneau’s best films. Isabelle Adjani occupied the manifesto with Yves Montand to which she gave the answer as Pauline Valance, the eldest, polytechnic.

She then played there as the daughter of Victor Valance, an adventurer and seducer who left Paris to pursue sordid business in the Bahamas and Canada, leaving behind his mother and three daughters. Polytechnic employed by the Minister of Finance, Pauline, to whom Isabelle Adjani lends her features, takes care of the whole family since the death of her mother.

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Except that upon her father’s return to Paris, she discovered that he wanted to use her charms to obtain power of attorney from her mother to sell her building and undertake the renovation of an amusement arcade on the banks of the River Geneva. Thanks to her performance in this film, Isabelle Adjani received prestigious nominations and awards.

Camille Claudel (1988)

Camillus Claudel is a film by director Bruno Nuytten, released in 1988. This homonymous film tells the life and career of the sculptor Camille Claudel, sister of the poet, playwright and diplomat Paul Claudel and muse of Auguste Rodin.

Isabelle Adjani has slipped into Camille Claudel’s skin to accompany the viewer through the tortuous paths taken by the artist to bring her passion for sculpture to life. Flanked by her father and brother Paul, played respectively by Alain Cuny and Laurent Grévill, the sculptor who dreamed of entering the studio of the great master Auguste Rodin, she succeeded after demonstrating her talent and her determination to work with he.

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Camille is then hired in the studio of the great master Auguste Rodin as an apprentice with her friend Jessie Lipscomb brought to the screen by Katrine Boorman. Isabelle Adjani shows how Camille fell madly in love with the master and became his lover and muse.

If the film helped introduce the still unknown artist to the general public, this sudden celebrity is attributed to the masterful interpretation of Isabelle Adjani who fell in love with Gérard Depardieu embodying the imperial Rodin. Thanks to this performance, Adjani received a new César for best actress, the Silver Bear in Berlin and an Oscar nomination, thus becoming international.

Killer Summer (1983)

Killer summer is a French drama film directed by Jean Becker and released in 1983. It is adapted from the novel of the same name by Sébastien Japrisot. Isabelle Adjani played the role of Eliane, known as ” She “, an attractive twenty-year-old young woman whose sensuality left no one indifferent.

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She moved to a Provençal village with her adoptive father, Gabriel, a paralytic who refused to take care of her, and her mother, nicknamed ” Eve Brown Given her German origins, Eliane met Florimondo there, nicknamed ” Pin Pon “. The latter worked in the garage of “Henri IV” and as a volunteer fireman and lived with his mother, his deaf aunt and the two brothers Mickey and Boubou in the large family home. Florimondo and She they gave in to their mutual attraction and a romance was born between them.

Only, they soon realized that Eliane was born of a rape committed on her mother by three strangers. They also learned that among these rapists was the father of ” Pin Pon », when dead, as well as Leballech and Touret who have since become respectable people.

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For revenge “ She she worked out a plan which consisted in pretending to be pregnant in order to get Florimond to marry her. But after discovering that she was wrong thanks to her adoptive father, whose handicap she had caused, and who had revealed to her that he had shot the real rapists several years before her, she Éliane, already psychologically tormented and neurotic , has sunk into her madness.

Florimond, desperate for his wife’s mental state, believed that she was the victim of two perverts, Leballech and Touret, who would have been the pimps. It was then that he shot them. If initially the actress refused to play this role because of her scenes, which she considered too obscene, it still made her one of the most emblematic French actresses of hers. A theatrical hit, the film received four Césars, including Best Screenplay and Best Actress awarded to Isabelle.

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Queen Margot (1994)

Queen Margot is a French film co-written and directed by Patrice Chéreau, released in 1994. It is an adaptation of the famous novel Queen Margot by Alexandre Dumas father. It tells the life of Marguerite de Valois, called “ Margot », Majestically embodied by Isabelle Adjani. The actress leads the viewer through the labyrinth of Queen Margot’s marriage to Henri de Navarre, the future Henry IV, played by Daniel Auteuil. In the main roles we also find Jean-Hugues Anglade, Vincent Perez, Virna Lisi, Dominique Blanc, Pascal Greggory and Jean-Claude Brialy.

The film plunges into the heart of the riots of August 1572 in Paris, when the wedding of the Protestant Henri de Navarre, future Henry IV, played by Daniel Auteuil, with Marguerite de Valois, to whom Isabelle Adjani lent her features, is approaching.

Catholic, daughter of France, daughter of Caterina de Medici played by Virna Lisi and sister of the unstable King Charles IX brought to the screen by Jean-Hugues Anglade and of the ambitious princes Henri played by Pascal Greggory and François played by Julien Rassam, Marguerite a de Valois disliked her future husband who didn’t particularly like her either.

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Thus they found themselves at the center of a political marriage, orchestrated by Caterina de Medici, called to smooth the edges of the susceptibilities of Pope Gregory XIII and of Spain on the one hand, of the Protestant states on the other, and above all to mitigate the disagreements that they opposed the Catholic party of Duke Henri de Guise embodied by Miguel Bosé and the Protestant faction led by Admiral Gaspard de Coligny embodied by Jean-Claude Brialy.

Critics widely praised Isabelle Adjani’s performance in this role that she would have believed was written for her. Contemptuous queen, unlivable, impossible lover, saint and whore, she is everything and the opposite of her at the same time. The film also earned him a new César.

skirt day (2009)

skirt day is a Franco-Belgian film directed by Jean-Paul Lilienfeld. Shot in 2008 and released in 2009. The film is a glimpse into the life of Sonia Bergerac, a literature teacher in a suburban college who lives with difficulty and an unsatisfied relationship with her students on a daily basis. She is also weakened by her husband’s departure.

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Sonia found herself embroiled in tragedy following an inadvertently shot in the leg of one of her students named Mouss. The latter kept the gun in her bag and her teacher had found it during a rehearsal in a theater class. It was while she was trying to get hold of her that she triggered the shot that wounded her student.

In the confusion of the moment, the teacher broke down and took some of her students hostage. She was able to keep them there thanks to the support of some of hers to whom she explained her vision of hers. Externally, the school, the police and the political authorities have tried to understand the situation and react effectively.

In response to the police asking her requests, Madame Bergerac, a fan of skirts, requested that female students be allowed to wear skirts for a day to combat the a priori that girls in skirts are prostitutes.

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However, the situation degenerated when the negotiation was about to reach a favorable outcome for all. A boy named Mehmet grabbed the weapon and killed another, Sébastien, who brandished the threat of reprisals.

Sonia also fell under the gunshots of a policeman disguised as a cameraman journalist and during her funeral her ex ” hostages all wore skirts. This role allowed Isabelle Adjani to become the most successful actress of the Oscar ceremony with the fifth trophy that the role of Sonia allowed her to win.


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