Alsace. [Vidéo] A support committee so that France does not forget Cécile Kohler

Alsace. [Vidéo] A support committee so that France does not forget Cécile Kohler

Tears weren’t far away, but for her sister Cécile, Noémie Kohler repressed them. On Tuesday 22 November, at the Strasbourg Press Club, the support committee for the teacher of Soultz, held hostage in Iran for 200 days, was officially presented. Shortly before her, at the regional prefecture, Noémie, and her parents, Pascal and Mireille, had an informal exchange with the Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna. The head of government and that of French diplomacy, left with a bag of bredalas made by Mireille Kohler, responded to a request from the family. However, nothing has filtered on the merits of the file of this interview which lasted about twenty minutes.

200 days without any contact

“We haven’t heard from her for 200 days, she has been cut off from any contact with the outside world, probably having only human contact with her captors and interrogators. 200 days that she has been deprived of an independent lawyer, that she is constantly denied consular access, and that she has not had the slightest contact with her family. 200 days since she joined the sad list of state hostages in Iran and her basic rights were denied. Cécile is inaccessible ”, recalled her sister Noémie, emphasizing that the family“ still does not know her place of detention ”of her, as well as her physical and psychological state of health.

“So far we have remained discreet, for fear of hindering diplomatic efforts for his release,” continued Noémie Kohler. “But on October 6, Iranian state television broadcast an abominable video, which shows confessions extracted from Cécile under duress, a practice contrary to international law. The comments made to her are rude, absurd, contrary to who she is deeply and to the values ​​she has always defended ”, Noémie Kohler said again.

“The hope that our actions reach Cécile’s ears”

The hostage’s sister evokes “a video that was a shock of incredible violence”. “These images are unbearable for us. We can no longer remain silent and inactive. We must support it and move heaven and earth to bring it back to us. So we set up a “Freedom for Cécile” support committee. Through communication, we cling to the possibility, however small, that our actions reach Cécile’s ears, where she is. We are convinced that if she knows that she is supported by her family, by her many friends, by her colleagues and by those who, without knowing her, are helping us in this ordeal, this will help her to hold on in prison, and to rebuild upon her return”. defended Noémie Kohler who specified that the family of Cécile’s partner does not want to be associated with the media coverage.

“Revolt, Frustration and Hope” by Thierry Moser

Alongside Marine Scié, colleague and friend of the master held hostage, honorary lawyer Thierry Moser, who intervenes “pro bono” (voluntarily) at the request of the family, expressed his feelings of “revolt, frustration and hope”. “Revolt due to the unjust imprisonment of Cécile and Jacques and the inhumane conditions of detention. Frustration as a lawyer that the rights of the defense are totally ignored in Iran, that the dignity of the human being is totally violated. Frustration because my role is necessarily reduced. What can I do but take the word of the family and try to bring comfort on a human level? And above all not to hinder in any way the worthy efforts of our diplomats. Finally, hope, as this indecent imprisonment must not above all constitute a simple piece of news quickly forgotten. Thanks to the media, this imprisonment must lead to a vast movement of solidarity in favor of the hostages, a movement which could contribute to obtaining the release of our compatriots as soon as possible, at least I sincerely hope so”, concluded Thierry Moser. Several mobilization actions in favor of Cécile Kohler are being prepared, both in Alsace and in the Paris region.

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