Exclusive interview with Lily Collins, cover girl of the new Vogue France and soon again in Emily in Paris

Exclusive interview with Lily Collins, cover girl of the new Vogue France and soon again in Emily in Paris

“If someone had told me a few years ago that I would one day be on the cover of French Vogue, I would never have believed it,” she says. Lily Collins. It’s a dream come true!” Happy as a child in front of an impressive birthday cake, merging in thanks for the whole team, Lily Collins she’s not the type to hide the joy of posing for the magazine she read as a child in her mother’s living room.

Lily Collins in Paris

Then, as a teenager, imagining that he existed beyond the shadow of his father, one of pop culture’s most famous artists, Phil Collins. Since then, she has become, without warning, the lead actress of a phenomenal series, Emilia in Paris, whose third episode, aired on Netflix from December 21st, should confirm its popularity. “The first season was played through Emily’s prism before the next one digs further into her psyche,” she comments. Lily Collins. The third season, on the other hand, offers the other characters the opportunity to develop their own experiences… I’ve been incredibly lucky to serve a series that is like a long love letter to Paris and French culture. In these new episodes, we also went to film in Provence… ”You can bet that all the places where Emily Cooper walks around with her (not so) American look lost in translation will soon be conquered by fans. Since season 2, the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat has had a record attendance, Parisian palaces like the Shangri-La are overwhelmed by the buzz. when Lily Collins stay in the Gustave Eiffel suite and post a memory on Instagram, in 2021, the teams of Shangri La “they have noticed a number of requests to stay in the same suite and thus benefit from the same view”. Every dress worn by Lily Collins in the series (and by its companions, e.g Camillus Razat And Philippine Leroy Beaulieu) is deciphered for a long time and then desired thanks to dedicated search engines. You can find looks there, but also lamps, wallpapers, smartphone covers… If already established brands have benefited from this enthusiasm, such as Chanel, Louboutin, Valentino or Kenzo, other more reserved houses are enjoying this unexpected promotion. . This is the case with House of Scorpions, launched in 2020 by Adriana Abascal, and whose boots were snapped up after being seen on Lily Collins. “The series is a fictionalized version of the city of Paris while being a real window on the world,” comments Adriana Abascal. Being able to get a few pieces from the series allows viewers to get closer to the world of fashion… and eventually be a part of it. A series like this can get a brand off the ground and change its future in the luxury sector. It is a unique opportunity to be seized against the tough competition in the industry!” The same goes for the songs we hear in the episodes.

Witness the singer Hehlasister of Clare Lucianiwhose pop-soul single “Pas d’ici” has been around the world thanks to Emilia in Paris: “Nearly a minute of the song played during a rather pivotal scene. My streams then went from 900,000 plays to over 2 million! Overnight, algorithms got carried away, exposure exploded. I was getting comments in languages ​​I didn’t even know! For one week, the song entered the worldwide Shazam charts. Which allowed me to get back into the playlists of the platform…” Why Emilia in Paris and not another series? Why the American showrunner Darren Starto which we already owe Beverly Hills, Melrose Place, Sex and the city or newer Decoupled, knows how to capture the viewer. The narrative system is not burdened by complex intrigues, the characters are extremely drawn, but a spicy je-ne-sais-quoi makes everything irresistible. Through the character of Emily Cooper, who has just arrived from Chicago to work in a French luxury marketing agency, we (re)live the Parisian charm. The capital shines with a thousand lights, too many according to some. But she remains casual, insolent, elegant in all circumstances. An ideal setting for the moods of a young woman in the midst of a romantic and professional apprenticeship… Enough to occupy the top 10 Netflix shows. And, given the investment, both emotional and financial, placed in the third season, which promises to live up to expectations, Emily’s charm in Paris does not seem to have finished acting. Also on her lead actress who opens up, with as much sincerity as good humour, about her career – full steam ahead without putting aside her ethics and her altruism. If she made herself known in Blanche Neige or The Exception to the Rule, it is with a drama on the small screen that she made herself known all over the world. And, far from claiming her cinematic loves, she fully embraces the joy that the format of the series brings her. A chic girl, Lily!

Meeting with Lily Collins on her vision of fashion, art and Emily in Paris

Photographer: Maciek Pozoga – Director: Jack Borkett

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